A/N : I am very new to Lupin III so this may be a little O.O.C. I first saw a TV special on MTV in German. Even though my German is so rusty it is creaking and about to fall off, I fell in love with the show (and Jigen) and vowed I'd find out more when I got back home. Unfortunately in Britain the videos that were released were deleted long ago and the series to my knowledge has never been shown. However, I got hold of Cagliostro and the Fuma Conspiracy which I am thrilled with! Enjoy and please review!

Musings of a Gunman

Jigen Daisuke sat in his apartment waiting for his friend and accomplice to arrive. He lay on his sofa, his hands behind his head, hat low covering his eyes as usual, crooked, hand-rolled cigarette in his mouth just protruding from his hat. He'd been sitting like this for some time, only moving occasionally to flick cigarette ash into the already full ashtray on the floor.

I'm hungry he thought, but moving out of lack of motivation. He didn't seem to have much motivation these days unless he was taking part in a new caper.

I'll wait till Lupin comes he mused.

He began to be consumed in his thoughts. The familiarity of his apartment fading into nothing.

I need some dough and quick. I could hardly pay my dry cleaning bill the other dayWhen I've got some money in from this next caper I'll get a new suityeah, I've been promising myself a treat like that. Maybemaybe somethin' a bit different. I haven't changed my style for what, 20 years? Yeah, maybe a new tailorI like my tailormaybe a different colour. I don't knowdark green?

A big but' loomed over his head and jostled for prime position with his perpetual halo' of smoke.

But I'd be too bright. I'd stand out. I'd end up looking like Lupin in those jackets of his for Christ's sake! – now talk about blending in with the crowd!

Nah, I'm happy as I am. He nodded to himself, spilling cigarette ash from his cigarette onto his tie.

I spose I'm feeling a bit insecure at the moment. Our last capers have been a bit too full of Zenigata. DamnRather him than the mob

He focused back into his lounge to stub out his cigarette and light another and then went back to his thoughts. He sighed and blew a big cloud of smoke from the corner of his mouth. He decided to take his hat off and threw it like a frisbee onto a table on the other side of the room. This was done seamlessly, and like his shooting, honed to perfection. He ran his hand through his hair and relaxed again.

I'm hungry he thought again. Even though nicotine and the other ingredients in tobacco were supposed to suppress ones appetite, Jigen still ate by the shed load. He thought about what was in his fridge but realised he only had a six pack of beer. At other times he may have thought it was brilliant to only have beer in the fridge, but now he really wasn't that sure it was wise, especially when he was starving.


His stomach growled loudly. He ignored it and took a deep drag of his cigarette.

Dammit, I need more smokes as well! I need food, smokes and a suit and what haven't I got? – money! Hmm, Lupin better have a good idea

He looked at a clock at the other side of the room.

He's late. If anyone was late in Chicago they'd have their head blown off...

He trailed off, images of times past coming to the fore. He was suddenly brought out of his thoughts by a knock at the door.

Ah, Lupin he thought and got up to answer the door.