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"Where's Haruhi?" Tamaki asked.

"She's not here?" Hikaru asked.

"We came home by ourselves," Kaoru said.

"It doesn't matter, I'll go look for her," Tamaki said grabbing his jacket.

"Don't ever wonder off like that again," Tamaki said, though he wasn't using a mad voice or a fatherly voice. This time, he was using nothing but his own voice.

"Gomen," Haruhi said. Tamaki let go and looked at Haruhi's eyes and smiled. "Come on; let's go eat Cynthia's food."

Haruhi gasped as she pulled away her hand that Tamaki just grabbed. Tamaki looked at Haruhi and bit his lips. He wanted to take back his words. Cynthia's name was the last word he ever wanted to say to Haruhi's face.


It was Tuesday, the second day of their 'project'. Hikaru was already up, surprisingly. He was thinking about Haruhi. He didn't know what he wanted anymore, Haruhi or Haruhi's happiness. He was sitting in the living room's couch looking at the dark, grey, clouds.

"Oh, Hikaru," Haruhi said.

"Ohio," Hikaru said, but he didn't smile and looked away. Haruhi kind of just stared at him knowing that there was something wrong.

"Why don't you help me cook breakfast?" Haruhi offered.

Hikaru was about to say no when he thought that at least that he could be a little bit closer to Haruhi

"Um, sure why not," Hikaru said standing up. Haruhi gave him a smile and they walked together to the kitchen. (which was not that far away.)


Tamaki woke up, but he didn't got up. He felt guilty of what he did in the past and that he regretted everything he did to Haruhi. He closed his eyes and wished that everything would be perfect.

He got up and washed his face and went downstairs, thinking about Haruhi. He heard laughing and kind of speed his walking a little bit only finding Haruhi and Hikaru enjoying their selves.

He just stood there lifelessly. His heart ached more than it ever did, he never knew he could love a girl this much. He knew that he made some bad choices.

Haruhi was cutting the apples in slices while Hikaru was cooking pancakes.

Haruhi groaned a little bit as the knife cut a little bi of Haruhi's index finger. (Haruhi's has been getting a lot of cuts this past few days, hehe)

"Haruhi, are you alright?" Hikaru asked until he saw the blood. Tamaki wanted to help, but he wanted to stay in hiding.

Hikaru took Haruhi's finger and put it in his mouth and sucked the blood and when he couldn't feel any blood coming out anymore, he took away Haruhi's finger from his mouth.

"Arigato," Haruhi said.

"I'll go find a band-aid," Hikaru said.

"No, it's okay," Haruhi said. "Let's jut get back from the cooking before Tamaki and Kaoru wake up.

Tamaki remembered yesterday afternoon when Haruhi got a cut also and he just started going all panicky. He admires how Hikaru handled it. He slowly went away regretting why he couldn't be more like Hikaru.

Kaoru woke up finding his brother had already left. Things weren't as used to be and Kaoru missed the old days, when there was no girl in Hikaru or his life. But he also doesn't hate Haruhi and was glad she came up in their lives.


Cynthia woke up and put on her satin white robe and got her morning clothes out. She opened the bathroom finding Kyouya with only the towel around his waist. Cynthia blushed as she didn't know Kyouya was that handsome without the eyeglasses and his hair was messy.

"Um, sorry, I should've knocked," Cynthia managed to say looking at Kyouya's black eyes. (if they are black)

"That's ok, I'll go make breakfast while you go have your bath," Kyouya said.

"Oh, um, thank you," Cynthia said looking down on the floor who can't seem to look at

his eyes anymore. What is this feeling I'm getting, Tamaki is the one I love.

She ran the water and took off her clothes and touched the water if it's warm. She put on some bubbles. She couldn't believe that she may even have one single thought of Kyouya being with her.


"Breakfast is ready!!" Haruhi called out. Tamaki walked past her without saying anything. Haruhi turned around and was about to ask, but she thought it would be best if they talk alone later on.

