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Haruhi smiled at him and hugged him.

Tamaki hugged her and thought how stupid he was.

"I love you," Tamaki said. Tamaki kissed her in the lips and was glad that he was able to kiss her properly.


Few Days Later…

Haruhi went inside the Third Music Room and saw everyone looking at her.

She put an innocent face and closed the door.

"Haru-chan, why weren't you here when the club opened?" Hunny asked, frowning.

Haruhi tried to explain but she was cut off by Kyouya.

"That's 3,000 more customers added in your debt since we lost 20 percent of the customers today."

"Now mother, don't be too harsh on Haruhi," Tamaki said.

"Now, father, don't spoil your girlfriend too much," Kyouya strike back.

"Ouch," Kaoru and Hikaru said, smirking at Tamaki.

"When I was on my way here, the principal caught me and asked me to introduce the new girl to everyone and show her the place," Haruhi explained anyway.

"Huh?" Kaoru and Hikaru asked.

"Her name was Cynthia Aurldine, she looks like she's American, but she had a French accent."

Tamaki's eyes widened and his face was glowing.

"Cynthia Aurldine, sounds familiar," Kyouya said to himself.

The door opened and there she was. She had a curly, long, blonde hair with bright emerald eyes matching her gracefulness and prettiness.

"Cynthia!" Tamaki shouted joyfully running towards her and hugged her.

Cynthia hugged him back and Tamaki introduced the Host Club.

"This is Kyouya as you know, the Hitachiin brothers, Hunny, Mori-kun, and Haruhi," Tamaki said.

"Nice to meet you all," Cynthia said smiling at them.

"Haruhi is really a girl, she's just pretending to be a guy so there would be more customers," Tamaki said.

"Sempai!" Haruhi blurted out, she couldn't believe that he just told her.

"Don't worry Haruhi, she could be trusted, she's my daughter." Tamaki said too happy to notice that Haruhi called him 'Sempai' and too happy to introduce Haruhi as his girlfriend.

I guess I'm only your girlfriend now, not your daughter anymore Haruhi thought.

"Gomen na sai, I was just looking for Tamaki, I didn't mean to disturb you all," Cynthia said.

Such gracefulness Haruhi thought and right away she admired her.

"Oh right, you're staying in our manor for the mean time, why don't we go, I want you to rest," Tamaki said opening the door and Cynthia said good-bye and they went.

"Are you just going to take that?" Kaoru and Hikaru asked.

"Take what?" Haruhi asked playing dumb, but she knew what they were talking about.

Kaoru and Hikaru gave her a don't-play-dumb-with-us-we-know-that-you-know glare.

"Oh, that, of course, she does need to rest and she is Tamaki's best friend," Haruhi said.

"Although he told me that he'll walk me home," Haruhi said frowning.

Kaoru and Hikaru felt bad for her.

"Well, why don't we walk you home?" the Hitachiin brothers chimed.

"Arigato go sai mas," Haruhi said smiling.


Tamaki was talking to Cynthia when he noticed that Haruhi was walking with the twin brothers.

He stopped talking to her and looked at Haruhi. I forgot, I told her that I'll walk her home.

"What's the matter?" Cynthia asked when she noticed that Tamaki was looking at Haruhi's direction.

She looked at her also. She's competition; I need to win Tamaki sooner that I thought.

"Oh, nothing," Tamaki said talking again to Cynthia. I hope she'll understand.

I can't believe he just ignored Haruhi like that, what a baka! Hikaru thought while laughing with Haruhi and his brother.


The next day……

Seriously, I thought she'd be Tamaki's customer for sure Haruhi thought sitting across Cynthia once the Host Club had open.

"Would you like some tea?" Haruhi asked nervously. Why am I being nervous, she's just another girl?

Cynthia nodded and smiled at her.

Haruhi poured the tea into her teacup.

"So, Tamaki tells me that you're his girlfriend," Cynthia said managing to smile instead of ripping her hair out.

Your point? Haruhi thought.

"How long has it been?" Cynthia asked. "It's okay that you don't tell me, its none of my business, but I'm literary Tamaki's best friend and when it comes to other women, he doesn't tell me a thing, I just want to be there for him when things…go wrong."

"Not that it will," Cynthia said quickly giving her an innocent smile.

So that's why she's here.

"Well, it's only been 6 days," Haruhi said.

Perfect that means I still have 90 on taking him

"So tell me about your past."

"Well, my mom died a long time ago; I live with my father at an apartment. I accidentally crashed an expensive vase and they thought I was a boy and made me one of them. I decided to pretend that I'm a boy to pay of my debt," Haruhi said not really wanting to tell her the whole detail about her past.

"Ah, well I was born and raised at United States; I came in French when I was 5 years old. I met Tamaki and we became the best of friend. He treats me like I'm his daughter, it's really silly," Cynthia said who took a sip.

Haruhi's heart started beating fast and she felt like it just got so humid and hot.

"Of course, he always calls me to check on me, but never really actually talk about you," Cynthia said.

Haruhi couldn't say anything and just stared at her.

"Daughter, why didn't you be my customer?" Tamaki whined when he got a chance to slip out.

"Oh, I'm sorry, I'll be your customer tomorrow, I just wanted to talk to Haruhi," Cynthia said.

Daughter? I'm being replaced! Haruhi thought and she hit her limit and she just fell down, apparently fainted.

Cynthia started crying who obviously didn't want Haruhi to have all the attention.

"Cynthia, what's wrong?" Tamaki asked who didn't notice Haruhi fainted.

"Baka!" Hikaru shouted at Tamaki who carried Haruhi.

"I can't believe you didn't notice Haruhi!" Hikaru said.

"Hikaru, let's just take Haruhi at the nurse," Kaoru said.

Kyouya looked at Cynthia and then to Tamaki. Wow, what an evil woman.

"Tamaki, is he blaming me?" Cynthia asked who started bawling.

The girls where whispering and looked shock.

"Oh boy," Kyouya said thinking how to settle it.

Tamaki's face hardened and glared at Hikaru. "Don't you dare blame Cynthia for Haruhi's own fault!"

Tamaki was shock and bit his tongue. He looked at Haruhi and his face softened.

What am I doing? Tamaki thought.

"Baka," Kaoru and Hikaru said to him and went to the nurse office.

"Tamaki, there's too much people looking at me, you know I hate that," Cynthia whined.

"Let's get out of here," Tamaki said taking Cynthia's hand and went away.

"I guess, I'm supposed to fix this," Kyouya grumbled. "God, I hate being the mother."


Haruhi's eyes opened and found herself at the nurse's office.

"Haru-chan!" Hunny shouted.

"Bunny and I were worried about you," Hunny said.

"Gomen, gomen," Haruhi said softly scanning the room.

Of course my stupid boyfriend isn't here.

"Because of your commotion at the Host Club, that's 500 more," Kyouya said.

"You're a merciless devil," Haruhi mumbled.

Kaoru and Hikaru started to laugh.

"Are you alright?" Mori asked.

"Yea," Haruhi said smiling at him.

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Will Cynthia win Tamaki's heart? Will Haruhi keep her cool around Tamaki and Cynthia? Is Cynthia more important that Haruhi to Tamaki? Find out!!!!!

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