Hakudoshi knew he was special. Out of all Naraku's incarnations, he had not been born from Naraku, but from his brother, Akago. All of Naraku's other incarnations had proven to be weak, except maybe not Kanna. Still, she was nothingness, and nothingness does not have a self. But he, Hakudoshi, knew that he was the best fighter of them all. Armed with a naginata, a powerful barrier, and regeneration, he might have even been stronger than Naraku himself.

Secretly, he had been plotting to someday overthrow Naraku with Akago and Moryomaru. And this fight he was currently having with Inuyasha was pretty boring. Never mind, he had just trapped Kagura within his barrier. It was pretty amusing to see how she struggled to get out, knowing full well it was impossible...

Now this is really boring, thought Hakudoshi, a few minutes later. Hm... I guess I could just tell Inuyasha's group I'm going to betray Naraku. What have I got to lose anyway? Fine, I will, Hakudoshi thought, as the words left his mouth and Inuyasha stared at him in shock. Besides, the saimyosho aren't even here. The saimyosho aren't even here?!!! NOOOO!!! Kazaana!!! Hakudoshi hurled into the depths of the hellhole and hell. Maybe one day, I'll get revenge. Maybe one day, thought the white child.


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