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He likes to take her anywhere, and everywhere . . .

She breathes heavily, in and out, and her chest is heaving as she weaves her little fingers through his flowing, silver hair of starlight. He doesn't mind, not when he is tracing the kanji for his name into her milky-white skin, trailing hungry kisses from her collarbone and down to the swell of her rosy capped breasts, devouring her in one easy sweep of his tongue. And when she calls his name, it starts out as a soft whisper, oh it's a sweet plea. But then she's pulling him into her, and her cries are steadily rising in pitch, curling against his perfectly sculpted ears melodically; he feels a smug grin curl at the corners of his thin, pale lips because he knows that he has instilled this need inside of her (him and him alone), and she's crying out for him like she's drowning and only he can save her. He pulls back to assess her with one smoldering, amber-eyed glance in a look that screams ownership, undertones of feral desire beginning to bubble to the surface in dark flecks of crimson across his oculars.

"Kagome," he grunts her name in one velvety, smooth purr, and he enjoys the tiny tremors that he feels chasing through her small body as he nuzzles the delicate, pink shell of her ear. "Say it now, tell me that you want me."

A pretty blush sweeps across her porcelain cheeks then, ranging in ten different shades of color from a dusty rose to a deep, deep cherry-red. Her chocolate eyes are dark, completely solid as they meet his hungry gaze, and her rose-hued lips part slowly, like the petals of some unfurling flower; her breathy voice of longing rings in his ears as clear as chiming, silver bells. "I want you, Sesshoumaru . . . please."

Reveling in her absolute surrender, the taiyoukai growls and catches her sweet lips with his almost bruisingly. The taste of her explodes in his mouth like cherries, and as his tongue probes deeply, stroking hers, he is aware that she is naïve but not stupid. She realizes, knows, and finally accepts what is to come as she releases a sigh of long pent-up passion against his mouth. He thrusts against her ivory hips; she responds slowly, tentatively, matching his animalistic movements with her own almost shyly.

And when he reaches down between their bodies, stroking that delicate, pink spot between her trembling thighs, he is delighted to hear her cry out in sweet ecstasy.

When the young priestess feels his gaze lingering over her form, she blinks petulantly, raising round, sienna-hued orbs to greet molten gold across the short distance between them innocently. Kagome returns his stare unwaveringly for a moment. Then slowly, just ever so slowly, dark lashes flutter delicately as shock settles over her like the first frost of winter. She breaks the connection between russet and amber shaded irises in favor of turning to gaze into the light of the setting sun, biting at her bottom lip.

Sesshoumaru watches her almost amusedly as the lightest of pinks warms her facial features, and Rin tugs at the sleeve of her midnight-hued kimono, asking in her childish way, "Kagome-sama, what's wrong?"

( . . . Of course, she never objects. )