Luke enters the diner after helping Sookie into Lorelai's Jeep. He walks directly to the phone and dials a familiar number.

Scene cuts to the Dragonfly Inn as Michel answers the phone. Scene cuts between the two locations.

MICHEL: (A bit annoyed) Dragonfly Inn, Michel Gerard speaking… how may I help you?

LUKE: Michel, it's Luke.

MICHEL: (With his exaggerated and dragged out French accent) Luke who?

LUKE: Luke Danes.

MICHEL: I don't know a Luke Danes.

LUKE: Yes, you do. Now…

MICHEL: No, I do not.

LUKE: (Annoyed) Yes, you do. Now, Michel… I don't have time for this…

MICHEL: (Louder) I don't know a Luke Danes. Now if you'll excuse me I have to go stand on the porch and wait for the Inn Owner to show up…

LUKE: (Sighs… then expresses an inverted grunt) Lorelai's Luke Danes.

MICHEL: Oh. Flannel man… if you're looking for your other half, she isn't here. In fact she's half an hour late.

LUKE: That's what I'm calling about!


LUKE: Lorelai took Sookie to the hospital. (Michel, as selfish as he is, quickly perks up at the news) Sookie should go into labor any minute now.

MICHEL: (With his oh-so-flamboyant smiles) Ohhh, why didn't you tell me before!

Not having the energy to go another round with Michel, he stares blankly into space. Then with one swift motion, he hangs up on Michel.

MICHEL: Hello? Hello?

CUTS to Luke as he returns to his accounts on the counter. But his mind isn't ready to go back to the books. He places his hands on his side and sighs. His thoughts are interrupted by the phone ring.

LUKE: Luke's.

To his not-so-pleasant surprise, it's Emily.

EMILY: (Gets right to the point) Why isn't Lorelai picking up her phone?

LUKE: Emily?

EMILY: Of course it's Emily. (Luke rolls his eyes) I've been trying to get a hold of Lorelai for the past 15 minutes.

LUKE: She and Sookie just left for the hospital.

EMILY: (With an expression of concern) Is everything okay?

LUKE: Sookie had contractions…

EMILY: (Surprised) Sookie is pregnant? (Before Luke could answer) Did I know she was pregnant?

LUKE: (Stammers a bit) I… I don't… ugh.

EMILY: (Cuts him off) Never mind. Tell Lorelai I called. (Nods) Goodnight, Luke.

LUKE: (Thankful that the conversation had come to an end) G'night Emily.

Scene fades on Luke's heavy sigh.


Lorelai and Rory (who had rushed to the hospital after hearing about Sookie) are sitting in the waiting room. Close to them we see Davie at one of the kid's tables playing with some toys while Martha is seated next to him chewing on an apple. We enter the scene as Lorelai chats with Rory (while keeping a keen eye on the two children).

LORELAI: I'm so glad you decided to come tonight.

RORY: Me too. Besides, I have to get over my fright of women going into labor. It's not like I have to actually see it happen. (Makes a face) Right?

LORELAI: (Chuckles) Right. (Davie drops one of his toys which, Lorelai reaches over and picks up and hands to him. Then she sits back and closes her eyes for a moment and sighs. Then continues to chat with Rory at the same time) It looks like Sookie will be here for a while.


LORELAI: Yeah. (Changes the topic) Oh, by the way… It's been so crazy, I totally forgot to ask you. How is your new job?

RORY: It's going great so far. I really like the people, they are so much fun...but...


RORY: I don't know... there's this guy.

LORELAI: (Raises her eyes, then jokes) Ah, just one guy?

RORY: In particular… (Lorelai nods, intrigued) He is… ugh… I don't know what he is, really. (Shakes her head). A good writer… a great writer… I read some of his stuff. I guess I find him intimidating.

LORELAI: Oh, how so?

RORY: I don't know. He just seems so into his work... and maybe (gestures) a bit snobby. I don't get a good vibe from him... (Shakes her head) I'm probably just imagining things.

LORELAI: Ah. (Gets distracted by Martha holding out the apple and smiling. Then she sits back again and looks at the floor as Rory continues)

RORY: I have a feeling he doesn't like me.

LORELAI: (Barely hears what Rory says) Huh?

RORY: I said, I don't think he likes me. Maybe I should just try talking to him or something.


RORY: (Notices Lorelai's not entirely focused) Are you okay?

LORELAI: (Sighs, then smiles) I'm fine.

