This is a kind of popular idea- to make a 'trailer' for your fic as if it was going to be a real movie. I thought I'd give it a whirl. This is mostly inspired by Lady Norberts' TPDoEQ: The Trailer. If you haven't read her 'Private Diary of Elizabeth Quatermain' series. I suggest you do. She is an unmitigated genius. So, without further ado, the trailer for 'A New Hand for a New Century: An Eight-Card Deck'.


We see brief images of the Fantom's attacks on the Bank of England and the Valkyrie Zeppelin Factory.

M's VO: Nations are striking at nations.

Shot of Quatermain reading the files.

M's VO: We need you to lead a team of unique me like yourself. There is one last chance to avert war.

Shot of Fantom's army

M's VO: You have four days to get to Venice.

Quatermain: Four days? That's impossible.

Nemo and Daria walk into the library.

Nemo: Let me worry about that.

Narrator: They are the world's last hope

Shot of M's flamethrower man

Narrator: Against a threat like none ever seen before

Shot of the Black Hawks, both with their arms folded over their chests

Narrator: They areā€¦

Quatermain: League of what?

(The LXG theme music begins to play. The logo of "The Hunter" appears.)

Shot of Quatermain in Gray's library, holding his revolver pointed at the ceiling as he looks around.

(The logo of "The Vampire" appears.)

Shot of Mina in semi-bat form flying through Venice.

(The logo of "The Beast" appears.)

Hyde smashes through a doorway in M's fortress, looking fierce.

(The logo of "The Scientist" appears.)

Nemo stands on the dock as the Nautilus rises from the Thames.

(The logo of "The Spy" appears.)

Shot of Tom, masquerading as one of the Fantom's riflemen. He winks at the camera over his rifle.

(The logo of "The Rogue" appears.)

The famous shot of Skinner's coat walking away from the camera

(The logo of 'The Immortal' appears)

Shot of Gray standing in the library as bullets zing all around him.

(A similar logo to the others appears; this one reads "The Alien.")

Close-up shot of Daria's face as she looks at the camera as she holds her sword in a ready position, eyes glittering.

(The LXG logo reappears. The theme music stops.)

Narrator voice-over: The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: An Eight-Card Deck, rated PG.

(Shot of Skinner)

RS: Kicking us out already? A moment ago it was sherry and giggles.

Narrator: Coming soon