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"Hello." equals Normal talking

"Jimmy cracked corn and I'm still trying to find someone who cares." equals Telepathic speaking

Chapter 8 A New Group Member

"Do you have a plan on how to introduce me to your little group?"

"Shut up… I'm working on it."

Both Kuro and I were back in the ToS dimension, sitting on Triet's hotel roof to be exact. Kuro changed his clothes before we left his lab. I'll just explain his looks as well as what he's wearing because it tends to avoid confusion. He has piercing gray cat eyes that could make your blood run cold if he glared, (Too bad it's not as good as Kratos') he made his ears appear human and his tail was gone. He has shaggy black hair and is now wearing a black bandanna with a gray T-shirt, black pants, and black boots. We were discussing how I could get Kratos and the others to let him join the group. By 'discussing', I meant me moaning about how I didn't have a clue while he mocks me and by 'others', I meant Raine. Colette has always been the type to accept people openly but Raine already hated me and doesn't trust Kratos. Think about it, an eighteen-year-old guy with gray eyes who wears black. Let's face it, Kuro's no boy scout.

"Now do you have a plan?"

"No. Now shut up."

2 minutes later.

"...How about now."

I shifted my eyes over to look at him without turning my head. "Do you enjoy torturing me?"

He smirked. "Yes."

I groaned.

5 minutes later.

"Have you come up with a plan now, my dear, sweet, sweet mistress?"

"What's with the mistress?" I decided to ignore the dear and sweet part for his sake.

He looked at me curiously. "You are my mistress."

"… Stop calling me mistress… just call me Kira."

"How about Mistress Kira?"

"No. Just Kira."

"What about Miss Kira?"

"No. Kira."

"How about Mistress Kira, White Fox Demoness?"

I gave him a blank stare. "You're enjoying this aren't you?"

He smirked. "Very much so."

"I don't like you anymore…"

He put on a fake hurt face. "I'm crushed."


Kuro stood up suddenly alert and looked in the direction of the oasis.

"What's wrong Kuro?"

"You're angel friend is heading back to the hotel."

"He left the hotel?" I asked, confused.

He looked at me incredulously. "Think about it. Wouldn't he have come into your room when you were screaming at me? The only reason the other two didn't was because that teacher hates you and the girl was dead tired by the time you came back to the hotel."

"Good point."

"Did you ever come up with an excuse to tell him about me?"

"Yep. Just stay here for a couple minutes." I jumped off the roof and walked over to Kratos.

"What are you doing up at this hour?" Kratos asked.

"The real question is, what are YOU doing up at this hour." I retorted.

He raised an eyebrow.

Yeah, I know. That was a pathetic comeback. "Fine, I'll tell you why I'm up. Do you remember when I first met you and I told you about how my soul was kidnapped by a cat demon named Kuro?"

"Yeah. Well, he's kinda on the top of the hotel right now."

"You said he died."

I smiled sheepishly. "Funny story actually… it seems that my body holds the essence of life and can revive the dead."

Kratos stared at me in shock. "You can bring back the dead?"

"I don't really know all the details… Hey Kuro! Come down here!" I yelled.

Kuro jumped down and walked over to us.

"Yes. She can bring back the dead under certain conditions." He just dives into conversations now doesn't he?

"Conditions?" I echoed, "What conditions?"

"You can only revive the dead if their soul has not moved on to the afterlife and if you try to revive someone who has been dead for over a year, your body will go into a state of shock and you will endure extreme pain that will last for about an hour, then you will either go into a coma or most likely die. I highly recommend not trying it."

"Why am I just finding this out now?"

Kuro smirked. "You never asked."

"Why did you bring the man who kidnapped your soul back to life?" Kratos speaks! It's a miracle! He did not go "…"

I walked over to Kuro and wrapped am arm around his shoulder in a friendly gesture. It's a funny sight because he's a lot taller than me. Before I could tell Kratos about Kuro's loyalty, Kuro wrapped his arm around my waist.

"Can't you tell she's fallen madly in love with me?" He dramatically stated.

I gaped at him. I couldn't believe he said that with a straight face. Now how should I hurt him? I smirked as I shrugged him off and kicked him where the sun don't shine. While Kuro was writhing on the ground in pain, I picked up his arm with the tattoo on it and showed it to Kratos.

"This tattoo appeared when Kuro pledged his loyalty to me and he can't go back on his word even if he tried." I explained.

"I see. Is this how demon's pledge their loyalty?" Kratos asked, completely ignoring Kuro who is currently writhing on the ground in pain.

