Hey, everyone! I'm really hoping you guys will like this story because I have big plans for it! As I mentioned, it occurs two years after the second season ended and one year after the movie, 'Diaboromon Strikes Back.' If you guys haven't seen it, don't worry; it plays a minimal role in this story. You'll understand everything without it. But I recommend you guys watching, just for the sake of following along the Digimon story line.

However, if you guys haven't watched Digimon season 1 or 2, then I HIGHLY recommend you do because a lot of this stuff will go back to certain points within the show and you guys will just get confused if you don't understand what's going on. I'll try my best to inform the readers of past events throughout the story but it's not my priority. So watch the shows! I will, at the end of chapters, give the episode where I got my information so you can watch to make more sense of the story.

As I stated before, it is a Takari fic but other involvement will be included; it's not going to solely focus on TK and Kari, although they are the main characters.

Some extra information to help you out, even though it's in the story:

TK - fourteen years old, ninth grader
Kari - fourteen years old, ninth grader
Davis - fourteen years old, ninth grader
Ken - fourteen years old, ninth grader
Yolei - fifteen years old, tenth grader
Cody - eleven years old, sixth grader
Tai - seventeen years old, twelve grader
Matt - seventeen years old, twelve grader
Sora - seventeen years old, twelve grader
Izzy - sixteen years old, eleventh grader
Mimi - sixteen years old, eleventh grader
Joe - eighteen years old, 1st year in medical school

It was kind of hard to figure out their age but after searching the internet for a long time, I concluded that this is the closest I'll get to getting it right. If not, please bear with me and just go with it. Thank you!


The Fate of One

Chapter 1

"Come on, guys. We've been over this before; it's no big deal." TK Takaishi explained to his friends, sighing tiresomely. "Kari and I are just best friends." All the blonde fourteen year old wanted to do was eat his lunch with his buddies in the cafeteria but somehow, he found himself discussing the one topic that seemed to follow him where ever he was in school.

"I'm just saying, I have never heard of a girl and a guy being just best friends." One of his friends piped up.

"Come on, TK. Every where I go, I see you with her! You can't tell me you guys don't have feelings for each other." Another guy stated.

The Digidestined opened his sack lunch and took out a sandwich. "I'm telling you guys for maybe the thousandth time; She and I are just really good friends." The blonde frowned. "How long are you guys going to keep pestering me about this?"

"Until we get the truth." They all replied in unison.

He groaned in response. "How long has it been? Like two years? Two years of constant teasing? You guys know this has carried on since I first moved here?"

"You know, she's really pretty; I wouldn't mind going out with her." Someone stated, ignoring his outcry.

"Oh yeah, I wouldn't either. You'd be lucky if she went out with you, Drake!"

"Shut up."

TK shook his head in disbelief and simply took a bite of his sandwich. His friends laughed at his reaction.

"Aw, TK! Don't be mad; you know we're just teasing."

"We know. You and Kari are just friends…with benefits." Everyone chuckled at the statement. The victim of the teasing made a face and kept chewing.

"So anyways, getting serious; who are you going to ask to the winter dance?"

The Child of Hope started to talk but realized he still had food in his mouth. Waiting a couple seconds, he swallowed his food.

"I'm not sure yet. I haven't really put much thought into it. I'm not even sure if I'm going to go."

"What??? Are you serious? It's our first dance as high school students! You have to go!"

The sentence echoed throughout the Digidestined's mind. TK still couldn't believe he was in high school. It seemed like only a couple days ago when he and the other Digidestined defeated MaloMyotismon to end the threat of evil within both the Digital World and the real world. But reality was that that event actually took place two years ago. Those two years however felt like it simply blurred by TK, moving extremely fast and at such a quickened pace that, before he knew it, he found himself graduating elementary school and trying on uniforms for high school.

