15 Years later

Fifteen years later saw Hermione Black standing next to her husband of 15 years. Next to her stood James and Lily Potter with their son Harry, who was talking to three students, Ron Weasley, her son Regulas, and a younger Hermione Granger. On the other side of Lily and James stood Remus and Ginny Lupin with their 2 sons; Keith and Romulus.

Hermione sighed, it had been a stressful 15 years, getting pregnant, having Regulas (Regulas Sr died) marrying Sirius, having Katie and Vicky. The most recent summer was the last summer where she would have all her babies at home together till next summer. Regulas had got prefect, and Katie and Vicky would be starting first year.

Of course Regulas had been sorted into Gryffindor with Harry, Ron and Hermione. She hoped, however that Katie and Vicky would get Ravenclaw as they took after her, not to mention she always wanted to know what their common room looked like

She smiled as her kid's bad goodbye as they climbed onto the train. Holding hands with Sirius she gave them a last wave and disaperated.

1Day later

Dear mum,

We got separated I hope you wont be upset by this. I was put into Slytherin apparently I have ambition; there's something we didn't know. And Katie got put into Ravenclaw, she seems happy; she says she is as well.

The girls in my dormitory are quite nice; one of them is even a muggleborn. It's amazing though, the others don't seem to care, and they're acting like old friends. Nothing like how you said it was when you were a child, the older ones from Slytherin and Gryffindor even talk and some of them are dating!

I thought you might want t know that as Regulas failed to mention that to you for five years!



P.S can you send me a few galleons?

Hermione looked up form her letter and smiled, maybe her daughter was in Slytherin, but if it had a muggleborn in it maybe there was hope for the house she despised after all.

Everything was working out

The end.

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