Author Note

This story has definitely been a roller coaster ride; not only for me but for you readers as well. Many of you were probably sick of the lack of updates and many of you probably gave up on this story. And I don't blame you. Even I gave up on this story. With that said, I just want to repeat how sorry I am for all of this.

It's funny. Like I stated earlier in the intermission, I had dumped this story in limbo long ago. I was going through some personal issues that were affecting my writing abilities, frustrating me to no end. After a while, I just told myself to give up. Writing, at the time, wasn't important or at least not important enough for me to stress out about it. So, I left the story unfinished, abandoning my readers to an unsatisfactory end.

However, last week, I opened up my email account that was linked to my account for the first time in a long time; I discarded the email account for I had two others as my primaries. When I opened it, I skimmed through all the junk mail that I had accumulated over the past years. And when I did, something caught my attention that truly sent a wave of shock throughout my body; people were still reviewing this story! I was completely amazed. Amazed that even after such a long duration of time, viewers took their time to write an encouragement for me and the story. So, with that said, curiosity got the better of me and I opened my account again (I had such a hard time remembering the password). I opened up this story and read through the reviews. Seriously, guys, I was touched. The response that this story kept getting despite the fact it was discontinued was overwhelming to say the least. Many of you wrote that you hoped I would finish the story and that they would wait as long as it took for it to end. You may not realize this everyone but kind words like these make all the difference in life.

After realizing that my story had so many interest, I was determined to finish this fanfic. So, for the past week, I concentrated with all my might to complete my task and, as you can see, I succeeded. As soon as I did, a sense of relief and satisfaction swept me. I was happy that I finished this story, as if a chapter of my own life had finally come to a close. Looking back on it, this story really did deserve closure. I put a lot of heart and effort into it and many of you seemed to enjoy it so it only makes sense that it would have a fitting end, right? Unfortunately, that fitting end didn't come until long afterwards. But regardless, it was delivered. And I hope everyone realizes that it was because of you all that this was possible.

Anyways, this story was very interesting to write. The telling of the plot was a concern of mine and for good reason: as you can tell, I needed to write exceptionally well if I wanted to get across the plot of story. So, many times I found myself going back and deleting everything so that I can further enhance the scene. That was fun (Not really). The characters themselves were easy to portray; the anime itself already established their personalities so all I needed to do was expand on it. One of the problems with the characters I kept running into was distribution of story time for each character. Unfortunately, there are simply too many characters to focus on in the Digimon universe. While this was mainly a Takari fanfic, I tried my best to utilize the other characters as well in order to build a strong background.

As you can tell, the conflict in this story was pretty blatant; good versus evil. Light against dark. Typical themes that I chose to work around because it was safe. Also, I finished the story with a bit of an opening. An opening in the sense that, if I wanted to, I could come back and write a sequel to it. The reason for that would be because, while this story focused on the general focus of light versus dark, I would like to explore deeper into that theme. I find the conflicts of good and evil, the moral line between what is right and wrong, a fascinating topic that I would love to write about. It's a bit deeper philosophically speaking, but I think I can do it. How so? Through TK.

TK is my key to whether I'll write a sequel or not. Through TK, I now have the ability to write about something that isn't so clear-cut; as you all know, he now wields the powers of good and evil. While some of you may believe in absolutes, I believe everything has a balance and that things are not always what they seem. The difference between right and wrong, good and evil, is so small sometimes; one man's right can be another man's wrong. But who is to judge what is "right" and "wrong"? Society? Our own morals? Furthermore, while many of us perceive darkness in a bad connotation, isn't it true that light cannot exist without darkness and vice versa? All of these things interest me and I would love to write a story with these as my underlying themes. But, for that, only time will tell.

All in all, it certainly has been a joy writing this. Finishing it has somewhat sparked my passion for writing. Who knows? Maybe I'll post another story or two. And never update it until years later (Just kidding…I think). As of right now, I am on the fence on whether I should return to the literary world or leave this as the final story. I have some interesting concepts (as I stated above) I might want to write about but I don't want what happened to this story to happen again; I would feel too bad and regretful if it did.

My last message is for all of those who stuck by this story even when I didn't. Thank you. You are all the living example of where people like me find inspiration. If it wasn't for you all, this wouldn't have been possible. So, while it says that I am the author of this story, in reality, all of you wrote it for me. Thank you and I hope that, in the future, I will be writing to everyone again.