Title: Mr. Sensitive

Summary: Derek returns from a weeklong women appreciation retreat –Casey's idea- a changed man. At first everyone loves the new Derek, but eventually even Casey gets tired of Mr. Sensitive. Can she snap her stepbrother back into his old ways, or is 'Dereka' here to stay. .Dasey.

Author: Silverflare07
Dedication: To Warlordess because she has to put up with me going on about Dasey and force shields and sock puppets that say Hola Georgie and she does it oh so gracefully. And because it's her birthday and since I can't buy her PKMN I'm writing about LWD.

Author's Notes: I originally got the idea from watching an episode of Family Guy, and if you've ever seen it you'll recognize the idea a bit. I promise that aside from the retreat and the new Derek nothing else is going to be taken from that episode. There will be no Derek trying to breast feed anything or worrying about being 'late'.

Extra Stuff: Fair warning to everyone...after the first chapter Derek is going to be extremely OoC. This is totally intentional and has to be in order for the story to make sense. His OoCness is going to affect everyone a little but especially Casey; she'll get pretty OoC too. Not as badly as Derek though, I can promise that. So if you don't like OoCness in characters I suggest you turn back now, because you will not like this fic. If you don't mind then enjoy. I hope this fic makes you laugh when you read as much as it made me laugh while I was writing it.

Stuff You Need To Know:



"Der-ek!" The cry that was becoming increasingly familiar to the members of the Venturi/McDonald household rang out once again.

From their spots at the dinning room table George and Nora looked up from their respective paperwork and turned to face the eldest Venturi boy who was lounging in his chair in the living room. His back was to them but both parents could tell that a large smirk was forming on his face. They wondered briefly what he had done to Casey this time when the answer came flying down the stairs in a fit of rage.

"What is wrong with you?" Casey screeched as she stopped on the landing of the steps.

Nora looked up, ready to placate her daughter but her jaw dropped as she took in the sight before her. Casey was still in her pale purple bathrobe, her hair half dry and all...bright blue.

"Oh. My. G-" George's jaw joined his wife's as he looked at his stepdaughter.

Laughter from the living room brought both parents out of their shocked state. They turned to where Derek was laughing so hard that his chair was moving double the speed it usually went. Casey didn't find the situation nearly as amusing as her stepbrother.

"I am going to kill you!" She screamed as she launched herself off the steps and towards his chair.

"Whoa!" Derek jumped up and moved backwards a few steps, getting away from the threat that was Casey and her dangerously sharp nails.

"Casey!" Nora walked over to daughter and gently picked up a piece of her now blue hair.

"Derek!" George stalked over to his son. "What did you do to your stepsister?"

I, uh, gave her a new look. I was tired of her old one." Derek shrugged.

"You what?" George shook his head. "Derek I am sick and tired of this behavior. You apologize to Casey right this instant!"

Derek looked at Casey as sincerely as he could muster. "I'm sorry, Case. Sorry that you don't like your new look."

"Der-ek!" She lunged for him again but Nora put a hand on her shoulder and she stopped.

Derek started laughing again and didn't stop until George whapped him upside the head.

"This is not a laughing matter! How could you do something like this?"

"What?" Derek shrugged again. "It's a just a little hair dye. It'll grow out eventually."

Casey sank to the steps, her anger suddenly giving way to something else. "My hair..." She bit back tears. "Is blue. What am I going to do?"

Nora sat down next to her daughter and gave her a hug. "It's okay Case, we'll get it fixed tomorrow. You'll see, it'll be good as new."

George glared at his son. "You." Derek looked up from the scene before him. "Are not going to be doing anything for a very long time."

"What? That's not fair!"

"Neither is what you did to your stepsister. Up to your room right now! And you'd better start praying that I don't decide to take everything out of there except your bed."

Derek scowled angrily before pushing past Casey and storming up the stairs. George turned to Casey and Nora. "I promise Casey, Derek has gone to far this time and he will be punished for it."

Casey shook her head from her mother's embrace. "Not that it isn't nice to see Derek get what he deserves, but it's not going to make a difference. He'll do his time and then find something else to do to me."

George shook his head. "Not this time. I'm tired of him acting like he's in third grade. He's a senior in high school, not an elementary school troublemaker!"

Nora nodded. "Don't worry Casey, we'll figure something out."

Casey nodded, but was prone to disbelief when it came to George and Nora's talks about disciplining Derek. Nothing was going to get him to change and she seemed to be the only one who knew it.

"Taking the 'Woe' Out of Womanhood?" George looked up from the pamphlet that Casey had placed in front of him. "What is this?"

"It's a week long camp that's being held over Spring Break. It's designed to help women in today's world and I think it would do Derek some good if he attended it. It'll mostly be older women attending so there won't be any 'distractions'."

