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The pyro woke up from his nap and was about to set the waker-upper on fire when a very angry Roxas slammed a very heavy book into his face.

"What the fuck was that for, you moron?" Axel said as he sat up and gingerly touched his face.

"You. Computer. NOW." The small blond looked as though he was nearly read to kill someone in an incredibly violent way. And Axel sincerely hoped he was not that someone. The red head untangled his long limbs from his blanket, stood up, brushed himself off and waltzed over to the computer that was sitting on the wall opposite his bed. Roxas stomped along behind him with a scowl that seemed to be permanently stuck his face.

Axel bent down to look at the monitor and shrugged, "What? I don't see anything unusual."

"Look closer." The shorter Nobody pointed at a word in bold text.

"AkuRoku? What's that?"


Axel was about to ask another question, he had seen the word 'AkuDem', but Roxas' reply hadn't made much sense. "Us?"


"Whaddya mean, us?"

"I mean that these girls are making us into a... a... a COUPLE," Roxas mumbled, a faint blush across his face.

Axel couldn't help but grin. "You mean the fangirls are having a good time turning out best friend relationship into a mushy love-love relationship?"

The blond nodded and blushed again, this conversation was obviously making him uncomfortable. "And we have a holiday."

"A holiday?"

"Yeah. AkuRoku Day."

"Really. When is it?"




"Oh, that's quite clever of them."

"And look, they write all about us." Roxas opened a second window and motioned for Axel to read it.

The tall Nobody once again bent down and started to read the text out loud, " 'The younger stood on his toes and closed the distance between their lips. The red head slid his tongue in and Roxas moaned...' " Axel proceeded to read more of the fic, laughing his head off as he did so, while Roxas seemed to be competing in the who-can-look-most-like-a-tomato contest. And by the look of it, he would most likely be winning first place. The pyro wiped away a happy tear and poked the blond, "Damn, these fangirls are dirty."

"It's stupid how they write about us like tha-"

Axel cut him off as he moved closer to Roxas and grinned wolfishly as he captured the other's lips. "But personally, I think they have some pretty good ideas."