7 years after the war games Candice sits out side her home watching her 7 year old daughter running around, she's been waiting for the guy she fell in love with to return, she meet him at Phantom's grave, she thought he was dead but it turned out he was a live and placing a rose on Phantom's grave.

She misses Phantom and still loves the guy but she knew she had to move on, Candice pictures the day when she found out the one she loved was alive.

(Flash back)

"I was walking by and I see a guy with long blond hair walking up to the tree where Phantom had died, I watched as he placed the rose on the ground, he stayed there for hours repeating to himself over and over, he said "am I going to be alone forever" over and over, I knew the guy pretty well as we where teamed up a few times in the war games , I walked up to him and I placed a hand on his shoulder, the blond lift his head and saw me smiling down at him, he had tears in his beautiful pink eyes, I brought the blond into a hug"

(End of flash back)

"Mommy, are you ok"

"I'm fine, I'm just thinking about your father that's all"

"I wish I could meet my daddy"

"I'm sure you will Ray"

Candice places her hand on her daughters long blond hair, she looked a lot like her father, Candice knew she would see the one she loved again one day.

Out side town Alviss is walking along with his fairy friend bell on his shoulder, Alviss stops and sees Rolan on the ground all injured.

"Rolan, what are you doing here"

Rolan tries to get up.

"I went away for a few years to clear my head and I missed my girlfriend threw the years and thought I would visit her"

Rolan falls on concise Alviss picks Rolan up and heads towards the town.

Two hours later Candice sits outside still watching her seven year old daughter playing with a pink ball.

Candice sees Alviss walk by carrying Rolan, the guy she loved and hadn't seen in seven years, Candice get's up and runs up to Alviss, Alviss stops and turns to Candice.

"Wait, where did you find my boyfriend, is he going to be ok"

"I don't know, I'm taking him to the doctors now, I found him in the woods, he said he was searching for you"

"I see well can I come with you, I have to make sure he's going to be ok"

"Sure, as long as you don't cause trouble"

Ray runs up to Candice holding a bunny plush.

"What's wrong mommy"

"I'll tell you later Ray, let's go"

Candice holds Rays hand, and walks along with Alviss.

"So is this child, Rolan's?"


"Who's Rolan mommy"

"It's your fathers name Ray"

"Is that my daddy, in that guy's arm, is he going to be ok"

"Yes he's your dad, he'll be ok, I'll make sure of it, I don't want to lose any one else I love"

To be continued

Next chapter Rolan get's seen to by doctors and Candice tells Alviss her story about how she and Rolan got together. No flames I tried my best on this,