Request by ComputerFreak101. Pairing - SetoxYuugi, Theme- Video Games.

Sorry Nokoba. I tried to fit some humor into the story, but it wouldn't work out right. The only idea the plotbunnies would give me was this one, and as you can see, humor did not fit in. I'll put humor in the next okay, 'kay?

The same disclaimers as always apply. If I owned it, it'd be Bakura-Oh. Got it?

They'd bonded over video games. It was games that had brought them together, and it was games that had driven them apart.

And it was video games that made him remember, made the dam burst open and let his thoughts drown him inside his own mind.

It was video games that made him smile again, even as they made him hurt.

It used to be he'd give up forever just to touch him, but now that he had given up forever, there was nothing left. The games were broken, strewn about the floor.

He laughed. And laughed. He didn't know why he laughed, he just did. It just struck him as funny that he'd given up forever to be with the other and the other had gone and left him anyway. Because he spent too much time with his precious video games. They both had. He, playing them, Seto designing them. Their love of games, the thing that brought them together, drove them so far apart that Seto had left him. In the worst possible way. And oh, how the mighty angel had fallen. Fallen so far and so fast that his wings had broken and been stripped away and he'd screamed in pure agony.

And all for nothing.

It was so ridiculous that he had to laugh.

But at the same time, it was worth it.

For the smile he'd seen on Seto's face when he realized that the strange boy had loved his video game. To know that he and Seto had loved, even if it had not been a real love in the end.

It was worth it for the video games.

So, yes. It's kinda short. Very horribly short, but it was all that I could get from the plotbunnies. Once I finished they ran off to do other things and wouldn't come back. So... enjoy?