Episode 8.06 begins a couple of weeks after the end of 8.05. If you haven't done so, please read all episodes (episodes 1-5) prior to reading 8.06.

8.06 Fun or Drudgery


LORELAI: …I have two suggestions for you… sell my house… and maybe find a bigger place… together.

LUKE: I guess the choice is clear… We remodel… again.


RORY: ...everything's fine?

LORELAI: (Sincerely) Never been better. (Sighs) I probably shouldn't say this out loud and jinx it… but everything is perfect.

RORY: Really?


LORELAI: (She leans back on the bench and looks out) So Jackson walked home to get the car for you?

SOOKIE: (Smiles, and nods) He's too good for me.

LORELAI: (Smiles again adoringly) You deserve the best. (Pause) I hope to have that one day. (Looks at Sookie) What you have with Jackson.


APRIL: (Randomly) Are you going to marry her?


LORELAI: ...what is it?

LUKE: (staring into her eyes) Marry me.

LORELAI: (Leans back in shock) Luke?

LUKE: (Makes it sound more official) Lorelai, will you marry me?


EMILY: (On the phone) Well, I will see you on Friday.

LORELAI: (Nervously) Luke and I are both looking forward to it. He will be joining us. We have something to share with you and dad.

EMILY: (Eyes glaze over… almost assuming the gist of the situation) I see.


LORELAI: (In the pool house, as she unpacks with Rory) So, Babette and Patty think we should have the wedding in the square.

RORY: What changed?

LORELAI: Luke (Pauses, then starts to list), me, life, priorities...

RORY: Oh, that's a lot of change.

LORELAI: We've been given a second chance... I've been given a second chance.


LORELAI: (At FND) Luke and I have something to share

EMILY: (With that, she cuts them off with a pointed voice) I knew it. (Everyone looks at Emily) The two of you got married... and only decided to tell us after the fact!

LORELAI: We didn't get married, mom.

EMILY: (Feeling reprimanded) Oh. What is it then? What? Are you pregnant? (Lorelai makes yet another confused and outraged face) You're pregnant!?

LORELAI: Luke asked me to marry him, and I said yes.


EMILY: (Randomly) Don't you think it's too soon?

LORELAI: (Makes a face) What?


EMILY: (Randomly speaks up) I want to be a part of the wedding. I want to help plan it. (Everyone looks at her again)

LORELAI: Oh my god! Is it bipolar night in Emily-land?!


LUKE: How's everything with Rory?

LORELAI: I feel like there's something going on with her... and she doesn't want to reveal it yet.


RORY: (Blurts out) I got a job at the Hartford Courant.

LORELAI: (Surprised) What?


Rory's start date had moved back about two weeks. She was glad that it worked out that way, because it was a good time for her to spend with her mother, helping her with whatever she can. It was decided that as soon as Rory started her new job, Emily would slide in and help with (or take over) the wedding plans.


Rory arrives at the lobby of the Courant. She spots the receptionist and walks up to her.

RECEPTIONIST: Hello. How may I help you?

RORY: I'm here to see Robert Yardley, the Managing Editor? (With a hint of nervousness) It's my first day.

RECEPTIONIST: (Nods) Oh, yes. Rob's actually in a meeting that was called last minute. He did say he was expecting you. The meeting should only take about 10 to 15 more minutes, if you'd like to take a seat?

RORY: Oh, sure. (She turns and sees the nicely placed waiting area) Thank you.

As Rory takes a seat, her cell phone beeps (to suggest that she had just received a text message). She opens it, and finds a message that makes her smile. She then dials a familiar number and holds the phone to her ear.

RORY: Hey.

Scenes cut between the Courant lobby and EXT. Stars Hollow.

LORELAI: Hey. Are we slacking already?

RORY: Nah, waiting for the managing editor to get out of a meeting, so he can show me around. What are you up to this very lovely September morning?

LORELAI: (Not as chipper as she was when the conversation started) I'm heading over to see Sookie before work. She needs the company.

RORY: Aw, that's nice of you. Say hi to her for me.

LORELAI: Will do. (Pause)

RORY: Are you okay?

LORELAI: Why do you ask?

RORY: There was a pause. And there's a never a pause when we talk – unless of course we're mad at each other. And even then, we usually just talk or shout at each other. There's a never a pause.

LORELAI: (Sighs) I'm just tired. It will pass.

RORY: Well, you are overbooked…

LORELAI: I am. With Sookie gone, and Michel refusing to help more at the inn, planning a wedding that's in just over two months, having the house re-modeled. Although, Luke's taking care of the house… it's still very stressful.

RORY: (Sympathizes) Weddings are very stressful on women.

LORELAI: (Agrees) They are! (With an expression of disappointment) And I have to see mom tomorrow.

RORY: (Gasps) Is tomorrow the first day?

LORELAI: Yeah, it is. She called last night and let me know that she bought planners just for the two of us… just to plan the wedding – because it doesn't matter that I already have a planner with contact information and hundreds of vendors on there. Oh and she said she also bought "matching pens" – mind you! And she has already picked the places we're going to meet for the next 2 months of planning.



RORY: Did you tell her that we went out and found a dress?

