Disclaimer: I only own the plot.

Summary: Just a piece of romantically sweet fluff between our favorite junior detective and our favorite resident psychic because, dude, who doesn't see that one coming?

Juliet O'Hara was fast asleep curled up under her down comforter in nothing but a pair of shorts that rose high on the thigh and low on the hips and a black tank, her hair down. This was her favorite way to be, and she deserved it. She had been awake for what seemed like forever but was actually only a few days working on a case that had scared her senseless.

A man had beaten his wife to death with a baseball bat and seeing the crime scene had made her sick for hours. Then when they'd had the guy cornered, Shawn had burst in, not realizing, not understanding and the man had almost hit him with the bat.

She had almost lost Shawn, and that thought scared her and hurt her more than she'd like to admit. She had gotten used to Shawn over the months, had grown to understand the way he worked, nothing like the way Gus understood him, but she liked to think that she knew a piece of him. She had gotten used to his flirting with her and she had even flirted back a bit, nothing too extreme, but sometimes she couldn't help herself, even though Lassiter would glare at her or sometimes even say something about it.

She turned in her sleep, her groggy mind replaying the day but making it so much worse, exploring the possibilities she had refused to think about while she was awake.

The man was there, bat in hand, her gun was pointed at him, but he didn't look that scared.

Shawn burst in the door to the left of the man, and the entire room froze in shock as the pseudo-psychic noticed the officers with their guns out and the man with the bat, and then the bat swung, and unlike in the scenario that had actually happened that day, the bat made contact with Shawn's head and he tumbled to the ground as two shots rang out, but Juliet's mind was so numb that she didn't even realize they had come from her piece, didn't even register that man fall, and the bat hit the ground as he struggled for breath.

All she could see was Shawn on the ground, his head bleeding profusely, and her head and her heart begged simultaneously for him to pop up in the way that he so often did, with an oddball remark on his tongue and a smile on his lips. It didn't happen, he laid there, the red of his blood soaking into the collar of his white shirt and Juliet hit her knees on the ground beside him, her fingers flying to his neck for a pulse. There wasn't one and she could hear someone screaming, she could hear the pain and then her mind registered that it was her screaming, she was the one in pain.

Lassiter hooked his arms under hers and pulled her off the floor, she could hear him telling her to get up, to back away and not look, that there was nothing she could do, and as much as her partner didn't like Shawn she could hear the tears caught in his throat.

Juliet sprang into a sitting position as though she had been electrocuted, her breath coming in gasps as though she had just run eight miles, the covers pooled at her waist and a fine sheen of sweat covering her body.

It took her a moment to realize that it had only been a dream, that Shawn was okay, he had hit the floor before the bat had hit him, had walked away with just a bit of rug burn on his hands, that he hadn't even been too traumatized, telling her that Gus had attempted something similar with a shovel to try and soothe her obvious fear.

As she tried her best to snuggle back into the warmth of her covers, her mind kept replaying the dream, and she couldn't get it to stop, it was like a record that kept skipping on the song you just can't stand, and by the time you get it to stop the song is stuck in your head.

She turned the other direction and noticed her keys laying on her nightstand next to her cell phone. It wouldn't hurt to go over to Shawn's and check on him, would it? She had a key for emergencies, though she had a feeling he was just kind of hoping she would stop by for no reason at all. Before she even thought it through she was out of bed, slipping her favorite pair of flip-flops on, grabbing her set of keys and her cell and running out of her apartment, down the three flights of stairs and into the parking lot, sliding into her car and starting her way over to Shawn's.

She turned the radio up louder than she usually had it, trying her best to drown out her thoughts and the image of Shawn lying bloody on the floor.

She reached his apartment and paused outside of her car, before taking a deep breath and starting up the four flights it took to reach her friend's apartment. She shivered, realizing that she hadn't changed clothes or even put on a jacket and that her showing up at his apartment dressed the way she was might put the wrong idea in his head, but at the moment she couldn't care less because she knew that she wouldn't be able to sleep ever again unless she could see for herself that it had all been a dream and that the man she had become so attached to was okay.

She reached his door and decided that it was more polite to knock, her cell phone told her that it was two in the morning and that showing up at his apartment at this ungodly hour wasn't polite, but still. She knocked twice, there was no answer, no sound at all, and so she knocked again, louder this time. She waited another couple of minutes. Nothing. She knocked for a third time, sure that if she didn't wake up Shawn then she was definitely going to wake up a neighbor of his. She waited after her third knock and sighed loudly as she pulled out her ring of keys and selected the one that went to the lock in front of her.

She gently unlocked Shawn's apartment door and softly opened it.

"Shawn?" she called into the quiet of the apartment, there was no answer and she softly padded her way around his apartment, leaving her shoes by the door.

