A.N.- TERRA NOVA IS DONE!! (for those who don't know what terra nova is, they're this monsters that my school take and its like a BIG exam for math and language)



"Where are those kids?" Cynthia said fidgeting. She admitted it, it was better when Mori and Hunny were home, then it won't feel as awkward as it is when she's alone with Kyouya.

"Stop fidgeting, I'm sure they'll be back before dinner," Kyouya said glued on the laptop again. Where the hell are they? Kyouya also didn't want to be left alone with Cynthia.

"What if something happened to them?" Cynthia asked being overly-dramatic like how Tamaki used to be.

Cynthia sighed and put the mop aside. "Well, I guess the floor couldn't be any shinier."

She took a step and she slipped and fell on her butt.

"Ow," Cynthia squeaked. How stupid I must look to Kyouya.

"Cynthia," Kyouya said sounding with alarm. He quickly put the laptop aside and walked towards Cynthia. But as he was walking he also slipped and fell on top of Cynthia.

Kyouya didn't get up but gave Cynthia some space. "Are you okay?"


Tamaki was standing outside his house. He didn't want to get inside because he was too embarrassed of what happened.

"Ow," Haruhi said as she stumbled across Tamaki.

"Haruhi," Tamaki said surprisingly not really expecting Haruhi to be outside so late also.

"EEHH!! Tamaki cried. "HARUHI!?

"Sshh," Haruhi said. "You'll wake up our neighbors."

Tamaki nodded and looked at the ground.

"Sorry for hitting you, it was uncalled for," Haruhi said bowing trying to break the silent.

Tamaki's eyes grew wide and he was blushing. "Hm."

Haruhi stepped forward and opened the door. "We'll both catch a cold if we stay out here."

"Hm," Tamaki said again.

"Haruhi," Tamaki said grabbing her wrist. Haruhi turned around and looked straight at her senpai.

"GOMEN NA SAI!" Tamaki said quickly bowing his head.

Haruhi smiled at him and went inside. Tamaki closed the door and they were both just standing there.

"I guess I went home too late," Haruhi said looking at the plastic bags. I shouldn't have dwelled too much.

"Eh?" Hikaru and Kaoru cried looking at Haruhi and Tamaki.

"If you guys were going out together, at least tell us," Kaoru complained.

"We were starving and waited for you Haruhi," Hikaru explained. "So we had to eat whatever was on the fridge.

"Gomen ne," Haruhi said smiling though inside the scene that happened between her and Tamaki repeated over and over again inside her causing her so much pain.

"Haruhi," Tamaki began saying. "Cou-could we walk outside for a while."

"At this time?" Haruhi asked.

"If-if you-you're okay with it," Tamaki said trying his hard to at least say it.

"Um, okay," Haruhi said. "I'll just place this at the kitchen."

"I'll wait for you outside," Tamaki said avoiding Hikaru's eyes knowing he would only find anger.

Haruhi slowly went to the kitchen puzzled. She didn't know what to expect and she didn't know why Tamaki was being like that but she followed along.

"You guys better be in bed by the time we get back," Haruhi said.

"Hai hai," the twins said returning to their room.

At least Tamaki's realizing his feelings Hikaru said. But in the back of his mind he didn't want for Tamaki to realize his feelings because if he did, he could have Haruhi just like that.


It was Tuesday night when Haruhi and Tamaki started walking outside so late.

They were just walking together side by side though not one was talking. It was an awkward silent between them but Haruhi didn't mind. She liked spending time with Tamaki.

Although Tamaki was troubled. He didn't know how to tell her but he knew his love for her was too much that he needed to let it out.

"You know, we're pretty far away from our house and we really should get back," Haruhi said when they were walking a while now. She was tired and though she wanted to spend time more with him, she wanted to just lay down and let her mind drift away.

"Oh, um, okay," Tamaki said. They turned around and started walking back.

Haruhi looked up and it was a starless night. "What a waste of nighttime."

"Hm?" Tamaki asked.

"I mean, there's no star tonight and the night is nothing without the stars," Haruhi said looking up.

"Really?" Tamaki asked looking up. "I though the night is nothing without the moon."

Haruhi giggled. "Well, yea, but it was just for my opinion."

"Oh," Tamaki said searching for any stars and couldn't find any and then he met Haruhi's eyes which were shining brightly. Your eyes are the only stars in my opinion.

"Ne, let's sit down to that bench over that," Tamaki said. Haruhi and Tamaki sat down and were silent again. Tamaki moved closer little by little though it was kind of obvious. Haruhi let him and just acted like she doesn't notice.

"Haruhi," Tamaki started saying. He made a fist as he was searching for words.

"Yea?" Haruhi asked.

"What's for breakfast," Tamaki asked. BBBBBBBBBAAAAAAAAAAKKKKKAAAAAA!!

"Well, I'm actually thinking of us eating cereals," Haruhi said. "So that way I don't have to cook."

