Clique… yes, definitely. But I tried my best to give it a unique spin and I'd appreciate it being given a chance. It's got some graphic bits in the first chapter, but it shouldn't be too detailed following that. Thanks for reading.

Heaven Forbid

Heaven forbid you end up alone and don't know why
Hold on tight wait for tomorrow, you'll be alright

"I can't believe he hit me." Ponyboy said once again. He turned and looked at Johnny with incredulity. "Can you believe it?" It had happened last night, but he had yet to shut up about it. Just as he'd gone to run out the door, Darry had caught up with him and wrapped his arms around him keeping him in his place. He'd struggled, wanting to run, but he'd held him like that for nearly 5 minutes while he cried himself nearly hoarse and struggled something awful, and when he was finally let go he couldn't help feeling exhausted. Too much had happened. It had only been one day, but it had been a long day and he was ready to sleep.

He'd gone to his bedroom without another word to his oldest brother though Darry tried and tried to get a response from him in recognition of his apology. He had changed, getting into bed, hoping he could be asleep before Soda came in. There was nothing he wanted to hear on Darry's behalf and he would probably snap at him if Soda tried. He heard Sodapop come in a little later but he had pretended to be asleep and didn't stir when he wished him a good night.

It was night now, and with it being a Saturday they were out late once more. Somewhere deep down he was afraid of upsetting Darry again and eliciting the same reaction from him. But he also was angry and he wanted to prove that his brother didn't scare him.

"Well, can ya?" Pony snapped, looking at his best friend for a response.

Johnny had gone silent. He was always silent but this time he looked a bit hurt. "Yeah, I can." He finally said, and he didn't seem to want to talk after that.

Pony wanted to apologize. This sort of thing always seemed to happen to him because he couldn't keep his big mouth shut. Of course Johnny knew what it was like to be hit by his family. Hell, he was always being hit by his family. And here Ponyboy was complaining about being slapped for actually doing something wrong and he went and whined about it when Johnny never protested once. What a fool he'd made of himself.

"Aw, Johnny, I didn't me-" he froze, seeing unmistakable headlights as they froze upon the two. Shit! They were out of their territory and at 12 O'clock at night! They might as well make out their own death certificates.

"Greasers!" he heard someone yelling to their friends. He was scared stiff and Johnny moved closer to him but he dared not look back to see if he was all right. It was as though they were deer frozen in the headlights. They were damn close, and it was too late to run. He could only hope there were few enough of them for the odds to be even.

The ignition turned off but the headlights remained on as they stepped out of their cars. They weren't able to see the Soc's faces, but theirs were unmistakable. "Well look what we have here, fellas! It's the two pieces of trash that tried to pick up Bob and Randy's girlfriends last night!"

The headlights turned off but they could see the outlines of three large older guys approaching them. He wished at this point that he carried some kind of switch or weapon of any kind. Johnny did, he knew, and he would use it if these guys tried to jump them. He knew that at least one of these guys would carry a blade, most likely more.

Johnny was standing as though ready to take them on, holding the knife with hands that only slightly shook.

He couldn't tell what was going on, could only make out the silhouettes of the three guys as one moved towards him and the other two moved towards Johnny. "You guys stay with him. Do what ever you want to him but don't let him come over here. I got business to take care of."

His two friends smirked and approached Johnny. Ponyboy could only watch in horror as the one standing in front of him pulled out a knife. Besides him he saw one of the Socs manage to kick the switch out of his hand with barely any effort. It looked like it could have been a martial arts move, and he wouldn't put it past one of these guys to know how to fight like that. He heard a gasp of pain from Johnny and hoped they hadn't broken his wrist in the process. They were now two against three and they were unarmed.

"Greaser, this will go a whole lot easier for you if you don't struggle so much. Go ahead though. I don't mind. I like it rough." The Soc said, gradually lowering his voice until he was practically whispering it in his ear. Ponyboy's eyes widened and he realized that they were not about to brawl. At least, this guy wasn't about to brawl with him. He whipped his head around to look at Johnny.

They were standing outside of an alley not close to anything in particular. Not too many people were around the area and no one he knew came here to hang out. None of his friends had known they were headed this way. They had just started walking and let their feet carry them.

His first instinct was to run. He didn't even consider the fact that he would leave Johnny alone; he needed to get out of here before this guy did something to him. This wasn't like two days ago. Those guys weren't trying to hurt him real bad. This guy… this guy might kill him. He might do something to him that Ponyboy was scared to even consider. There was a hand on his collar and a knife at his throat before he stopped struggling and started shaking.