George opened the pamphlet, briefly looking it over. "Would they even allow guys to attend this thing?"

Casey nodded. "Yes. It says on the back that it's a great chance for men to go and get in touch with their feminine side." She saw George's look. "That just means that Derek will come back a little more appreciative of the female sex."

"I think he appreciates you just fine." He muttered under his breath and Casey bit back a laugh.

"Appreciating things other than our looks and cup size I mean."

George eyed the pamphlet again. "It does sound like a good idea. And Derek could stand to gain some appreciation for the women in his life." Casey nodded. "All right. I'll talk to Nora about it and we'll go sign him up for this thing."

"Yes!" Casey clapped her hands together and smiled. Her hair might have still been bright blue but she had an appointment at the salon in an hour so things were defiantly looking up.

"Hey Dad!" Derek greeted his father as he returned from hockey practice. Things seemed to have smoothed over from the night before, or at the very least, his father didn't give him a death glare when he walked through the door. "Where is everybody?"

George looked up from the couch where he had been reading the paper. "Nora dropped the kids off at a movie while she took Casey to get her hair done."

Derek cringed slightly at the mention of his stepsister. He was beginning to feel the tiniest bit guilty about doing something so permanent to her hair.

"You know, after you destroyed it."

Derek sighed, "Fine! You win! I'll go apologize to Casey about her stupid hair?"

"What was that about my hair?"

Derek whirled around to find Casey standing behind him, her hands on her hips and her hair back to normal...almost. There were still a few blue streaks scattered through her hair, giving it an almost accidental quality. They had been toned down a bit as well, and blended with her natural brown hair much better than the original bright blue would have.

"Whoa..." Derek whispered, remembering to catch is jaw before it dropped. Casey looked good with her hair like that. And not just good...she looked...hot.

"Yeah, sorry you're little plan didn't work out Derek." Casey told him, misinterpreting his whoa. "The lady at the salon couldn't cover up all the blue but luckily for you she could fix it so I no longer feel the need to hurt you as badly as humanly possible.

Derek was still trying to figure out what to say to that when the door opened and the rest of the family walked in. "So?" Nora turned to George. "What do you think of Casey's hair?"

George stood up and walked over to his wife. "I like it." He smiled at Casey as he wrapped Nora in a hug. "I think it looks very good on you."

"You know," Casey smiled slightly. "Me too. It'll take a little getting used to but..." She fingered her hair for moment. "I might even be sorry when it's all grown out." She shrugged out her coat and hung it up before beginning to climb the stairs. "Thanks for my new look Derek!" She called back to him, enjoying the shocked speechless look on his face. "And have fun at camp!"

"Camp?" Derek rolled his eyes and turned towards his father and stepmother, sinking into his chair. "I'm not going to camp. All that hair dye must have gone to her head."

George shook his head. "No. Actually, she's right. You are going to camp."

Derek looked up at his father, his expression disbelieving. "Please. I haven't been to a camp since I was 12. Unless you count that summer camp I helped Casey save a few years ago."

"Best summer ever!" Marti cried before climbing into her brother's lap.

"Well, here's your chance to catch up on what you missed." George told him, placing the pamphlet in his son's hands.

"Taking the 'Woe' Out of Womanhood. What the hell is this?"

"Derek! Language!" Nora reprimanded, gesturing to his youngest sister who was still sitting in his lap.

"That," George told him, "Is where you will be spending you spring break. It'll help you learn to appreciate the women in your life."

Derek's eyes narrowed. "I appreciate the women in my life just fine."

"You'll learn to appreciate more than just their looks and cup sizes then." George repeated Casey's words from that morning.

Derek's face darkened. "Casey." He muttered murderously. "I'll be right back Smarti." He picked up his little sister and placed her gently on the couch before running up the stairs.

"What the hell is your problem?" He demanded as he barged into her room.

"Hm?" She looked from her mirror and smiled sweetly at him. "Oh! You mean the camp?"


Casey shrugged. "I thought you could use some...enrichment in your life."

Derek glared at her before smirking suddenly. "Well it looks like the joke's on you. You've just sentenced me to a week of seclusion with a bunch of babes. I guess I should be thanking you." He told her as he walked out of her room and turning to stand in her doorway. "So thanks Case, I'm sure I'll enjoy this trip."

Casey mirrored his smirk while standing and walking towards her door and he wondered briefly when she'd picked that up. "Right. You enjoy your week with woman who are all facing their mid-life crisis." A look of horror crept across his face and she grinned wider. "I never knew you were into older women Derek... Have fun then!"

"Fu-" Casey slammed the door in his face.

There's chapter one for you. I have this story pretty well planned out in my head in terms of what's going to happen, but I'm not sure how long it's going to be. It would probably be beneficial to plan it all out by chapter but ::shrugs:: I'm a busy college student. Who has time to plan?

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