This was a quick thing I just wrote. It was just Harry snapping.

Focus on the bigger picture, not so much as how he does it, just that he does and that it involves some of the things that are mentioned.

"I don't have time to babysit them," Snape said irritably at Dumbledore's idea that he, Snape, should take a break from work in his vacation.

"Not babysitting, enjoying yourself," Professor Dumbledore corrected him calmly.

"No interest," Snape replied coolly.

"Then perhaps they can help you," Dumbledore voiced, making whatever students amongst the Order cringe.

"I deal with enough students outside of my vacation, thank you," said Snape courtly. "Which reminds me, Potter, stay away from the dungeons, I see you enough at it is."

Looking up Harry frowned and said, "I was visiting the kitchens."

"Should you need anything from the kitchen you can get an elf to fetch it. Surely you can take a break from strutting around since it is vacation," his voice was layered with mockery, but the abrupt scraping sound of a chair silenced him from further speak.

Harry was standing, fists curled into balls and he was glaring at Snape.

"I do NOT strut," Harry voiced with a forced calm. "I am NOT like my parents. In case you've forgotten: they're dead and they never raised me. And should you, in any event have forgotten, think of who gave Voldemort the idea," his eyes were lit with anger as he bore his gaze into Snape. The air around the table had shifted into a cold, tight air that barely allowed people to breathe properly as Harry's magic gave his anger life.

"I was raised by my unforgiving aunt and uncle, who weren't exactly keen on the idea of anything breaking their normal lives!" Harry continued with his forced calm. "I lived in a bloody cupboard for 11 years, I was never told I was loved nor was I ever given a hug or any kind of reassurance. I moved to his fucked up wizarding world and find out that everyone adores me." His breath was shallow.

"I do.not.appreciate the attention," the pointed out angrily, "and suddenly I have friends, who likes me for me! And people who cares! And then Voldemort pops up with his fucking Death Eaters, giving me no rest and after having given up SO MUCH to this war you dare tell me I strut around, resembling someone I never even knew!"

"Not only that, but you couldn't possibly tell me, in any event, who I resembles to, for I bloody well don't even know myself! To top Voldemort and his Death Eaters I'm a freaking teenager who is, currently, having a major identity and emotional crisis so do not DARE tell me I look my father, for that is possibly one of the things driving me into this crisis, along with the fact that people tells me how my pretty little eyes resembles my mothers. I.Don't.Give.A.Shit! I am NOT my parents, so stop saying I look like them!"

The air had reached a suffocatingly cold effect and people where shivering in their shocked states. "I am THIS close to exploding, so do NOT piss me off further!" Harry warned.

He grabbed a piece of bread from the basket and sat down calmly to butter it while the air around them loosened its grasp.

The thing he said about Snape forgetting his parents death and that he, Snape, should know is a point towards Snape giving Voldemort info about the prophecy.

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