LORELAI: Oh yeah, I mentioned it last night… and I could almost feel the smoke. I could tell she was angry that we didn't consult her… but then I reminded her our agreement. She can only object to 3 things in this whole process.

RORY: Good.

LORELAI: But she did say she wanted to see it… so the first thing on our list is to go see the dress again because I have all that time to waste. (Sighs) I'm sorry… I need to stop complaining.

RORY: No, no. That's what I'm here for. (Sees a gentleman walk up to the receptionist. Rory whispers into the phone) Oh, I think I see Rob… I have to go mom. I will call you after work and you can complain some more.

LORELAI: (Perks up) Good luck babe!

RORY: (As she says her goodbye to her mother, Rob approaches her with his arm stretched) Bye. (She quickly stands up)

ROB [40-something smartass yet friendly Managing Editor: Rory! (Shakes her hand) I'm so sorry to have kept you waiting. Administration called a quick meeting, and I couldn't get away.

RORY: (Gestures) Oh, no problem.

ROB: (As he clasps his hands) Are you ready to meet some of the staff? We could do a quick browse through, if you'd like?

RORY: (Nods) I'd love that.

ROB: (As he turns to go into his working area, he gestures at the receptionist) That's Amelia over there… she takes care of everyone at the door basically (Amelia nods and smiles, so does Rory).

Cuts into the interior of a work area.

ROB: As you already know, we have a pretty significant amount of writing staff here at the Courant (Rory nods), so the working areas are spread out throughout the building. (Gestures) The network guys are on the other side of the building… we will tour that later on, when we have time.

RORY: Sure.

ROB: Everyone here is great (As he walks by a bunch of staff), that's Ken, Maggie, Shayna. (as if a drive-by) This is Rory Gilmore everyone.

RORY: (Smiles) Hello.

Ken nods as the other two welcome her with smiles.

ROB: I will let you get to know each of them after we get through the basic stuff. Over there is the coffee/copy room… which also has all the stationary you need (Points at all the cubicles places on one side with offices with doors on the opposite wall) Let me show you your cubicle. (Apologetic) We're sort of running out of office space, so you're going to see a lot of stereotypical cube spaces with pencils stuck on the ceiling…

RORY: (Chuckles) Oh, I'm not very familiar with that. In fact, this is a step up for me. All I had was my trusty laptop and hope that I'd find somewhere to sit.

ROB: (As he comes upon a neat cube space, he turns to face her) Oh yeah, you were trailing the Obama camp, weren't you?

RORY: I sure was.

ROB: That looks very good on your résumé Rory, and it's one of the reasons we really wanted you. Your pieces were very strong.

RORY: Thank you.

ROB: (Nods) Very strong. And when you're ready for your next step up as a junior columnist, those are the strengths we look for. About half of our columnists started as a copy editor much like you.

RORY: (Nods again) That's great.

ROB: You will do great… and I'm sure you will get along with everyone here. Well, without further ado, (gestures) this lovely space right here will be your home for however long you wish to keep it.(Rory smiles as she places her laptop bag and purse on the desk) Our HR representative will come by in a bit to set you up with user names and passwords to the network and new employee stuff. I will have my secretary, Marcia send you a packet of useless information you can browse through until HR gets here. (Thinks) Is there anything else? Hmm. Oh yes (looks around), there's someone I'd like for you to meet. I don't think he's in yet… so when he arrives, I'll make sure to introduce… (he is cut off at the sight of that someone walking through the hallway) Oh there he is.

We see a young gentleman as he makes his way through the hallways between cubicles - intensely occupied with his paper. Scruffy faced, slightly messy haired… wearing a sweater top with a hood, and a jacket on top.

ROB: Nate! Hey, Nate! (Nate looks around and meets Rob's gaze) Over here.

NATE: (Walks over quickly, and completely oblivious to the fact that there's someone else there, he begins to talk directly to Rob) Just the man I wanted to see (points to an article in the newspaper) this is the third time, Rob. (Rory begins to look uncomfortable) That dude better get off the joint and do some serious editing because it's not "your" it's "you are" as in y-o-u-apostrophe-r-e. When's he going to take his editing seriously?

ROB: (Diplomatically) I didn't talk to him yet, Nate. And I will. (Nate sighs as he spots another error on the paper) What do you want me to do? Fire him?

NATE: No, of course not. The guy is up to his neck in student loans. I don't want you to fire him. You know what? Forget I said anything… I can live with some typos on my newspaper; let's just hope the majority of newspaper readers feel the same. (Thinks) Then again, the newspaper is a dying art form… no one will care anyway. (Rory continues to look uncomfortable). Seriously, just forget I said anything.

ROB: (Sighs) And on that note (turns to Rory) Rory Gilmore, I'd like you to meet one of our editorial columnists, Nate Di Luca. Nate, this is Rory Gilmore our new copy editor.

NATE: (Finally notices someone standing there, but he's clearly not on the same page. He nods) Welcome. (He goes back to his paper)

ROB: (As he moves away from the cubicle to walk to his office) I will ask Marcia to send you the packet, Rory.

RORY: (Nods, then turns to Nate, but Nate turns and follows Rob. Rory sighs) Nice meeting you too.

Camera fades on Rory's face.


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