He felt Johnny's presence being removed from behind him and he called out for him, but he was gone around the edge of the corner about three meters away. They both ganged up on him and were restraining or beating him up. "Don't worry about him. He's not gonna get half of what you're getting." With that he was pressed up against the wall and he could feel hands on his chest and breath on his neck.

He tried to struggle, but the guy in front of him was almost twice his size and probably a lot older than him. It was like trying to fight Darry. He never won when he fought Darry. He was just too much larger than him. Even the advantage of his speed and flexibility wasn't a match for sheer mass.

His jacket was removed and the coldness of the night became very apparent as it fell to the ground and his sleeveless tee shirt was all that remained. He was frozen in place out of fear, but he was shrewdly awakened from it as the larger guy's mouth connected with his and the Soc's tongue entered his mouth. He struggled out of the forced kiss but found he was bit hard on his lip and tongue. In another second his shirt joined his jacket on the ground.

The Soc's cold hands roughly moved over his bare flesh provoking involuntary shudders, and Pony's movements began getting jerky and he was fighting harder but he was slapped hard across the face and kicked in the leg and he fell to the ground. The Soc followed him and before he understood why his pants were undone and were sliding over his legs. Trying to scramble away with him so preoccupied at his waist, he earned himself a punch to the stomach. He nearly gagged, and his sensitive midsection screamed in protest. Oh God, this was really happening to him, wasn't it? He was really… he was going to be…

"Oh Greaser, you are one hot piece of ass, aren't you?" Ponyboy groaned loudly in pain and anguish. He was terrified out of his mind and there was nothing he could do to stop any of this. He could hear the sound of a belt being undone and another zipper as the Soc's pants were unfastened as well. All that remained of his clothing were his shoes and his boxers. After another three seconds all that remained were his shoes.

"Fuck…" the Soc said, nearly in a moan. He pulled Ponyboy to a sitting position and entered his mouth again. He could feel something against his leg and he couldn't help it anymore. He started to cry.

He felt hands moving down the length of his body. He could feel them touching him and squeezing him and he sobbed. "Shit." The soc said. "You're a young one, ain't you?" He paused as though he were going to reconsider what he was doing, but then Pony felt the man's hands moving further back and a finger entered him roughly. He squeaked in pain, horror and fear.

He could hear Johnny struggling further away. They had brought him further into the alley and were doing something to him that elicited cries of pain and though he continued to fight, Ponyboy could tell he would not escape in time to save him.

"You bite me you die." He heard through clenched teeth, and his mouth was invaded by something very different than a tongue. His saliva was hot and thick from his tears of horror and pain and the Soc seemed to enjoy it, thrusting his erection to the back of his throat and out again. Ponyboy could only sob and try to move away but he could feel hands on the back of his head keeping him in place as he coughed and sputtered.

The Soc's cock was removed and he was taken by the waist and put on his hands and knees. 'Oh, God! Please no!' he screamed to himself. He could not keep the words from pouring out of his mouth this time though.

"Please don't. Please! I'll do anything! Plea-he-hese. God, please. I don't want to! No!" But nothing could be done and he could feel himself being entered painfully and he bawled and cried and screamed as he was thrust into. A hand came forward to clamp around his jaw to keep him quiet, but it didn't do much. He felt like his entire body was on fire and he was bleeding and screaming and crying and shaking. He felt like he could die. He wanted to die. He wanted to be burned up in lava just so that he could be completely gone and he knew there was no way he would ever feel clean again.

"STOP! PLEASE! AHHHHHH!" and he called out for Johnny who he could hear sobbing loudly but the sound seemed to be coming from a mile's distance. "Johnny, come save me! Please." His voice had turned hoarse and he could not make himself heard. Behind him the Soc was moaning and saying dirty things and his hand was removed from Ponyboy's mouth and he touched him horrifically.

He could feel the Soc shudder as he came and then the thrusting ended and then the pain seemed to grow to an unbearable sensation but he could no longer feel the Soc's presence inside of him.

He was turned around and placed sitting on the ground causing him to cry out in pain and drawn into a long kiss before he was let go of entirely and the Soc moved away and began to dress himself. He turned back to Ponyboy and kicked him hard in the stomach, then again in the ribs.

He called for his friends to join him and before Ponyboy could know what was happening, they were gone. "Thanks you fucking Greaser! I haven't enjoyed myself so much since I fucked your mother." They laughed uproariously but he wasn't paying attention and he couldn't respond, only cry and shake.