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Chapter 1 A New Life, Literally.

Drip, Drop.

Drip, Drop.

Huh, what's going on? I slowly start to wake up… Why is it wet? Is someone trying to wake me up? Dang. Now I'm cold. Did they take off my covers too?

Drip Drop.

Fine, fine. I'm up I'm up evil person. I thought and I open my eyes to find out I'm not in my bed, not even my room. "Ughh" I said and I sit up to look around. I realized that I'm in my backyard sitting under a tree. I looked around and noticed a book beside me. I borrowed it from the library just yesterday. Great. I fell asleep reading… again… and now it's raining. What else can go wrong today? I groggily sat up, grabbed my book, and ran into my house to avoid getting drenched.

I reached my room and glanced at the clock… 3:07 A.M. Good, Mom won't be up to yell at me for a couple of hours, plenty of time to act like I didn't accidentally fall asleep in the backyard… again. I changed into pajamas and slipped under the covers in an attempt to get at least a couple hours worth of good sleep… in a bed.

"Time to get up Kira!"





"Ughhh… go away evil monkeys"

This is when my mother stops trying to wake me up the nice way. So she steals my pillow, blankets, and leaves me to wake up freezing. Oh, how I LOVE THE WORLD!!! I wake up for the second time this morning…Oh well, at least I'm not grounded again. I thought as I went through my morning routine. Hmmmm what should I wear today? I know I'll wear my dragon shirt (A light blue shirt with a silver dragon) and some jeans. I glanced at my clock. Oh no, I'm gonna be late again! I raced into the bathroom, brushed my teeth, grabbed a bagel, and sprinted down the sidewalk to school.

I ran down the hall and finally reached the doorway to my classroom where my teacher just so happened to be standing when the dreaded bell rung. Crap, not again. I sheepishly grinned at my teacher. "Ummm can we pretend this never happened?" I said as angelic as humanly possible, hoping she would't count me late. She smiled and pointed to the office.

Great. Stupid teacher out to get me… I was less then a second late and I need to report to the stupid office to get a stupid slip and then walk all the way back to her stupid classroom. What a great way for another crummy day to start.


"Kira… Kira…Kira!!!!"

"Huh what's going on, is school over?" I said as I tried to figure out who was trying to wake me up. I found myself staring at my friend. "Oh hey Jen…what's up?"

She rolled her eyes and replied, "Obviously not you sleepyhead, class is already over and now it's time for our favorite 7th hour class in the world. Physics!"

"Sometimes I hate your sarcastic comments… they're so believable at times." I muttered and I got up to follow her out of the classroom, and into another classroom. I started to fall asleep again but thanks to good ol' Jen, who happened to have a sharp pencil, I stayed awake. I actually started to pay attention but then my ADD kicks in, or since I don't really have ADD, my 'I don't care kicks in' and I started daydreaming about how I finally have enough money to buy The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess.


"Finally…" I sighed out as soon as the bell rung, signaling that school is finally over.

"You need to be more optimistic! It wasn't that bad." Jen chirps from beside me.

"And you need to learn how to eat less sugar." I paused. "How much sugar did you have?"

"Not that much. Only twenty pixie sticks."

I gaped at her. "Twenty!? You ate twenty pixie sticks in one day!? Wait. Let me rephrase that. You ate twenty pixie sticks in one day and DIDN"T EVEN GIVE ME ONE!?!?"

She grinned uncertainly and took a couple steps back. "Eh heh heh. I didn't know you wanted any."

I started to slowly walk towards her. "I already told you that I woke up today, outside, in the freakin rain. Why WOULDN'T I want a pixie stick?"

She continued to back away slowly. "You get really scary when you talk like that." She suddenly smiled again. "I would never forget about you!" She pulled out twelve pixie sticks. "It's all I have left and you bought the gummy worms yesterday."

"Yay!" I yelled and tackled her to grab the pixie sticks. I sat down beside her and started to eat them.

"You're welcome." Jen beamed. She stared at me eating the pixie sticks with puppy dog eyes.

"…Fine." I sighed and handed her two. I'm such a pushover… "But no more. You're crazy when you have too much sugar."

"Thanks! I'll see you tomorrow then!" She started walking away. "Oh, and have a good time playing you're new Zelda game."