"Not… exactly…" Kuro managed to say when he sat up. "The symbol only appears when you pledge your loyalty to the white, black, or blue fox demon. Kira is not the only created demon. She has a sister who is the black fox demon. Unlike Kira, she is an excellent warrior who holds the essence of strength. She was the one who tried to steal Kira."

"Again I ask. Why am I just finding this out now!?"

"Stop. Yelling. It's very annoying. Now where was I? The black fox demon wants your power, and you're related to her by your demon body's blood. As I go back to the pledging topic, the tattoo represents the created fox demon you pledge your life to."

"As long as there are no more surprises… I'm good."

"One last surprise Kira, you can only die in battle now. You're body holds a large life force when compared to other living things. Every living thing carries some life but you carry a lot more. The black fox demon has an abnormal amount of strength and endurance. You're body will probably stop aging somewhere between the age of twenty-four and twenty-five."

"Great... Anything… else…?" I said slowly, my voice filled with malice.

"No. That's everything I know. The real problem now is that we still don't have a plan on how to get me to join your group."

"Dammit… you're more trouble than you're worth… I'm going to bed. Have fun figuring it out you two." I walked toward the hotel entrance waving to them absentmindedly while I walked.

"Good luck getting some sleep. It's six in the morning right now."

"I'll kill you when I wake up… damn cat." I muttered not bothering to turn around.

I was never able to fall asleep. I was lying awake in bed for a half hour before Kratos and Kuro walked into my room.

I sat up. "Did you guys come up with a plan?"

"Yes, but you will not be fond of it." Kratos replied.

I did not like that answer. "And why's that?"

"We decided that I'm your boyfriend who has tracked you down" Kuro shrugged. "It seemed like the easiest solution."

"Let me guess. By you both deciding what you really mean is that you stood around in silence for a while, Kuro came up with an idea and Kratos didn't care enough to object." I turned to face Kratos. "Why couldn't you think of anything better?"

I groaned. "Great. Just great. Well then, I'll just have to tweak the story a little. How about annoying ex-boyfriend who randomly shows up who I'll chase off by tomorrow?"

Kuro put on a fake hurt face. "I'm hurt. Am I really that annoying to you?"

"…" I stole Kratos' line. If you can call it a line.

"How about if I'm your brother? If I really annoy you that much then it should be an acceptable excuse."

"But my story is that Kratos adopted me when I was five."

He thought for a moment before answering. "How about he took me in also when I was six, we are brother and sister by blood, and I got sick of Kratos and ran away when I was twelve."

"If we were related wouldn't I have gone with you when you ran away?"

"You are so hard to please..." Kuro sighed. "Let's say I thought you would be better off with Kratos taking care of you."

"That would work… What do you think of the plan Kratos?" I asked.

"You both are making me look weak."

"That's okay. Your glare can make up for it."

"I second the glare." Kuro added.

"What did you do to make him glare?" I inquired.

"I questioned his sexuality."

I fell off the bed. "You did what now?"

"Gay guys wear purple and pink. Straight guys don't."

I sat up on the floor while laughing and looked at Kratos who made the wise decision to ignore our conversation. "And Kratos' answer was?"

"A sword to my throat complete with his death glare." Kuro shuddered. "I thought he was going to kill me."

"That's what he did to me when I first met him! As far as guys wearing colors go, I say that they shouldn't wear purplish pink but that's just because that weird color scares me. On second thought, no one should wear that color."

"You're scared of a color…"


Kuro laughed his head off and I jumped on him trying to strangle him. We were rolling around on the floor with Kratos still ignoring us when Colette and Raine finally decided to burst into the room, weapons in hand.

"What's going on in here!?" Raine demanded as she went to try to break up the fight. If you can call it a fight. It's really just Kuro laughing and holding back my arms with me attempting to claw his face off. Kuro's not exactly weak.

Kratos stopped her before she got too close. "Leave them be. They won't kill each other."

"But Mr. Kratos, Kira could get hurt!" Colette exclaimed as she tried to get near us.

"Calm down Chosen. Kuro would never harm his sister."

"I thought Kira was an only child." Raine asked suspiciously.

Meanwhile Kuro stopped laughing, had my hands pinned behind my back, and managed to set me on his lap, with me still struggling. I sighed in defeat and looked up in time to hear Raine's question. She doesn't trust us at all.

"Morning everyone! ...uh... Why is everyone in my room?"

"Are you alright Kira? We heard a lot of banging coming from your room and we thought you were in trouble." Colette explained.

