You asked me to forget you.
Like you had never existed.

You idiot.
You fool.

My heart will be with you always,
you took it with you and you left.

You should have known when
you took everything else you gave me back,
you were still keeping everything I had given you.

My heart.

My throat constricted painfully
as I thought of him.

I didn't want to,
but moments of weakness
always happen.

I grabbed my sides and
held myself tightly,
willing myself to not fall apart.

I couldn't.
I wouldn't.

It would hurt Charlie.

He knows everything isn't okay,
but he has no idea.
He has no idea...

The salty skin of the ocean
misted on past me while
I thought of this.

I looked down past the cliff,
watching the waves crash.
It would be so easy.

My heart pounded wildly,
but not with fear.
This would be my ultimate sacrifice.
This life is my biggest lie.

And pretending I could live it
for one more moment without you...

I was always romanticidal.

I jumped off the cliff,
just to hear your voice again.