Title: Mr. Sensitive

Summary:Derek returns from a weeklong women appreciation retreat –Casey's idea- a changed man. At first everyone loves the new Derek, but eventually even Casey gets tired of Mr. Sensitive. Can she snap her stepbrother back into his old ways, or is 'Dereka' here to stay. .Dasey.

Dedication:To Warlordess because she has to put up with me going on about Dasey and force shields and sock puppets that say Hola Georgie and she does it oh so gracefully. And because it's her birthday and since I can't buy her PKMN I'm writing about LWD.

Author's Notes: I originally got the idea from watching an episode of Family Guy, and if you've ever seen it you'll recognize the idea a bit. I promise that aside from the retreat and the new Derek nothing else is going to be taken from that episode. There will be no Derek trying to breast feed anything or worrying about being 'late'.

Extra Stuff: Fair warning to everyone...after the first chapter Derek is going to be extremely OoC. This is totally intentional and has to be in order for the story to make sense. His OoCness is going to affect everyone a little but especially Casey; she'll get pretty OoC too. Not as badly as Derek though, I can promise that. So if you don't like OoCness in characters I suggest you turn back now, because you will not like this fic. If you don't mind then enjoy. I hope this fic makes you laugh when you read as much as it made me laugh while I was writing it.

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This chapter hasn't been beta'd either, I'm sorry about that. It's just that my poor, poor beta woman had to have some surgery (she's fine, don't worry) and she's all-blah from the drugs. Plus now that she isn't going to school anymore because of winter break, it'll be harder for her to get the chapter's betad. So please forgive any typo mistakes that my poor eyes have missed.

P.S. I LOVE you guys so much! You have all made me squeal with joy and I'm so glad you liked this fic!

"We're home!" Casey called out as she and Derek walked through the door, their hands separating as everyone piled into the living room to greet the eldest children.

"You guys are home awfully late. Where have you been?" Nora asked, wiping her hands on a dishtowel.

"Sorry," Derek apologized.

"But Derek had to stay late to catch up on all the hockey team stuff he missed and I promised I'd wait for him." Casey finished.

Everyone did a double take. "Hockey?" George asked, sounding disbelieving.

"Yeah," Derek shrugged. "I haven't been on the team for about a month, I missed a lot of stuff."

"Y-you're back on the team?" Edwin asked, not daring to believe it, just in case.

"Of course!" Derek grinned. "What would the hockey team do without their captain?" His chest puffed out in pride. "Coach almost started to cry when I told him I wanted to rejoin the team."

Casey shook her head, rolling her eyes. "Alright," She gave Derek a shove towards the stairs. "Get upstairs, your highness, we're supposed to meet Sam and his new girlfriend for a double date in about an hour."

"Yeah, yeah Space Case," Derek laughed good-naturedly, jogging up the stairs. "I'm going. Any preference as to what I should wear?"

"Well...now that you mention it..." Casey's voice faded into the distance.

Edwin looked at Lizzie, George looked at Nora, and Marti looked at up at everyone. "You don't think..." Edwin started slowly.

"That he's back..." Nora finished.

"Der-ek!" Casey's screech, while not as annoyed as it could have been, floated down to them, music to their ears.

"YAY!" Marti cheered, throwing her arms up in the air.

"Woohoo!" Edwin cheered, grabbing Lizzie in a hug.

"Yes!" Lizzie grinned and hugged him back. A few seconds later they realized what they were doing and broke apart, blushing.

"That's a relief." George wrapped an arm around Nora, who was nodding in agreement, and pulled her close. "I was beginning to think he was going to be that way forever. I wonder how Casey snapped him back to normal though."

Nora shook her head, but the three youngest children shared a smile. "Let's not dwell on how it happened, Georgie. Let's just be thankful that it did."

George nodded. "You're right." He made his way back into the kitchen, Nora close behind him.

They continued preparing dinner in silence before Nora but down the knife she was using to cut the vegetables for the salad and looked at her husband.

"Did they say they were going to meet Sam and Sam's girlfriend?"

Casey giggled as she and Derek walked back into the house. "Shh." Derek put a finger to his lips. They were about a half an hour later than their curfew and Derek didn't want to risk losing his hockey privileges so soon after rejoining the team.

Casey nodded and zipped her lips, assuring him of her silence. "I can't believe we're late." She whispered to him. "And I can't believe I don't care."

Derek nodded. "Yeah, that one confuses me a bit too," He whispered back. "But if Sam hadn't spent a good twenty minutes gushing about how happy he was that I was back, we wouldn't have had to go a see a later showing of the movie."

Casey smiled as they made their way up the stairs. "He wasn't gushing. And he didn't spend twenty minutes. Emily and Sheldon, who would've figured we run into them there, each spent some time enjoying the fact that you were back to normal. Not that they didn't already know."