"That would be Kuro's fault. Ummm can I have my arms back now?"

Kuro chuckled and released my arms. We both stood up.

"Colette, Raine, I'd like you to both meet my brother, Kuro. He randomly decided to show up last night and asked if he could join us." I paused waiting for their reaction. "Sooooooo... What do you guys say?"

"We don't have enough money to pay for his services along with Kratos." Raine pointed out. In reality, she just doesn't want another 'Aurion' around. Kratos was right when he said that we were making him look weak. Throughout this journey, he went from childless to having three kids. Two of which aren't really related to him and the last one doesn't even know his father's alive. Awwww Kratos is a big softie.

"That's fine. I don't need to be paid. I just wanted to see my sister again."

I turned to Collete. "So what do you think about my brother joining the group, Colette?"

"The more the merrier!" She happily exclaimed while clapping her hands together.

Sometimes I love that girl. She is so easy to predict and it just makes my life ten times easier.

"To the Triet Ruins then?" Kuro said, uncertainly.

My stomach growled. "Heh. Can I eat breakfast first?"

Kratos "…"'s while Kuro laughed. Raine, Colette, and I sweat dropped.

We were on our way to the Triet Ruins and both Kuro and me were bored out of our minds because there isn't really anything interesting in the desert. It's just sand. It'd be very depressing if I didn't have anyone to talk to. Luckily, Kuro was there. You would think he'd be a stick in the mud because he was a scientist bent on taking over the worlds but Kuro had an okay personality.

"To the Ruinie Ruinie Ruins, we are heading to the Ruinie Ruinie Ruins! Which is the next seeeeeaaaaaal! Oh yes, it is the next seeeeeeaaaaal!" Kuro and I sang.

"Can you two please stop singing?" Raine groaned out.

"No can do." I answered in a singsong voice, "We can't stop because…"

"We are going to the Ruinie Ruinie Ruins, we are heading to the Ruinie Ruinie Ruins! That is the next seeeeeaaaaaal! Oh yes, it is the next seeeeeaaaaaal!" Kuro and I continued to sing completely ignoring Raine's protest. Colette kept giggling at us because it was funny seeing Kuro and I walk with our arms around each other's shoulders, singing. He was a lot taller than me so that made it even funnier. Kratos was trying to ignore us. The key word is trying. You could tell he was slowly getting angrier and more annoyed by the fact that the hand on his sword was slightly twitching… Maybe we should stop singing…

"Raine! Hey Raine!"

"Huh?" Both Kuro and I said simultaneously when we turned around to see Genis riding Noishe and yelling out Raine's name.

"What are you doing here Genis?" Raine asked, surprised.

"It's Lloyd! He was captured by Desians!" He explained.

Now I remember. This is the time when the Renegades capture Lloyd. This rocks! I get another person to sing stupid songs with!

"Who is the guy next to Kira?" Genis asked, confused.

"I'm Kuro, Kira's older brother."

"Introductions can wait. Lloyd's in trouble." I said knowing that Lloyd had a lot of trouble in the Renegade base.

Everyone stopped and looked at me curiously. Shit. I overdid that…

Kuro was the one to break the silence. "Does my wittle sister have a crush?"

"Does my big brother want to be squirming on the ground again?"

That shut him up.

"Why would the Desians want Lloyd?" Raine asked.

"Does this have anything to do with the time you were at the Human Ranch in Iselia?" Kratos inquired.

Genis paled. "How do you know about that?"

I slowly raised my hand and smiled sheepishly, "Was he not supposed to know?"

"You took Genis to the ranch! I knew you were a bad influence!" Raine yelled.

"Great. Another female that loves to scream and yell." Kuro muttered while rubbing his ears and glaring at me.

I walked away from the group a couple steps with my hands behind my back and an innocent look on my face.

"Raine… it was my idea to go to the ranch." Genis said quietly, "Lloyd and Kira went with me to make sure I didn't get hurt. The leader of the ranch Forcystus found out that we were at the ranch and…"

This is where Genis explains the whole Marble thing. I tuned it out and decided to greet Noishe. I walked over to the protozoan and he whined.

"Hey Noishie. How've you been?"


I looked over at the rest of the group who were all listening intently to Genis' story. Genis was explaining the plan to distract the Desians from Marble. This is taking too long… I don't know if me being here is going to interfere with anything… that's it, I need to get to the base and fast.

"Hey Noishe, do you want to take me to the base to save Lloyd? This story is going to take a while…"

Noishe shook his head 'yes' and lowered his body enough to let me climb on.

