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Chapter 2

Ryou's house

December 23


Normal POV

"So let me get this straight…" Yugi said hesitantly, glancing towards Jou who was sitting on the broad kitchen counter of Ryou's kitchen. "You invited Kaiba over to spend Christmas with you and your family? Without telling them that he's your boyfriend?"

Jou chuckled nervously, and scratched the back of his head. "Well, it sorta seemed like a good idea at that time…"

"Like that time when you thought that pouring oil on the fire when it wasn't burning bright enough was a good idea, even though it was dry season and the grass nearby was super dry?" Ryou asked, voice muffled slightly from being half inside the refrigerator.

"Or that time when you threw a tomato at the principal, because you thought he needed some colour on his cheeks?" Yugi snickered quietly in remembrance of that particular stunt…hey, did the principal ever get those tomato pieces out of his hair?

"Or," Ryou straightened up, to throw a slight glare in Jou's direction. "last week when you thought it to be a good idea to dye Bakura's hair pink when he was sleeping?"

"Hey, that was fun!" Jou defended himself, not even bothering to try to keep the grin off of his face.

Before you ask just how and why Jou had dyed Bakura's hair pink…I, the wonderful authoress of awesomeness(…) will explain it to you. Lets start with why;

A few days prior to the dye 'accident', Bakura had made a rude comment about how Jou was Seto's lapdog. And, as we all know, Jou doesn't like to be compared to dogs. (though, he didn't have much against being Seto's dog…but that's aside the point.) Thus, Jou decided to take revenge. And there would be no taking prisoners this time; Jou went for Bakura's very soul.

Bakura's fluffy hair.

Naturally, Bakura was very proud of his hair. It made him look cool and ultra-villainy, he proclaimed. ("Or, like a you have a bunny glued to your head," Yami had once chimed, earning himself a not-so-playful punch in the chin from the enraged Tomb Robber.)

How; well…first of all, Jou had made sure that Bakura was fast asleep. (which wasn't much of a problem. Jou bribed Anzu to perform one of her legendary friendship speeches to Bakura. The poor guy didn't stand a chance.) Then he brought out a bottle of food-dye, and carefully applied it to Bakura's hair, making sure to get it in all of it, all the way into the scalp.

It was said, that the scream Bakura emitted when he looked himself in the mirror echoed through the whole of Domino.

Ryou sighed softly, before putting the bottle of soda on the counter next to Jou. "Says you who didn't have to help him wash it out, and listen to his constant whining all night, and his revenge plans…" A slightly thoughtful look appeared on Ryou's face. "Judging from what I heard, you probably shouldn't make any shortcuts through dark, empty alleys for another six weeks, Jou."

Jou laughed, but soon stopped when he saw the dead serious look in Ryou's eyes. (no pun intended.) "Oh, err…I'll do that."

"Anyway." Yugi reached over for the soda-bottle and poured up a glass for himself. "What did Seto say when you told him about it?"

Jou sighed. "Well…"


"No way in hell, Jou." Seto glared down at his lover, pointedly ignoring the adorable pout on his lips.

"Aw, come on!" Jou whined, grabbing Seto's arm with a pleading look. "I want you to meet my family…and you said you wanted to spend Christmas with me, right?"

"Yes," The brunet gritted out between his teeth, pulling his arm free from Jou's hands. "with
you. I said I wanted to spend Christmas together with you, not your entire family! Especially not with…her!" 'Her', Jou knew to be his mother…but Jou couldn't grasp why Seto hated her so much.

"Seto…it's important to me…I…I want to introduce you to my family, and make them like you!" Amber eyes shone truly up at his lover.

"…they won't like me." Seto deadpanned.

"Don't be silly!" Jou said, smiling encouragingly. "Shizuka likes you, hell she even had a crush on you for a while…and I'm sure mum will like you too."

"I'm not a people's person, Katsuya, if you have failed to notice it." You could actually smell the sarcasm oozing of that statement.

"…well, maybe not. But you can…well…act like you do around me! Then they'll be sure to like you!" Smile.

Smirk. "You want me to seduce your mother, Katsuya? Rather kinky idea, pup, but I think I must decline…"

A deep blush coloured Jou's cheeks, making Seto's smirk even wider. "Th-That's not what I meant, and you know it! Don't act so silly!"

Seto sighed, and sunk down into the sofa behind him. Suddenly, he looked more serious. "Katsuya…we've only been dating for two months…don't you think it's a little bit early for me to meet your parents?"

