September 22, 2007 to September 22, 2007

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Summary: Everyone is surveyed…about cookies? Enjoy! And don't forget to review please!

Cookie Survey

"Hello everyone! We are currently here at Seishun Gakuen Academy and have a question to ask all of the tennis players! Imagine singing and dancing chocolate chip cookies on a live concert and on stage, and please tell us your response to this spontaneous situation!"

Echizen Ryoma: Che, mada mada dane. They would probably roll off stage the second they began… (walks away with Ponta)

Momoshiro Takeshi: Well, I imagine a Chips Ahoy Cookie – you know, the one in the commercials? – dancing with a cane and wearing a hat like Mr. Peanut on the cashew's can? And did you say chocolate chip Cookies? OH MY GOD I WANT TO EAT SOME NOW! (wanders endlessly through the school campus in search of cookies to eat)

Kaidoh Kaoru: Fsshh…I guess they taste good… (blushes a little)

Kikumaru Eiji: NYA! Chocolate chip Cookies?! Ryuzaki-chan's are really good but she's not here and I want some now… (pouts and sees Cookies) Come back here, Cookies! (chases after imaginary cookies that are running – er, rolling away…)

Oishi Shuichiro: Oh my! The Cookies are having a concert?! Wait – do you mean the Cookies as in the four female singers (1) of the edible ones? But the Cookies aren't edible and they certainly aren't made of chocolate chips! But I'm worried if their concert will go all right… (twiddles fingers)

Inui Sadaharu: Hmm…it is illogically impossible to have singing and dancing chocolate chip Cookies performing on stage in a live concert, since they are only made of organic and artificial ingredients and do not have any body parts to allow the cookie to move itself. They also don't have any eyes, nose, or any of the five senses to gain knowledge of the environment around them…and if they did have a mouth, it would mean having a hole right through the cookie which would make it a chocolate chip donut…Ii Data… (rambles on and scribbles madly)

Kawamaru Takashi: Um… (scratches head) … I really don't know what to say about – (Fuji hands him a racket) – BURNING! I'LL EAT THOSE COOKIES AND RUIN THEIR CONCERT, BURNING!!! – (racket is taken away) – hm? Oh, cookies are good to eat, but I like sushi better, hehe…

Fuji Syuusuke: Well (swings Taka's racket), I don't like sweet things, so it would be nice to inject some wasabi or horseradish into the cookie. And if that's not possible then I would certainly take the pleasure of degrading them by … (whips out secret weapon)

Tezuka Kunimitsu: You let your guard down for imposing such a ridiculous question. 1000 laps, and NOW. (stoically glares at surveyor)

"Um…thank you for your time, Seigaku…"

"2000 laps."

"Alright, I'm going!"


A/N: I give credit to awin-chan, AnuneFan412, and Sesshryo for helping and inspiring me. As well as to my dear friends! 8D

(1): The Cookies are a group of four female singers from TVB, if you haven't heard. They sing Chinese songs and perform choreography together really well in their music videos. xD

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