Shawn had hardwood floors and a small, but relatively clean kitchen, and, she noted in amusement, a pineapple on his counter. The living room was painted in green, it was soothing and warm, but cheerful and silly and it was all Shawn.

Juliet smiled to herself as she walked her way through his apartment, it did suit him. She reached a door and opened it silently, a bathroom. She closed the door in disappointment and then saw the only other one in the apartment. She reached the door painted in white and opened it without knocking or any warning at all that she was there and as her eyes adjusted to the room that was only lit by the moon outside his window she saw Shawn fast asleep on his bed. He was lying on his back, one arm bent behind his head, acting as another pillow, his other arm splayed on the bed next to him.

If she had been looking at anything other than him fast asleep on the bed, she would have seen his shirt, jeans, shoes and socks on the floor and realized that he didn't have anything other than boxers on. But as it was, she didn't see any of it, and a part of her brain was satisfied as she watched his chest rise and fall. He was alive, unscathed, but that other part of her brain, the irrational, hormonal, woman side of her brain screamed and cried and jumped in relief and before she could stop herself she had reached the side of his bed and was on top of him, hugging him and she could hear him start to wake up, but it didn't stop her.

"Oh Shawn." She muttered in relief as she kissed his temple over and over and then his cheek and then just below his ear. She could feel the arm that was previously on the blue of the comforter sling its way over her back, holding her gently to him as he woke up.

"Jules?" he asked groggily, his voice thick with sleep.

"Oh Shawn." She replied, still relieved that he was okay.

Shawn was very confused and it showed on his face, either he was having the best and most realistic dream he had ever had, or Jules really was on top of him, muttering his name and kissing him. Personally he liked both options, but he felt he had a better chance with dream Juliet so he decided to find out which scenario was real.

"Jules, this has got to be the best dream ever or a very strange midnight encounter." He told her, his voice had more strength and this time she heard him. She picked her head up, prying her lips away from his skin and her eyes widened in horror.

"Oh Shawn, I…" but she trailed off as what she had just done hit her and she quickly left her rather risqué position to stand next to the bed, her hand covering her mouth.

"Jules?" he was still so confused.

"I had a dream, and I…" she realized how dumb that sounded, one simple, scary, but simple dream had possessed her enough that she had driven across town in her pajamas and leapt on top of him. That didn't sound crazy at all, you know, if you wanted the men with needles and the padded room to come and give you that lovely white jacket that let you hug yourself all day.

"Jules, what dream?" he asked her, his dark eyes focused only on her, but she couldn't return the gesture, she couldn't look him in the eye, so she stared a little lower and finally noticed that he wasn't wearing a shirt and that made her lose her train of thought also. Then, he was out of the bed and right next to her, a hand on her arm, and his eyes on the top of her head.

"What dream?" he repeated, the junior detective's behavior baffling and scaring him all at the same time.

"I had a dream about today, and, oh Shawn, it was terrible, the man actually hit you and then you were bleeding and Lassiter kept saying to let go, there was nothing I could do, and I was screaming, and oh Shawn there was so much blood…" she trailed off as hard sobs wracked her body and Shawn felt his heart wrench horribly in his chest.

"Jules." He purred softly as he pulled her into his embrace and she threw herself against him, her arms wrapping around his waist as she buried her face in his bare chest and Shawn could feel her tears slide down his skin.

He hushed her as best he could, but she was still very obviously terrified so Shawn leaned down, swept her up into his arms and sat in the armchair next to the window, sitting Jules in his lap, one arm wrapped around her legs that were curled up to her chest, to keep her from sliding off him, the other placed gently and reassuringly against her back, rubbing circles to try and calm her. Her face was buried into his chest, her arms wrapped tightly around him and tears still pouring down her cheeks.

"Shh, Jules, I'm okay, see, I'm okay, okay." He repeated.

"Okay." She parroted softly and he nodded his head, a smile gracing his features.

"Yeah Jules, okay, safe." He kept his answers short, knowing that fear; lack of sleep and slight hysterics would make her reasoning skills and her reception much slower.

The tears slowly started to subside as the combined affect of his gentle circles, warm embrace and the feeling of his muscular thighs beneath her hit her and she started to get drowsy.

Shawn gently rocked her until he felt her breathing slow a bit more and finally even all the way out as she fell asleep. He looked down at her in surprise, he had often envisioned Jules in his arms, fast asleep, wearing next to nothing, and now she was, but not for the reasons he had hoped.

He had hoped that she would be cuddled against him like this after a passionate night of him making love to her, not her barging into his room in the middle of the night, becoming hysterical over a dream she'd had, where he didn't fare too well. He sighed and stood up, keeping her tight in his arms and he debated letting her sleep in the bed and he'd take the couch, but then his mind wondered that if she woke up in a strange bed and started freaking out if he would be able to calm her and then the thought of her having a bad dream again scared him so he decided sleeping apart just wasn't an option. He gently set Jules on the right side of the bed and circled around to the left side, slipping beneath the covers right next to her.