Of course, not much had changed within the two years; the Digidestined went about their lives in a routine fashion. Since TK was in high school, he saw many of the older Digidestined frequently, because they were entering their final year in school, and also spotted his generation of comrades as well. While they didn't necessarily keep in contact with each other as much as they used to, they were still close friends and were there for each other if needed. With no indication of any looming danger presenting itself since the internet fiasco with Diaboromon that occurred the year before, peace and tranquility seemed to have settled in, allowing the kids to go about life with a trend of normalcy.

For TK, normalcy simply meant getting by in high school which, despite having started almost a month beforehand, still seemed foreign to him and performing well on the basketball team. It was a simple and straightforward way of living but the only way the blonde would want to live.

"Earth to TK?"

The tall basketball star snapped out of his deep thoughts and reverted his attention to his friends.

"Sorry, what was that?"

"Why aren't you going to the dance?"

"Oh." TK shrugged. "I don't know."

One of his basketball teammates shook his head. "I don't understand you sometimes, TK. You of all people not going? Most of the girls at school would kill to go with you to the dance! I mean, come on man! You pretty much have the choice of any girl!"

The blonde blushed furiously at his friend's comment. "Stop it Jason. It's not that. I'm just not sure yet."

"Why don't you go with Kari?"

"Yeah! She's cute. I'm sure she'll want to go with you!"

"If not, then I heard Kat wanted to go with you too!"

"Oh yeah, she's really cute!"

"But I wanted to ask her out!"

"Yeah right; like you have a chance, Tony."

TK sighed as he wiped some crumbs off his school uniform. He had a feeling it was going to be a long day.

Kari felt uncomfortable as she quietly ate her lunch with her friends.

"Well, Kari?" One of her friends asked as the rest peered at her intensely.

The chestnut haired girl shrugged. "I don't know."

"What do you mean you don't know? You talk to him everyday. You guys haven't talked about the dance yet?"

"Not…really." She admitted. Her friends started to mutter loudly between each other as if discussing about something. Finally, a voice piped up. "So, do you want to go with him to the dance?" They were of course referring to TK, Kari's best friend.

Truth be told, the brunette couldn't think of anyone else she would feel more comfortable going with to the dance; she trusted TK more than anyone else, with the exception of Gatomon, and grew very close to the young boy. With all the experiences they had shared, and the countless amount of times they relied on one another, it came to no surprise that she naturally became best friends with him. But, unfortunately, their friendship had often been misunderstood. Throughout school, she had to constantly defend herself as being only 'best friends' with the blonde because of the never-ending assumption that she and him were more than just comrades. Not just at school either. Her closer friends, the Digidestined group, even teased her and TK about their relationship. It irritated her but mostly it made her feel uncomfortable to be put in the situation. What made it worse was that almost every girl in school had a crush on the fourteen year old boy so it became a big fuss for 'the cutest guy in school' to be taken by 'simple Kari.'

Because of the pressure and scrutiny she endured, any thoughts of going with TK to the dance had to be eliminated; going with him would only feed the rumors of them being a couple.

"Nope." She lied. "I don't really want to go with him."

More whispering occurred amongst her friends. "So…you wouldn't mind if one of us asked him to the dance?"

The Digidestined of Light sighed at the stupidity of the situation; she almost felt like she was TK's mother, being asked permission to ask out her best friend.

"Yes…I wouldn't mind."

As soon as she replied, squeals of joy and delight overcame their table as each girl chattered away as to how to get the cute blonde to go out with them to the winter formal. Kari took a bite out of her apple as she stayed quiet. The thought of TK being swarmed by numerous amount of girls entered her head; knowing her best friend, he would rather face the Dark Masters all over again then have to deal with the girl issues. Slightly amused, Kari mischievously smiled as she resumed her lunch with her friends.

Yolei Inoue couldn't help but yawn for the ninth time as her chemistry teacher continued his lecture on the periodic table. She couldn't stand how boring he was and how he made the class seem so routine. But, in his defense, chemistry was never fun to begin with. And it was the last class of the day before school was over so the purple haired girl only had to endure thirty more minutes before she was free anyways.