"Oh," Tamaki said. I am such an idiot.

"Ano, I met Hunny and Mori-senpai today," Haruhi began saying as she began to remember what Hunny-senpai told her.

"Really?" Tamaki asked. "Me too." He also remembered what Hunny told him, though he tried to get him out of his mind.

"I love…" Haruhi said. "You know I love…"

"I love…" Haruhi said.

"Just say it," Haruhi's inner-self told her.

"I love…" Haruhi said. What if he makes fun of me or never talks to me again?

I love…THE STARS!" Haruhi blurted out.

Tamaki chuckled and scratched his hair. "It's kind of obvious."

Haruhi sighed and just smiled anyway. One drop of rain dropped at Haruhi's face and then it started raining hard.

"Oh no," Tamaki said quickly grabbing Haruhi's hand and they started running.

It feels so warm Haruhi said as she gripped Tamaki's hand tighter.


"Gomen Haruhi, I didn't know it would rain," Tamaki said wishing there would be no thunder tonight.

"It's okay," Haruhi said. "You could change in the bathroom, I'm fine right here."

"Ah," Tamaki said grabbing his pajamas and went to the bathroom.

Haruhi sighed and looked at herself thinking if she should grow her hair or not. She shivered and sneezed.

She sighed again and grabbed her pink nightgown that her father packed. She held it up and looked at it disgustingly. Why does my father need to repack my things every time I'm going away for a while?

She gasped as she remembered that it was the same dress she wore when Tamaki found out that she was afraid of thunder.

She undressed herself and put on her nightgown. She grabbed her wet clothes and went in the bathroom forgetting that Tamaki was there.

She saw Tamaki topless and just kind of stared at his body for a while. She bit her lips and closed her eyes. "GOMEN!"

Tamaki gasped as he saw how cute Haruhi was when she blushed. Tamaki quickly hugged her making Haruhi drop her wet clothes.

Haruhi blushed even harder as her face and body were pressed against Tamaki's bare body.

"I love you," Tamaki whispered.

Haruhi cringed and hugged him not catching what he said since the thunder was so loud.

Tamaki smiled as he was able to say those words but kind of annoyed that the thunder had to be so loud.

Haruhi wouldn't let go of Tamaki and Tamaki just laid her in the bed close to him and let her hugged him.


"Morning sunshine!" Cynthia shouted at Hunny's ears.

Hunny's eyes quickly opened and pierced his eyes into Cynthia's. Cynthia quickly backed away.

Hunny got out of bed and slowly started walking towards Cynthia. Cynthia crept against the wall.

Cynthia looked at Mori who was still sleeping. Now when I need him his sleeping.

"Now you've done it," Kyouya sighed. "Never wake Hunny up in such an early morning."

"You could eat as much cake as you want for breakfast!" Cynthia said nervously trying her hard to smile and not show any fear, but it kind of was hard.

"REALLY?" Hunny asked, those words brought him back to his normal cute and innocent self.

"Youcouldgobacktosleepnow," Cynthia quickly said walking out of the room and closing the door.

"You handled that pretty well," Kyouya said taking a sip out of his coffee mug and walking away. "I'm just going to take a walk."

"Um, okay," Cynthia said. "Be back for breakfast."


"When can we eat?" Hunny whined.

"Seriously, I told him to be back for breakfast," Cynthia said looking at the clock.

"You guys can go eat, I'll look for Kyouya," Cynthia said.

"ARIGATO!" Hunny shouted running to the table and quickly grabbed the knife and fork.

"Now be careful with the knives," Cynthia said putting her hair up. I feel as if you're going to stab me in the back any moment now."


Haruhi groaned and opened her eyes. She blinked a few times to see that Tamaki was topless. Tamaki's arms were around her and she was so close to him. Her heart beat faster and rested her head on his shoulder.

Tamaki opened his eyes and the first thing he saw was Haruhi's face. Haruhi looked at Tamaki and just realized that he was already awake.

She screamed and pushed him out of the bed. Tamaki looked at Haruhi as if saying thank-you in a sarcastic way.

"Hehe," Haruhi said.

"What happened?" Kaoru and Hikaru asked.

"Did we interrupt something?" Hikaru asked sarcastically.

"No, not at all," Haruhi stuttered.

"Hikaru, I think we better leave those two alone," Kaoru said smiling evilly pulling his brother away and going back to their rooms.

"Put a shirt on," Haruhi giggled throwing a pillow at his face.


"I'm so full," Hunny said to himself as he noticed that there Cynthia's laptop was still open. Hunny peeked downstairs as he saw Takashi cleaning up the table.

He tip-toed into Cynthia and Kyouya's room and looked at the laptop. His eyes were wide open when he saw the pictures where Tamaki was on top of Cynthia. His blood was boiling. What on earth is Tamaki doing?


What will Hunny do now? Will Tamaki have the courage to say it again to Haruhi? Find out next!