"Well, it's true that we haven't dated for long…" Jou smiled, and straddled Seto's thighs, with a brilliant smile on his lips. "But we are going to be together for much, much longer. Right?" The smile faded a little on Jou's lips from uncertainness.

Immediately, Seto leaned in to place a gentle kiss on Jou's lips. "Naturally." He murmured against the other's flushed cheeks, smiling lightly at the other.

Jou continued quickly. "So…I mean, we are serious about this. And I think that…well, we should prove that by…well, telling my family about us, as well. I mean, we have told Mokuba, and he's your family, so why not tell mine? It'll only be fair."

The CEO sighed. "I don't know…"

"Please?" Jou whispered against Seto's lips, looking up at him with pleading, puppy dog eyes. "…for me?"




"…what should I pack?"

End Flashback

"…" Ryou and Yugi stared at Jou after he finished his story. Hard, and long.

"…err, guys? You didn't faint on me did you? Do I have something on my shirt? Aw, come on, what?!"

"You…" Yugi cleared his throat. Somehow, his voice had taken a trip down memory lane to the time before he hit puberty. "You're gonna introduce him to your family?"

"Yeah…?" Jou blinked nervously.

Ryou sighed deeply, closing his eyes. "That's it. You're doomed."

"Totally." Yugi said sadly, shaking his head so his spiky hair flew around his face.

Jou stared in mild disbelief at his friends. Those two, who always were so optimistic, even when it looked like the world was going to be destroyed by super villains…

"Oh, come on! Seto is just gonna meet my mum! How bad can it be?"

Yugi and Ryou gave each other knowing glances.


While this conversation was going on at Ryou's house, Seto Kaiba found himself sitting by the counter of the Kame Game Shop, together with two 5000 years old spirits, talking about almost the same thing.

Why Seto was talking to those fools? Well, it wasn't by choice! He had been looking for Jou, and thought that he might be at the Game shop with Yugi. But when he came there, he only found two crazy spirits, yelling obscenities in Egyptian at each other, and found out that his boyfriend was at Ryou's house, according to Bakura, having a tea party.

When he had turned to leave, the two teens(err…you know what I mean) had grabbed his coat and had forced him to stay, because they needed something new to amuse themselves with. Apparently, annoying each other got a little old at times.

"So…time to meet the pears then, huh Kaiba?" Bakura grinned, his dark eyes glimmering evilly.

"…yes." Seto replied cautiously, wondering what consequences his answer would have.

Yami and Bakura gave each other knowing glances.

"Ah…" Yami said calmly, nodding his head seriously. "Well, it was a good thing you came to us, Kaiba. We have all the knowledge of how to handle the honourable people who gave life to your heart's desire. It was a good thing that you asked us for advice…"

"…I haven't asked for your advice."

"…well, that's beside the point. Now just shut up and listen." Yami cleared his throat. "I was introduced to Yugi's honourable grandfather only a few weeks ago, and it went just fine!"


"When Yami met grandpa, it was horrible." Yugi sighed, closing his eyes tightly in remembrance. "I get a migraine only thinking about it now…"

Jou blinked- Well, that was a rather big surprise. The legendary king of games, once Pharaoh of the entire Egypt…not succeeding in something as simple as meeting someone's parents?

"What? But, Yami is really nice, and a gentleman and everything! I'm sure that Grandpa liked him, maybe you're only over exaggerating…"

"Yami sent Grandpa to the Shadow Realm."

"…" Jou made the perfect impression of a fish in that moment.

"…" Yugi merely stared back at him, cool as a cucumber.

"…um…" Nervous cough. "…why?"

"Well…" Yugi sighed. "He didn't exactly mean to…it was just, when Grandpa came from the kitchen with some ice-cream, he sort of fell…and the ice-cream flew towards Yami, and he banished it…unfortunately, Grandpa was in the way." Once more, a tired sigh escaped Yugi, and he massaged his temples. "It took us three hours to find him in there, and another hour to tear him away from Dark Magician Girl…"

"…do I want to know?" Jou asked hesitantly.

"Not if you want to be mentally scarred for life."


"Anyway." Yugi continued, wincing in what had to be a painful memory. "When we got back, Grandpa refused to talk to Yami for a whole week, and told me to throw him out…fortunately, he soon forgot all about it." Violet eyes snapped up to look Jou straight in the eye. "So, I'm telling you, Jou; introducing your boyfriend to family never goes well. Never."