As she played with her pencil, completely ignoring her teacher's lecture, she couldn't help but let her mind wander. High school was very different from elementary school and while she was a tenth grader and had a full year under her belt, she still wasn't fully accustomed to the new style of school. And her first year in high school wasn't exactly the best; she recalled the hardships and struggles she had to go through. And the worst part was that she had endure it alone.

The one thing that bothered Yolei about being part of the Digidestined family was her age. She was a year older than most of the younger generation of Digidestined but also a year or two younger than the older group as well which made her the only fifteen year old in the whole group. Because of this, she always felt different and somewhat separated from everyone but it wasn't until she entered high school when she understood the full extent of it.

The others were clumped into groups, she concluded. The younger kids graduated and entered high school together so they never had to experience what Yolei had to experience. And the older kids were also in the same grade, making it easier for them to be around each other. For Yolei, she really had no one. Sure, she had her friends at school, but the Digidestined girl yearned for the old days when she could hang out with her fellow comrades. When she entered high school, she thought that it was an opportunity for her to get closer with the older group but when that failed, she hoped that she could hang out with the rest of the new Digidestined when they entered high school. But already a month had gone by and she had yet to keep in contact with any of them. High school was so big compared to elementary school that it was almost impossible to spot them. It almost made Yolei wish for trouble to occur in the Digital World just so that she could be re-united with her close friends.

The purple haired girl sighed as she dropped her pencil and pushed up her glasses. She flipped through her notebook, nonchalantly, until she noticed something that caught her eye. She stopped and took a moment to read what she had written long ago; inscribed was one word: Ken. She sighed even more as she closed her notebook.

After days of intense discussions with Poromon, Yolei had come to the conclusion that she had feelings for Ken. In the past, she wasn't shy in letting the other Digidestined know that she had a crush on the popular and famous genius from Tamachi. But all of them, including herself, thought nothing of it, seeing as she was but only one of the many fan girls that Ken had. However, after the former Digimon Emperor became a fellow Digidestined, her emotions started to get the best of her and the little harmless crush soon became a feeling of affection. It was both a pleasure and a curse; a pleasure in the sense that Ken was definitely a fine choice to fall for but a curse because now, whenever she was with the young boy, she felt a tension and awkwardness around him, as if she didn't know how to act in front of him, afraid of his judgment.

Yolei glanced at the clock and sighed once more, realizing that only five minutes had pasted since her day-dreaming. Indeed, life was unfair.

Davis ran out of the high school, full of energy and joy. School had just ended which meant it was soccer time for the young freshman student. He scanned the soccer field and saw that there were kids already playing.

"Wohoo! School is over! God, it was a drag." Davis ran toward the grassland. As he ran, he spotted TK, a fellow Digidestined and his friend, being swarmed by girls from all sides. The blonde had a very scared look on his face and was too preoccupied to notice the spiky haired boy.

Davis grunted. While he and TK were good friends, he was still extremely jealous that the blonde always seemed to have the upsides in life.

"Why don't the girls surround me? I'm just as good looking as TS is!" He muttered to himself. "Whatever. I'll get my chance…and soccer is the one prove to get that chance!" He stopped at the sidelines of the soccer field.

"I wonder if Ken wants to play too…" He pulled out his D-terminal. Before he typed anything, he paused and decided against it. "Nah…Ken lives on the other side of the river. He's too good at soccer anyways; he'll make me look bad." The goggle head boy scanned the field, both scanning his competition and looking to see if any girls were watching.

"Hey Davis!" A boy greeted him.

"Hey Jude. You running a game?"

"Yeah. You should join. Do you have clothes to change into? Don't want to get your uniform dirty."

"Of course I do! Davis Motomiya is always prepared!" He boasted.

"Funny coming from a guy who never has his math homework for class…"

"Jude, school and soccer are two different things!"

"Yeah yeah." Jude rolled his eyes. "Just get dressed and let's go play!"

The Digidestined flashed his friend a goofy grin. "Alright! Time to rock the field!"

The soccer ball shot through into the goal and a whistle followed. Ken Ichijouji back pedaled away from the goal and gave one of his teammates a high five as everyone else stopped their play.