"I think Emily was just squealing because you'd convinced me to pay."

"Hey," Casey smiled, "It's the guys job to pay for the lady. At least on the first date."

Derek perked up. "Does that mean there'll be a second? And that you'll pay?"

Casey shook her head, laughing silently at his face. "Ye-" She stopped mid thought as she noticed a yellow sticky note on her door. "What's this?" She plucked it off and Derek stood behind her, reading it aloud.

Casey and Derek,

We're going to have a nice long chat tomorrow.

Don't worry...you're not in trouble.

It was in Nora's handwriting, and underneath her note, in George's handwriting, was: Casey, don't let Derek sucker you into anything. He'll pay for your second date and your third.

Casey let out a small chuckle as Derek read that part. "Your dad knows you too well."

Derek sighed. "Yeah he does." Suddenly, he perked up once more. "But he didn't say anything about the fourth date."

Casey scoffed. "And what makes you think there's going to be a fourth date?"

"Pssh." Derek popped the collar on his leather jacket. "As if any girl could resist the Derek Venturi."

Casey threw her arms around him again. "I am so glad that you're back!"

Derek smiled down at the girl before him. "Night Case." He kissed her then, slow and sweet, and nothing like the fiery kiss they'd shared in the hallway but just as wonderful.

"Night Derek." Casey whispered breathlessly when they parted.

They both walked into their respective rooms, grinning. They were both going to be enjoying their dreams tonight.

"Hey Derek?" Derek looked up from his hockey game. "I need to tell you something."

Derek looked between the T.V. and Casey. "Can it wait? I'm right in the middle of a game."

Casey huffed and shook her head. "No. It really can't. I want to do this before everyone gets home."

Derek sighed and turned off the T.V. "Fine, but only for you."

Casey beamed and sat on the edge of the coffee table so that she was in front of him. "I'm sorry." She told him, her voice very serious.

Derek blinked, confused. "Okay...you don't generally apologize to me even when you've done something worth apologizing for. What's up?"

Case shook her head. "I'm sorry for sending you to that camp."

"Oh." Derek looked thoughtful so Casey rushed on.

"I never meant for you to change completely like that! Honestly, that wasn't my intention. I just wanted you to come back a little nicer." She looked down at the floor. "It hurt that all you did was pick on me," she told him, her voice small. "I just wanted you to appreciate me."

Derek looked at the girl in front of him, her entire being wracked with guilt, and felt any anger he may have harbored melt away. "It's okay Casey." She looked up at him. "I know that deep down you didn't mean for any of that to happen. Let's just agree that next time you're that furious at me we'll just try couples' therapy instead."

Casey laughed lightly and he grinned, pulling her into a hug. "Deal." She told him, her voice muffled by his shirt. "Paul always loved our sessions anyways."

Derek grinned and then got up, moving to the couch and pulling Casey down next to him so he could wrap his arm around her shoulder. She slid into the spot next to him obediently, laying her head on his shoulder as he turned the hockey game back on.

"So..." He looked down to meet her gaze. "What actually happened at that camp?"

Derek shook his head. "I don't feel like talking about it. Besides, if I'm forced to relive my experience I may have a relapse and we wouldn't want that."

Casey shook her head furiously. "No, we definitely don't."

Derek grinned and turned his attention back to the game. "Oh," He shifted his gaze back down to Casey. "I made that for you." He pointed at the coffee table and Casey noticed a smoothie sitting on it for the first time. "It's to congratulate your for landing the greatest guy in all of Canada." At Casey's raised eyebrow he smiled sheepishly. "And...because I know you like them."

"Aw, thank you." She cooed, remembering their shopping trip. "Look at you being Mr. Sensitive."

"Hey!" Derek cried indigently.

Casey laughed. "A very manly Mr. Sensitive." She leaned up and gave him a kiss that thoroughly distracted him from any name she may have called him and the hockey game that was one T.V.

"Is that how you're going to thank me every time I do something nice for you?" He asked breathlessly, the T.V. remote slipping from his loose grip.

Casey smirked. "Maybe..."

"Well," He brought his face closer to hers once more. "I guess "Mr. Sensitive" can make an appearance once in a while."

Casey nodded in agreement.

"As long as he doesn't ask me for my bubble bath ever again."

It's done! Oh man, I think I'm going to cry. It's actually finished. I hope you guys liked the epilogue. I wanted to tie up a few loose ends, like Casey apologizing for sending Derek to the camp in the first place. She honestly doesn't strike me as the type of person who would have sent him there if she'd known it would change him completely. Plus I wanted George and Nora to know that they were dating, they don't strike me as the type of people who would be angry with them or against the idea. They would definitely have to set some ground rules though (it is Derek after all).

Well, I hope you guys enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. And thanks for sticking with me until the end! You're the reason I write, so here's to you!