Jou blinked. "Err…oh come on! Sure that was bad, but maybe that's just for you…"

"Feh!" Ryou snorted, interrupting Jou at once. "Yugi's story is NOTHING compared to what happened when Bakura met my dad…"


"When I met Ryou's old man, it went just fine!" Bakura smirked, running a confident hand through his hair. "The guy simply loved me at once!"

"Or was he too afraid to say otherwise?" Yami asked, chuckling when the white haired Tomb Robber glared harshly at him.

"Shut up, Pharaoh! Anyway…" A not-so-pleasant smile spread across Bakura's face; probably an attempt to look nice and encouraging. "Lets just say that he was speechless at my wonderful appearance and my manners."



Seto and Yami glanced at each other worriedly.

"…Tomb Robber, you didn't cut out his tongue, did you?"


"Err, Ryou?" Jou scratched the back of his neck, rising an eyebrow. "What did Bakura do that was worse than sending someone to the Shadow Realm? I mean…I don't see what can top that…"

"Bakura threw a knife through my father's arm." Pause. "And it was not an accident. I saw him aim."

Silence fell over the group for a few seconds.

"…well, that wasn't so unexpected." Jou gave Ryou a look through his blond hair. "Do you know why?"

The Brittish boy sighed deeply. "Father said something about how Bakura was eating. I recall he said something about 'eating like a pig in its' sty. And Bakura didn't exactly like that…you all know how he gets when someone insults him."

And boy, did Jou and Yugi know that. Last person to have insulted Bakura had gone mysteriously missing, and they were only able to find the person's shoes. Personally, they thought that Ryou's father had been lucky only to get pierced in the arm with kitchen cutlery. At least he'd have a scar to show, unlike the many others who hadn't even had that left when Bakura was done with them…

The two boys shuddered.

"Anyway." Ryou took a gulp of soda before continuing, as casually as if he had been talking about what a lovely weather they were having. "I had to call an ambulance, and keep Bakura off of my father long enough to let the paramedics take a look at him. He ended up in the hospital for two days. And, before he left for Egypt again, he told me to get a restraining order."

"And did you?" The edges of Yugi's mouth twitched amusedly.

Ryou sighed. "It's kind of hard to get a restraining order for the other half of your soul…especially since he died 5000 years ago. I would love to see someone explain that to the police…" He shrugged. "Father forgot about the whole ordeal rather quickly, though. He hasn't mentioned it a single time since he left." Pause. "…now that I think about it, it seems like he has forgotten all about it…"

Yugi and Jou glanced at each other.

"…Ryou, doesn't Marik live in Egypt with Malik now?"

"…with the Millennium Rod?"

There was a long silence, under which Ryou stared out in space blankly, Yugi swallowed three times, and Jou stared at Ryou expectantly.

The white haired boy cursed lowly under his breath.


"Well, anyway, Kaiba…just compliment Jou's mother…" Yami said, counting on his fingers thoughtfully.

"Or steal something nice for her." Bakura grinned happily, sure that his advice was far much better than the measly Pharaoh's. Seriously, how many people had that spiky haired idiot dated anyway?

"…act interested in what she is saying…"

"Or tell her something interesting about yours and Jou's sex life. That will make her understand what a great man you are!"

"…say thank you as often as you can…"

"And don't forget to burp after you have finished eating! It shows that you appreciated the food…"

"…and, whatever you do, don't follow Bakura's advice!" Yami sent a scorching glare across the table at the mentioned man.

"What's that supposed to mean, Pharaoh?!" The former Tomb Robber, now degraded to Convenience Store Robber, yelled, rising from his seat to glare so hard at Yami that you could actually see sparks flying.

"That you're an incompetent idiot! What else?" Yami smirked, very satisfied with his comeback.

The satisfied smirk was soon ripped off his face though, when Bakura roared, jumped across the table and started to choke him. Yami replied by shoving his knee into the other's groin, and pulling at his ridiculously long hair.

It was around that time Seto Kaiba decided that it was time to leave.


"Seto…?" Jou muttered quietly, when the couple was snuggled up together in the bed or the night, sleepy after a long and rather tough day of talking to friends. (or, well. Jou talking to friends and Seto being forced to listen to 'incompetent, crazy spirits on some sort of drug'.)

"Hn?" Seto tightened his hold on his puppy, sighing contently as said puppy brushed his nose against his throat.

Jou hesitated for a second, before launching his question.

"…you wouldn't throw a knife through my mother's arm or something if she annoyed you, would you?"

End Chapter

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