"Great shot, Ken!" his coach yelled. "What a way to end practice."

The young boy turned and gave a bow. "Thank you coach but you should praise Tsumbo for it; his pass was perfect. If it wasn't for the trajectory of his assist, I wouldn't have been able to pull the shot off."

His coach chuckled. "You know, Ken, you changed a lot. You've become so humble and good hearted toward your teammates. Much different from how you were beforehand."

That's because beforehand, he was a evil boy who believed he was superior to everyone else and was under the control of the dark spore, he bitterly thought to himself. Indeed, Ken had changed dramatically since that time. After his Digimon Emperor stage, the raven haired boy took it upon himself to correct the wrongs he had committed in his life, both in the Digital World and real world. And he knew he had come a long way from that time period and done his best to repent for his sins, but he's former shadow still lingered from time to time. Whenever he thought about it, it filled his heart with regret and sadness of the crimes he had committed.

He shook his head. No, he wouldn't allow himself to remorse. He told himself, during the fight with MaloMyotismon, that he wouldn't dwell in the past and that he had paid for his crimes; dwelling about past mistakes only led to darkness in the heart and that eventually was what led him to the road as Digimon Emperor.

"Well, guys. Practice is over. Go home and get some rest. Remember though! Practice same time tomorrow!" His coach yelled as the kids started to disperse. Ken picked up his bag and started to walk home. But before he could leave the field, all his teammates walked over and said bye to him. The kind gesture was another reminder of how different life was now from back when he was evil.

Despite being a genius and a very good soccer player, Ken had almost no friends back in the old days due to his arrogant behavior and cold stature. His teammates hardly associated with him and classmates never approached him. But now that he had changed, people around him started to interact with him and actually befriended him instead of idolizing him. It made the Digidestined feel wanted and comfortable to actually have friends.

Of course, his closest friends were the Digidestined. Ken was positive that, if not for their kindness, the young boy would have drowned in his own misery and loneliness; their amazing ability to forgive him was what saved him from never ending self-torment. Because of them, he was given a second chance and the young boy made sure he would take advantage of the opportunity.

The thought of Wormmon waiting for him back home along with his loving parents brought a sense of happiness within the fourteen year teen and forced him to smile a bit. Whistling, he continued his walk as the sun started to set behind him.

"Upamon? Upamon, I'm back home. Where did you go?" Cody, the eleven year old boy and the youngest Digidestined, asked loudly as he entered his room.

"I'm over here Cody!" The small ball-shaped Digimon popped out of one of the young boy's drawers and bounced up and down in excitement. "How was kendo practice?"

"Good." He dropped his kendo gear nearby his door and sat down in his chair.

"You look exhausted."

"Well, school was a little rough today and kendo always makes me somewhat fatigued." The green eyed boy replied. He closed his eyes for a second, as if to regain his strength. "How was everything with you?"

"Boring." Upamon answered.

A smile formed on the Digidestined's face. "Really? Don't have anything to do?"

"Of course not! What can I do here while you're gone? Besides eating all the food in the pantry, that is." The Digimon bounced onto his partner's lap.

"I'm sorry Upamon, but this is how it's going to have to be from now on."

"Want to visit the others?"

Cody shook his head. "I can't. I have homework to do. Maybe this weekend."

"When's the weekend?"

"In three days."

"Three days??? That's so far away!" The In-training Digimon pouted.

"Not really. It'll be three days before you know it." He tried to cheer up his Digimon. "Besides, you have me around."

"Yeah but all you do when you come home is eat, do homework, shower, read, and sleep everyday!"

"I know, I know. I haven't really had time to play with you lately. But school's getting harder and kendo practice is getting longer; I really don't have time to do anything else." Cody opened one of his textbooks.


"I promise I'll make it up to you this weekend. We'll visit the others for sure and have fun. Ok?" The cuddly small Digimon bounced up and down in reply.

"Good." The young boy reverted his attention to the book before him. "Now to do math homework…yippee." He added sarcastically.


