So, did anyone else squeal like a complete maniac when Shawn yelled out his love for Juliet? Hot damn, that was the sexiest, most romantic thing ever; and Lassie's response about shooting Shawn if he hurt her? Swoon.

Also, I promise another chapter of Gone is coming, but it's still a work in progress so I wouldn't expect it anytime soon.

The first thing that Juliet sees when she wakes up is Michael's face.

It isn't a bad thing to wake up to really, he has dark brown eyes and a strong jaw-line, and okay so his hair could use some help but he's very attractive and very sweet and she does love him. A part of her wonders if maybe she doesn't love him enough, but it's a small part of her, a miniscule part that never really recovered from the fact that she and Shawn never did get their timing right.

But she loves Michael, and for now it's enough.

The ring he gives her is too big and needs to be resized. She wonders if that's a sign, but everything else about his proposal and the ring were perfect and so maybe she's just a little too critical.

The wedding planning takes just a few months. It feels incredibly rushed and not at all how she had pictured it, but then, Michael was exactly what she pictured her future husband to be, tall, good looking, successful, with a life plan, and isn't that what it's really about? The man?

Something still feels off but she pushes it to the back of her mind.

She looks great in her dress, and she feels beautiful and she knows that she should be worried and upset and practically hysterical when her father throws his back out and can't do anything but be slumped in the corner of a pew. But all she can really feel is relief.

Carlton steps up though, looking incredibly put out and grumpy, but he manages to give her a soft smile and offers his arm and she feels her throat close up, the lump caused by her tears practically choking her. She gives her partner a kiss on the cheek and together they walk down the aisle.

Chief Vick is there, Buzz and his wife (whose belly has a suspicious bump), even Henry has come out for her wedding, sitting with Gus, the both of them smiling at her, even if it's a little forced.

She can't decide if she feels relief or anger when she doesn't see Shawn's face and as Carlton hands her off to Michael she's still looking for the psychic.

She knows that it's completely obvious what she's doing, her eyes haven't landed on Michael's face for the whole ceremony, but she just can't believe that Shawn didn't have the decency to show up. She'd sent him an invitation.

She knows why he didn't come and it breaks her heart.

"And do you, Juliet O'Hara, take Michael Hart to be your lawfully wedded husband?"

"Shawn, what are you doing?"

"I call it…very close talking."

"I don't have a sister."

"How about a boyfriend?"

"Here, let me read your palm."

"How about just one finger?"

"You and you are a one-hundred percent match from your personality questionnaires. I smell love!"

"Wow your timing really sucks."


Michael's voice brings her back to the now and she can vaguely register the sound of a revving engine in the background. The church is dead silent in a way that feels explosive, like they're all waiting for the chance to say something and Juliet feels sick to her stomach.


"I can't."

The church heaves a collective gasp but Juliet's ears are ringing too loudly for her to hear. Did she just say that?


"I'm sorry Michael, I…I can't."

And just like that she's free.

It isn't a conscious decision but she turns on her heel and runs down the aisle anyway. Vaguely she registers her veil flying off her head; her perfectly coifed hair goes loose as she races down the front stairs of the church.


The shout startles her and there's Shawn, sitting on his motorcycle, in a suit, his helmet under his arm. He looks as shocked as she feels but she races over to him anyway.

"Jules, wha…aren't you supposed to be getting married?"

She laughs for what feels like the first time in months, "Get a girl out of here?"

He smiles, the first smile she's seen from him in a while and he hands over his helmet.

"Hop on."

She swings her leg over the bike, straps on the helmet and squeals with laughter as he takes off, her arms wrapped tightly around his waist.

They park by the beach and when they get off the bike they get a small round of clapping and congratulations from the surrounding people. Juliet can feel her face heat but she doesn't pull away when he takes her hand and leads her down onto the sand.

They walk in silence and she can tell that he's dying to ask her, but he remains uncharacteristically silent.

"So, you're not gonna ask me?"

He looks over at her, a small smile on his face, "I figured you'd talk when you were ready."

She squeezes his hand gratefully, "I just…it wasn't right. He was this great, gorgeous guy that loved me, but it just wasn't right."

They walk a little farther before Shawn says anything.


She knows what he's asking, but she's afraid, so she stalls, "Why what?"

She can tell that he knows what she's doing, but he just squeezes her hand, it makes her feel warm inside.

"Why wasn't it right?"

It's now or never; "He wasn't you."

She can feel the shock that he goes through, he physically startles and then she's swept up into his arms, spinning around the beach. She can't help the laughter that escapes her, the happy squeal as he sets her down, holds her close.

"I thought you were happy, I wanted to say something, to step in, but I….you were happy."

She knows now why he showed late. He'd been debating whether or not he'd have been strong enough to watch her marry someone else.

She's grateful that she's not the only one who couldn't stomach it.

He's fun, she realizes, and just because he likes to be fun and to be silly doesn't mean that he can't be serious and he's gorgeous and he can lift her up in his arms, carry her over the threshold when they end up back at his place; and she laughs because it's just so perfectly Shawn and he seems to take enjoyment in her joy.

His hands shake when he unzips her wedding gown and she's surprised that he's the one who's so nervous but she guides his hands and when she steps out of the gown and stands before him in nothing more than white lace the look on his face makes her feel like the most beautiful woman in the world.

The first thing Juliet sees when she wakes up is Shawn's face.

And it's perfect.