I stopped eating the pixie sticks. I completely forgot about it when I saw the pixie sticks. Oh crud. What if they're sold out!? Wait. Can they do that when I reserved one? I raced to the store and reach the counter. "Excuse me sir, but I reserved a copy of The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess."

"Name?" He asks.

"Kira Clark."

"Here ya go. That'll be 52.99."

After I bought the game, I'm on my way home thinking about how much fun I'll have killing Ganon and saving Hyrule. I then thought about my favorite game for the Gamecube, Tales of Symphonia. I wondered how much better this new game will be… I love Tales and let's just hope Zelda can beat it! Who am I kidding? This new Zelda will win! Even though if this game is anything like Wind Waker let's just say ummm…

I was lost in thought about how much Wind Waker could have been better when suddenly…

"Whoa kid, GET OUT OF THE WAY!"


Pain, so much pain. It hurts so much… Why can't I feel anything but pain?

"Get her into surgery NOW!"

I'm confused. Who's going into surgery? Why can't I move my body?

"No No We're losing her!"


"No… she's gone… she's dead."

Who's dead? I thought when I could open my eyes again. What's going on? I thought as I looked at a body surrounded by 5 doctors. Wait. Who's that on the table… is it… me? And why AM I FLOATING!?!? "I'm a ghost…" I whispered in shock.

"You catch on quick kid."

"Huh?" I said as I turned around to come face to face with a demon. He was a cat demon judging by the black cat ears and tail but I didn't get to see much else as he raised a bat and knocked me unconscious.


"Ughhh. Now where am I?" I said as I slowly regained consciousness.

"In my lab."

I turn to see the cat demon from before dressed in a white lab coat with gloves. There were a lot of vials and charts but I couldn't understand any of it even if I tried. I noticed that I'm strapped to a table.

"What's going on? Who are you!?" I yelled as I struggled to free myself.

"Now now. No need to be upset. I am Kuro and you should thank me for giving you a second chance at life."

Before I got a chance to ask what he meant by a second chance at life, he held up a mirror. I gasped at what I saw. I was no longer a human girl with brown hair and blue eyes. I was now a demon with white fox ears and silverish, almost white hair. I still had blue eyes but now they had a green rim around the pupil.

"WHAT THE HELL DID YOU DO TO ME!?!?!" I screamed.

He cringed and covered his ears. "Would you please stop screaming? If you haven't noticed, I'm a cat demon and can hear just fine."


"I will if you just stop screaming!" Kuro yelled.

"FINE… just tell me why I happen to be a demon." I replied, struggling to keep my voice calm and fought the urge to CLAW OFF HIS FACE. He's lucky I'm strapped to a table...

"Well, your life as a human already ended, I just kidnapped your soul."

"My soul?"

"Yes. I needed your soul because only a human soul would be fit to bring out the full power in that body you now possess. It's not too strong in fighting, but an exceptional healer."

"A healer?" I groaned. I hated being the healer… it's just so… boring. I liked to be on the frontlines in the middle of a battle, not sitting back and… healing.

"There is also another reason I took your soul. It's perfectly balanced between good and evil. You focused your entire life on being balanced between good and evil, right and wrong, and now your soul is neutral. Your soul can take the natural evil of a demon and the natural goodness of a healer." He then got a crazy psychotic look in his eyes, "You are a perfect tool to take over worlds because your new body carries the essen-"

Kuro never finished his sentence because just then, an alarm went off.

"Wha? what's going on?" I asked, confused.

"Shit, they're coming for you."


He didn't answer. Instead, he pulled out a knife, cut the straps binding me in, and dragged me down a corridor.

"You just need to trust me and do exactly as I say."

I scoffed. This guy kidnaps me and expects me to trust him? I think not.

After Kuro dragged me through a bunch of rooms, we finally reached the one he was looking for and stop. He opened the door and inside it is a hall filled with a bunch of different doors labeled as different dimensions.

"Okay, you're a healer so the best weapon for you is this," He instructed and pulled out a bow, "This is a magic bow that is specifically designed to be used by you and creates it's own arrows using your specific energy signature. We're going to hide in one of these dimensions until they lea-"

He suddenly stopped talking and his eyes widened. I noticed a small trickle of blood running from his mouth as he started to fall on me. In his back were 6 arrows.

"Run…" He whispered.

I didn't need to be told twice. I quickly dropped his body, ran around the corner, randomly opened a door, and jumped in.


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