Matt turned around to face the source of the outburst. Sora Takenouchi, one of the older Digidestined and close friend of Matt's, was standing before him, scanning the area, as if looking for someone.

"Hey Sora." The cool-headed blonde blinked. "What are you doing here?" He was sitting down on a bench and was looking over the pond in Odaiba Park, enjoying the sunset, until Sora's arrival.

"I'm looking for Tai. Have you seen him? I saw him run this way." The brunette stated disdainfully. For being the Digidestined of Love, the young girl had little love in her eyes as she looked like she was ready to kill.

"Um…No…what did he do this time?" Matt asked, not really wanting to ask but feeling compelled to anyways.

"Nothing." She scoffed as she looked like she had given up searching the area. Suddenly, she gave Matt a glare.

"You're not hiding him, are you? Just because you two are best friends doesn't mean you have to cover for him every time he gets in trouble."

"Hiding? Sora, I have no idea where he is."

"If you're helping him, Matt Ishida," She showed flashes of fire in her eyes. "I will hurt you."

The blonde gulped. "I'll…remember that."

Sora gave him a suspicious look before running off, looking for her prey. Waiting for a couple minutes, Matt sighed deeply as he shook his head.

"You can come out now."

One of the bushes nearby started to shake as Tai Kamiya, the crazy haired leader of the Digidestined, popped his head out.

"Whew. Thanks Matt. I owe you."

"You owe me for the thousandth time." The other Digidestined corrected calmly. "What did you do this time?"

Tai gave a goofy grin. "Nothing. Just…kind of broke her tennis racket, that's all." He jumped out of the bush. "It's a small crack, I swear. She making a big fuss about it."

"Sometimes I wonder why you two are boyfriend and girlfriend. You just get her mad and she just chases you around, beating you to a pulp anyways."

"Hey, it's called love spats."

"Whatever." Matt stared off into the pond.

"Are you ok?" Tai asked as he sat down on the bench next to his best friend.

"Yeah, I'm ok." He gave brown haired boy a smile. "I was joking about you and Sora before; I'm glad you two ended up together."

"Thanks. It means a lot coming from you." The Digidestined of Courage nodded. "You know, for a while, when we were fighting Oikawa and his minions here in the real world, I thought you and Sora had a thing going."

"Hm…" Matt's response dulled.

"But, when I asked Sora about it, she told me it was nothing." Tai eyed his friend. "Was it nothing, Matt?"

The blonde bit his lower lip and fidgeted his fingers. "Yeah, it was nothing."

"Ok, that's good. Just wanted to make sure." The other male responded. It amazed Matt how blind his best friend was and how quickly he believed everything. "So, what were you doing here before I came?"

"Nothing. Just thinking."

"You're not reverting back to your old self, are you? Back to silent loner Matt?"

"Nah." The Child of Friendship replied in his raspy voice. "Just pondering…"


The seventeen year old boy hesitated before finally answering. "I don't know. I guess my future. I'm not sure if I want to be a rock star anymore."

"What? Why? I thought you liked it!"

"I do but…" Before the blonde adolescent could finish, he felt someone grab his ear and pull sharply, sending unbelievable amount of pain through his body.

"OWWWWW!" Both Tai and Matt yelled as they got up from the bench in order to lessen the pain. They saw a very angry Sora before them, grabbing both of their ears.

"So, you weren't helping Tai, Matt? I told you I would hurt you if you got in my way." The brunette threatened.

"Sora! I swear, I didn't…" Matt's eyes grew as big as dinner plates as he recalled Sora's threat earlier. Getting desperate, he pointed at Tai. "He made me! He told me he set me up with Davis' sister, Jun, if I didn't!"

"What?!" Tai yelled back in disbelief. "Lies! Great friend you are!"

"It's your fault I'm in this mess!"

"Quiet, you two. Both of you…are in big trouble." Sora stated, causing both high school seniors to whimper.

"Tai…I'm scared." Matt whispered, wincing at the pain that shot from his ear.

"Me too, buddy. Me too."

Dear Mimi,

How's everything in New York? Are you having fun there? Doing well in school? I have so many questions but little time to write this letter, unfortunately.

