Author: Mask of Mirage

Rating: M

Comments: I've finally decided to clear up the whole Pein/Naruto fiasco. It's not really where I wanted to go with it but I figured if I got this out, I could get it off my mind. And they always say once you stop trying so hard thinking about it, it comes to you. I'm hoping it will work with me in this situation.

Mood Song: Fersure Maybe by Medic Droid (why the hell not?)

Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto.


Itachi stepped out of his car two weeks later in front of the warehouse that had now become familiar to him. The salty, sea breeze irritated his eyes but he made no move to shield them. He wasn't here to be weak.

Instead of Hidan standing at his post, there was a woman leaning casually against the side of the building. Her strikingly blue air and piercing light-colored eyes stunned Itachi for a moment. He stepped closer to her to make her aware of his presence.

She ignored him completely, studying her nails instead. Before Itachi opened his mouth to speak, she interrupted him.

"I'm Konan, I know my hair is weird, fuck off. I don't care who you are either way so don't tell me. Pein tells me to tell you that he's busy but that's a lie, " she looks up finally and smiles sweetly, "so, why don't you just go ahead and go on in."

Itachi stares wordlessly at her for a few seconds before blinking and opening the door to his right. The inside is dimly-lit, like he remembers it and he weaves between the crates in the direction of Pein's office. The door is standing open and he stops in the threshold. Pein is talking in on the phone and when he notices him in the doorway, his eyes widen in surprise. Waving him in, with his hand, he now speaks hurriedly.

"Yeah, yeah. I'll get Nagasaki to arrange the paperwork with you and we can have your shipments in by Thursday at the latest." Without signaling the end of the conversation, Pein hangs up the phone and turns to Itachi expectantly.

"Itachi, why are you here? My first thought was for business but I remembered your father's in.."

"Did you know what those crates were carrying?" Itachi blurts out, jumping straight to the point. Pein sighs wearily and links his hands together in front of him, elbows on the desk.

"I do now. Fugaku only asked me to get these shipments in from some little island south of Cuba. By contract, we're not allowed to open the crates unless they break or are too beat up to survive any more transporting. I had no idea he was running drugs. I've done a lot of that in my younger days, but it's behind me now."

Itachi doesn't trust this man but the way he's saying it does make a lot of sense and it's about time he gave someone the benefit of the doubt. He moves toward the door, mumbling a thank you. Hand on the frame, he turns back around, eyeing Pein with a new sort of interest.

"I have one more question?" I heard you were involved with the death of Minato Namikaze and his wife, is that true?"

Pein rolls his eyes, an reaction Itachi wasn't expecting. "That old thing again. I was cleared of my charges. I was in Aruba at that time. The fucked-up looking chick out front can vouch for me. After all, I was sleeping with her during that time."

Itachi scoffs loudly, allowing a laugh to escape his lips. Not necessarily because of what Pein said but that, that same fucked-up looking chick was standing at the end of the hall, arms crossed over her chest. "Who do you think invited you on that trip in the first place!" she yells and Itachi, from his vantage point, could see Pein's face grow ashen.

"Oh baby, it's not like that. I didn't meant it."

Itachi walks out, laughing under his breath, and his head finally clear. It's a comfort to know Pein wasn't the one who killed Naruto's parents but it also left the question up to who did? Maybe, it was one of those things in life you weren't supposed to find out. Naruto seemed happy enough where he was now without Itachi bringing up old wounds.

Things were finally looking up and he had no right to make it any different.