She sensed the change in surroundings and woke up, her eyes wide.

"Shawn?" her hand reaching out for him as her eyes adjusted and he gently grabbed it to show her he was there.

"Right here Jules." He told her and she turned towards him, relieved. He smiled reassuringly at her and she lay back down in the bed, not letting go of his hand. He let her hold onto him, knowing that what she needed was to know that he was there and that he wasn't going to disappear and leave her all alone.

She cuddled up to his side, and he gently switched hands, using his left to hold hers over his heart and his right arm to wrap tightly around her slim, and barely covered, waist to hold her possessively to him.

She sighed in happiness and cuddled up to him, reveling in the feeling of his arms around her. One of her legs gently crossed over his and Shawn resisted the urge to groan as more of her exposed skin touched him, she was so often covered almost head to toe in the suits she wore to work that he was losing his concentration and control at seeing so much of her skin.

He gently rubbed her back and reveled in the feeling of her so close to him because she wanted to be there. She moaned when his hand found the knot in her neck and he worked on massaging it. Shawn nearly lost it when she moaned and tried to keep his mind on anything other than Jules so close to him making such noises.

Juliet woke up several hours later to sunlight streaming in the window and splashing across her face. She sat up groggily and slowly replayed what had happened the night before in her mind. She had driven over to Shawn's so that had to be whose bed she was in, because it certainly wasn't hers.

She pulled the covers back and the chill of the early morning made her shiver. She searched the floor and found one of Shawn's button ups. She pulled it around her, placing her arms into it and buttoning the middle button. She giggled a bit at her reflection in the mirror; his shirt dwarfed her much smaller frame. She exited his bedroom and found him in the kitchen, cutting up his pineapple, still without a shirt, and Frank Sinatra playing in the background.

"Is it sanitary to cut up fruit without a shirt?" she asked him in amusement and he looked up at her to give her one of his own remarks, but the words were stolen from his throat. She was wearing his shirt, the one with vertical blue stripes and it dwarfed her frame, covering her own clothes, making it look like she wasn't wearing anything but his shirt. He thought that she was without a doubt the sexiest thing he had ever seen in his life.

"Shawn?" she asked as she came closer to him, standing right across from him, the counter between them.

"Jules, pineapple isn't just a fruit, it is the mother of all fruits." He shook his head at her before averting his gaze so that he didn't dive across the counter and jump her right then.

"Okay, okay." She conceded to him and snagged a piece of the yellow mother of all fruits and popped it into her mouth.

"Hey now, that's my pineapple." He teased as he jogged around the counter and stared her down. She finished chewing and swallowed.

"Point?" she asked him, feeling a little out of her league with Shawn so close to her.

"Maybe I wanted that piece." He told her, pouting.

"I'm sorry Shawn, but it isn't like you can have it back."

Then he got a gleam in his dark brown eyes and leaned even further into her. She stared at him with wide eyes for a moment and she could feel her knees start to shake.

"Shawn, what are you…?" but she trailed off as he finished his lean and their lips touched. Juliet could see the fireworks shoot off behind her closed eyelids as their lips finally met and gasped when Shawn bit down lightly on her bottom lip.

He was devouring her, slowly, passionately, and Juliet felt every muscle in her body go lax as his tongue explored every crevice of her warm mouth. He wrapped his strong arms around her slim waist and practically had to hold her up, because she couldn't get her legs to support her.

He slowly pulled away from her and smiled. Her eyes were still closed and her lips were a little swollen, but she looked incredibly happy, melting in his arms.

"What is it Jules?" he asked her, hoping that she wasn't going to get angry with him for kissing her.

"Is that your way of getting your pineapple?" she asked him and he smirked, she had tasted like pineapple.

"Pretty much." He shrugged and she laughed as her legs finally started to support her. He unwrapped his arms from her and took a step back.

"Do it again." She told him, avoiding his gaze in case he turned her down. He took a step towards her and wrapped her in his arms again. He leaned in slowly and kissed her neck gently. She whimpered and her muscles relaxed again. He smirked as he trailed more kisses up and down the slim column of her neck before latching onto her earlobe and sucking on it gently.

She whimpered again and placed her hands on his shoulders to try and anchor herself to reality because she was losing any and all thought as he continued to suck on her lobe.

"Shawn." She moaned and he started to back her up towards his bedroom.

He lay there several hours later, holding Juliet to him, reveling in her warmth and the fact that he had finally gotten his wish. She was lying next to him, curled into his body wearing nothing but his sheets and she was there after several passionate hours of him making love to her. Just the way it was supposed to be.