Kaoru went towards his seating yawning, "I'm still so sleepy."

"I actually cooked those pancakes," Hikaru said very proud of himself. It was his first time to actually cook and the fact that he didn't burnt anything.

"You DID!?!?!" Kaoru shouted (now he's awake)

"Yep," Hikaru said nodding. Kaoru smiled at him and they begin eating just like a normal family, although Tamaki was kind of quiet.

"Tastes bad," Tamaki said under his breath and left the table. Fortunately, Hikaru didn't heard it.

Haruhi looked at him with such anger and gathered her guts and walked towards him. The twins stopped messing with each other and looked at each other with such a confused face.

"Why are you acting so childish again?" Haruhi said. She didn't mean to sound like that but with her rage, she couldn't help it.

"Why are you always in his side!?" Tamaki snapped. They just stood there looking at each other's eyes.

"Why are you yelling at me?" Haruhi asked in a stern voice.

"Because you make me stress all the time!" Tamaki said. "I wished my wife was Cynthia instead!"

Haruhi slapped Tamaki and the sound of the slap echoed in the silent house. Tamaki didn't even look Haruhi or say anything and just walked out of the house.

Haruhi started sobbing after he slammed the door and went upstairs.

Hikaru and Kaoru could not believe in any way that Tamaki would say that especially at Haruhi's face. They didn't know whether to comfort Haruhi or just pretend nothing happened, though they all know it was petty obvious that it wasn't unheard.


What was that feeling I've felt Kyouya said as he stirred the soup he was cooking. There is no way in the world I would have any feeling for a girl like Cynthia.

Kyouya has been thinking very thoroughly throughout his cooking time about what he felt and why he felt it. Because unlike Tamaki, he wants to know what his feelings are and not denying it.

A clattered sound broke Kyouya's imagination and made him look behind me.

"Sorry," Cynthia said trying to reach the plates. Kyouya reached and got the plates for her, meeting her eyes. Cynthia's face turned deep red and took the advantage to look at Kyouya's eyes for one more time.

Kyouya cleared his throat and gave the plates to Cynthia having his 'cool' act again. He wondered if there was something that he ate last night that all of a sudden he feels something towards her.

Cynthia set up the table wanting to talk about something but doesn't really know how to. She didn't want to; she'd feel it was too awkward. They were enemies and all of a sudden, this feeling rushed inside of her. Either I ate something funny last night or I just never realize up until this point; I have some feelings for him.

Even if I have some feelings for Cynthia, I know I'm not her type, Tamaki is...I'm just not good enough for her Kyouya thought quickly taking a look at Cynthia.

Even if I have some feelings for Kyouya, I can never reach Kyouya's level Cynthia said to herself while putting some juice in the glass.


Tamaki walked past other families with clenched fists. He was disappointed that he couldn't be what Haruhi was looking for. He was disappointed at himself that he acts that way and say things he doesn't mean. He searched somewhere deserted and when he found a place he began crying.

God must hate me, with all of this troubles separating me and Haruhi.

As usual, he didn't know where to go now or how to make it up. He deserved that slap, but he knows he deserves more than that. I'm so childish!


Haruhi stared at the window. She couldn't help herself but cry. She wasn't sobbing anymore, tears just falls out in her eye. She's frustrated with herself that she couldn't make Tamaki happy. She's upset with herself because she wasn't the one Tamaki was looking for. It's hard for me to admit, but I think Tamaki is better off with Cynthia.

Kaoru and Hikaru stood at her doorway looking at her. They slowly walk towards her and just hugged her tightly. They didn't say anything but just hugged her.

Haruhi let them, she knew she needed some comfort once in a while; she can't always act the mother all the time even though that's what she was assigned for.

It would all be okay, Haruhi, hang in there Kaoru thought.

If I could just stop those tears, I would… Hikaru thought.


Will Kyouya or Cynthia say anything at all? Will Tamaki see his childish behaviors? Will Haruhi forgive Tamaki? Find out!

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