As you know, I have graduated from high school and am now in medical school. It's really difficult here, with the competition much higher than it was in high school. Because of that, I haven't had much free time and haven't really kept up with the others. I know you wanted me to say hi to them for you in your last letter, but I haven't gotten around to that. It also doesn't help I go to school in Kyoto. But I'm sure their all fine and doing well.

I hear America is really peeking in terms of global power wise. I actually considered going to med school there because medicine is such a high position in America but I thought about it and I don't have the courage to go to a foreign country like you do, Mimi.

I think I speak for everyone when I say we all miss you. It's been two years since we last saw each other and been even longer since you actually stayed in Japan for a long period of time.

Maybe when you graduate, you'll move back here? Or are you in love with Americans? Sorry this letter has to be short; I have to study for my molecular biology test. Well, write back.



Dear Joe,

WHAT?! HOW COULD YOU FORGET TO SAY HI TO THEM FOR ME??!!! And shame on you! How could you lose contact with them? Their like our family, Joe! I don't care if you go to school in Kyoto or in Mt. Fuji, you should still call or something!

What happened to being reliable? You were suppose to say hi for me! Now, I bet they think I forgot all about them when the truth is, I think about them everyday! You're a bad man Joe Kido.

And what about America peeking where? Joe, you know I don't care much for politics. Why do you always confuse me with your language? Biology? Global? Power?

Anyways, New York is fantastic! Like I said before, the fashion here is to die for! Americans really have a great sense of style! And the clothes here are amazing sometimes! But even with all this, I miss Japan a lot. Especially the food.

The people here are very nice and the school I'm attending is lots of fun. Since I'm in eleven grade, I'm suppose to be thinking about what college I should go to but I really could care less. I looked at some of the colleges and I must say, it looks dreadful! I never want to leave home.

I'm so happy to hear you got into medical school! Although, it's not really my taste of work. Still, it fits you perfectly! But of course, if you ever have to go around wearing those white lab coats, I will have to kill you; those things are a fashion nightmare!

Oh and by the way, I might be coming back to Japan! Not forever but for a whole month! Can you believe winter break in America is a whole month? It's unbelievable! My parents agreed to sent me back to Odaiba for the winter break and live with my aunt there. So, I'll be seeing you and everyone else again finally! YOU BETTER BE THERE IN ODAIBA WHEN I LAND, JOE KIDO.

I'm so excited! Seeing everyone again will make me so happy! I can't wait! See you then!



"Oh…" Izzy, the young sixteen year old prodigy, stated with surprise as an image popped up on his laptop. Curious, the red head was about to click on it until he heard his mother knock on the door.

"Come in!"

"Izzy! It's dinner time. Come out and eat." His mother popped her head into his clean room.

"Alright, mom. Don't worry; I'll be there in a nano-sec." Assured, she felt the room, closing the door behind her.

As soon as she left the room, the computer whiz reverted his attention back to his computer screen. He scanned the image in case it was a virus sent to overload his computer but when the scan showed no detection of harm, he decided it was ok to open.

He clicked on it and saw a email pop up. Even more interested, Izzy scrolled down as he read the email. As he got closer to finishing the note, the red head's expression grew more and more serious. By the time he was done, the Child of Knowledge stood still for a moment before slouching back on his chair.

"Oh boy…this could be a problem…" He muttered.

"Did you contact Izzy, Gennai?" A voice boomed.

A young adult with light brown hair in a ivory color hood nodded in response. "Yes, Azulongmon. I sent an email to Izzy. Knowing him, he'll tell the others as soon as he can about the information I sent him."

The exalted dragon Digimon nodded his massive head in approval. "Good. It's time for the Digidestined to face their final opponent."

"I agree. But…" Gennai hesitated. "Do you think they are ready?"

"If they listened to what I told them before and keep it in their hearts, I have no doubt that now is the time. Besides, it's not like we have much of a choice." The Guardian of the East proclaimed. "They are finally on the move. It is time for us to be prepared…for anything."

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