Kuro, I'm going on ahead to save Lloyd.

What!? Kira, that's not a good idea.

"Noishe, do you mind if Kuro rides with us? The others will catch up after the story and Kuro's a nice person."


I don't think Noishe wants you riding on him…

I'm a cat demon. I'll just transform into a cat once we're away from the rest of the group.

"Let's go Noishe." I said after I climbed onto the protozoan and we ran in the direction of the Renegade Base.

After we couldn't see the group any longer, Kuro transformed into a cat that looked like a black panther with abnormally long fangs. They looked like a sabertooth tigers teeth. He was bigger than a normal cat but still smaller than Noishe. He easily caught up to us.

Why are you riding on Noishe? You're slowing him down. If you transform into a fox, we'd be able to travel faster.

But my fox form is so small it would be slower.

Kuro suddenly grew until he was the same size as Noishe. The protozoan's eyes widened.

Kuro chuckled. It is creepy to hear a giant cat chuckle…

I've just explained everything to your friend. I think I'll teach you telepathy tonight so you can hold a conversation with him.

That would be fun. So how do you change size when you transform?

All you need to do is think about it.

I nodded and jumped off Noishe's back. They both stopped for a second while I transformed into a fox and grew until I was the same size as Noishe. I've never really looked at my fox form before and from what I could see I looked like an arctic fox with five tails... why do I only have extra tails in this form? I'll ask Kuro later.

I'm ready now. Let's go.

We all continued running until I tripped over my own feet. Gah! I yelled as I fell face first and got a mouth full of sand.

Both Kuro and Noishe chuckled.

That looks tasty. Have you ever practiced walking on four legs.

I stood up and spit out sand. Not once. And Triet's sand tastes awful. Would you care to try?

Kuro gave me a weird look. No thanks, but I recommend practicing running and walking in this form sometime.

I nodded and all three of us continued on.

We finally reached the Triet base. There was only one guard on duty. Kuro easily snuck behind the guard and knocked him out. He transformed back into his human form and stood next to the door. I transformed into my human form also and walked up beside him.

"Can you go back and help the others Noishe? We can handle it from here but we're going to need their help."

"Whine." Noishe replied as he ran off to go find the rest of the group.

"Lead the way." Kuro said and gestured to the door. "You did say you were familiar with this dimension, correct?"

I nodded and walked to the door. It automatically opened and we step into the first room. This room has four pillars and is a lot bigger than I expected it to be. Luckily, it wasn't guarded. We walked into the next room with the three electric pillars and the giant cube in the middle. The cube looks more like a rectangle and it had a bunch of different colored wires coming out of it.

"Great…" I muttered looking around, "I forgot about this room…"

"So now what?"

"Do you know how to cast lightning?"

Kuro shook his head.

"How about work machines?"

"That I can do."

Kuro went up to the machine and opened up the path to the hanger. Lloyd then busted into the room, out of breath and covered in blood. Two Raybits closely behind him.

"Healing Stream!" I yelled when I used the spell on Lloyd. Kuro quickly took out the Raybits using his over sized double-bladed sword. What the!? His sword came out of nowhere! He just reached behind his back and it appeared! Some things I will never understand…

"Kira! What are you doing here?" Lloyd asked after he caught his breath.

"I'm here to rescue you. By the looks of it, you could use some help."

He sweat dropped. "Yeah well... I was doing fine on my own. Who's the guy with the big sword."

Kuro came over and wrapped his arm around my waist.

"I'm Kuro, her boyfriend."

Hmmmm how to hurt him this time… he never gets tired of that joke… I know! I then proceed to punch him in the stomach AND kick him where the sun don't shine. He never learns. Kuro squirmed on the ground, whimpering while I flexed my hand. I really hurt it when I punched him.

I glared at the cat demon. "No. Kuro's my idiotic brother who likes to make bad jokes that sound a lot like incest, which is so WRONG!" (A/N Everyone has their own opinions and, obviously, I'm not fond of incest.)

"Oh. Where are the others?" Lloyd asked, trying to ignore the whimpering cat demon on the ground.

"We went on ahead. They were taking too long hearing about Marble's death."

"You heard about that too…"

"Cheer up Lloyd. It's not that bad. I know people who have done things a lot worse than that. Anyway, now is not the time to dwell on the past, we need to get out of here."

Kuro, can you open up the way to the control room?

Yes, but I thought we were leaving.

Not yet. It's important that we get to the control room first.

Kuro didn't reply and opened up the pathway to the control room.

"This way." I said as I led the way to Yuan's office. I started walking down the hall and ran into a Desian. I ran into Yuan's office, Kuro and Lloyd following closely behind.

"And just who the hell are you?" Yuan asked. (Even though he's still referred to as ??)

"Give me your name and I'll give you mine." Lloyd countered.

"That's a really arrogant line…" Kuro muttered.

"I have to agree… by the way Mr. Blue haired cape guy, I'm Kira, that's my brother Kuro, and the arrogant punk in red over there is Lloyd."

"Dammit Kira. You just gave away our reason for him to tell us his name." Lloyd mumbled.

"Awwww. I'm telling Raine you swore."

"Why don't I tell Kratos about all the times you swear!"

"He doesn't care if I swear. I swear at him!"

"You really don't respect your Dad at all."

"I respect him… I listen… most of the time." I replied while deep in thought. He does have a point…

"Kratos is your father?" Yuan asked, incredulously. Sweet! I now love Lloyd. He unknowingly messed with Yuan's head. That's going to keep him up at night.

"How do you know who Kratos is?" Lloyd questioned.

Just then, Botta ran into the room.

"Sir! We've received reports that the Chosen's group has infiltrated the facility!"

Yuan then ran out before Kratos could see him and the rest of the group entered the room.

"Lloyd! Are you okay?" Genis asked.

"Are you all right? Are you hurt?" Colette added.

"He looks fine." Kratos stated.

"Enough talk, it's time to fight!" Kuro said as he charged Botta.

Kratos and Kuro were taking on Botta, while Genis was helping Colette with one foot soldier and I was helping Lloyd with the other. I cast Clarity on us both and we quickly took out our foot soldier. Raine had healing under control so I decided to help my 'family' with Botta. I cast Aqua Edge on Botta and ended up getting in the last hit. Colette, Lloyd, and Genis have already killed the other foot soldier.

"Sweet! I got in the last hit. I'm awesome like that." I said while striking a pose.

Everyone else sweat dropped.

"Ugh... I underestimated your abilities." Botta said as he dramatically threw down his weapon and ran out the door Yuan used earlier.

Raine inspected his weapon and I tuned out the rest until Kratos said…

"Save the chitchat for later. We shouldn't stay here long."

"Hahaha! I can't... haha believe it... hahaha That is so much funnier in real life!" I said in between laughs.

Everyone stared at me like I was insane. I hate it when you know a joke that no one else understands because they haven't seen a movie or played a game.

"He said chitchat…" I muttered.

Everyone except Kuro headed to the exit of the base while I was still sitting on the floor trying to catch my breath. Kuro rolled his eyes and picked me up bridal style before he ran out of the base. Once we got out of the base, he refused to put me down.

"Put me down Kuro."

"Hmmm what was that? Did someone say something?" He asked, looking at Kratos.

Kratos ignored him.

"I'm warning you, Kuro," I growled. "Put me down."

"Hey Lloyd. Do you hear anything?"

Lloyd snickered. "Nope. Nothing."

"Don't encourage him! Put me down you stupid jerk!" I started to struggle but he just held me tighter. Damn… he's really strong.

"Genis did you hear anything?" Kuro said looking around trying to 'find' whatever was talking.

Genis smirked. "Not a thing."

"I guess it's just the wind talking to me then." Kuro said with a fake faraway look.

I crossed my arms and thought... What would a cat demon want?

I got it! "I'll buy you a ball of yarn when we get to Triet if you put me down."

He looked at me, eyes wide with excitement. "Are you serious? No joke?"

I found his weakness. "Yep. I swear."

He set me down.

"Yay, I get yarn!" Kuro cheered.

"Yay, I'm on the ground!" I cheered.

I glanced over at the rest of the group. They were all staring at us. "What?"

"He let you down for a ball of yarn…" Genis stated, confused.

"Don't. Mock. The yarn." Kuro said with an evil glare. His glares are still scary… but Kratos beats him by far.

It worked on Genis though. "Yes sir."

I laughed. "So are Lloyd and Genis going to travel with us from now on?"

"Yes. They have nowhere else to go." Raine said.

"If you look on the bright side, now they get to travel with us."

"On the down side, now we don't have enough hotel rooms." Kuro added.

End of chapter...


I honestly would not like that kind of torture... too much blood rushing to my head. Anyway, chapter 8 is done! Chapter 9 is next and it's called Who Doesn't Love Yarn and... Swiss Cheese?