RORY: Okay.

LORELAI: (Snaps out of whatever it was, and looks directly at Rory) Yeah, yeah… I'm fine. It's just… (Sighs) You're grandmother is exhausting.

RORY: Ah. She can be.

LORELAI: (Like a smartass) By the way, I hear I have to thank you for giving her information about the guest list.

RORY: (Makes an innocent face) I was cornered. I tried so hard to get out of it. (Pouts) Forgive me?

LORELAI: (Smiles) It's really okay. I thought about it… and you know what? It's no big deal. In fact she's helping me a great deal by booking the space and ordering the invitations. I was kind of relieved.

RORY: (Surprised) Really?

LORELAI: Yeah. But you know, I had to give her some grief about it.

RORY: Of course.

Just then, Jackson shows up.

JACKSON: Hey Lorelai… Rory. (Lorelai and Rory stand up)

LORELAI: (Wondering if it's time) Hey… is Sookie…?

JACKSON: No… not yet. It looks like it will be a long night.


JACKSON: Yeah, so Sookie and I love that you're both here for us… but I don't want you to be here all night.

RORY: I can stay as long as you want me to.

JACKSON: Thank you Rory. But the doc says it may be a very long labor. So (with his hands on his hips, he turns to look at Davie and Martha)…

LORELAI: Yeah, it's too late for the kids.


LORELAI: (Reaches into her pocket and pulls out the keys to the jeep — then hands them to Jackson) Keep these. I will take the caravan.

JACKSON: (Nods) Thank you so much Lorelai.

LORELAI: (Smiles) That's what friends are for, Jackson.

JACKSON: (Jackson reaches down and gives his children hugs) Mommy and I will see you in the morning, okay?

RORY: (As Lorelai picks up a few of their belongings) Is there anything you want me to help with?

LORELAI: Yeah, help me with Martha? (To Davie) Come on Davie… we're going home.

Rory carries Martha.

LORELAI: Goodnight Jackson, keep us in the loop. (Jackson nods)

Scene fades on Jackson waving at them.


Scene fades in as Lorelai tucks Davie to sleep. On the other end of the room we see Martha already asleep.

LORELAI: (As she pats Davie very lightly on his arm, she whispers) Goodnight Davie.

Lorelai walks to the door of their bedroom, then turns. She turns off the light, and watches them sleep for a brief moment until her cell phone starts vibrating. She quickly reaches into her back pocket and answers very softly.


It's Jackson.

Scene cuts between the Hospital and Sookie & Jackson's house.

JACKSON: Lorelai, it's me Jackson.


JACKSON: (With an exhausted smile) She's here.

LORELAI: (Gasps very slightly) It's a she?!

JACKSON: (Nods) It's a she.

LORELAI: (Smiles) Aw, congratulations, Jackson.

JACKSON: Thank you. Sookie wanted me to call you because… Well, she and I… we would like to name her after you and Rory.

LORELAI: (Surprised) You're going to name her Lorelai?

JACKSON: Oh… no… Sookie said your middle names were Victorie and Leigh?

LORELAI: Ohhh, yeah… they are. (Smiles)

JACKSON: (Nods) Yeah… Victoria Leigh Bellville. What do you think?

LORELAI: (Touched) Tell Sookie that I'm (shakes her head)… I don't know what I am… but I'm really really happy for you both… and I'm… really touched. Rory will be too.

Camera on Lorelai's face as Jackson continues.

JACKSON: Can you please call Rory and let her know?

LORELAI: Will do. Congratulations again, Jackson.

Lorelai takes a deep breath as she hangs up. She then looks at the two children sleeping.

Scene fades.

CUTS to a couple of days later.


Scene fades in on a few employees around the snack table helping themselves to bagels and coffee. Among them is Ken. Rory had just arrived at work, and seeing the bagel spread, she walks over and stands next to Ken.

RORY: (As she fondly looks at all the different sorts of bagels and cream cheese) Wow… what's the occasion?

KEN: (Notices Rory) Hey. No occasion… this happens at least once a week. Help yourself.

RORY: (As she picks up a plate, she grins) I believe I shall.

Since Rory was the last to arrive at the table, the rest of the employees move away as they acquire their bagels. Ken sticks around on the other side of the table. As Rory generously applies cream cheese, Nate shows up next to her. Rory doesn't notice.

NATE: Ah, it's bagel time again.

RORY: (Chuckles slightly not knowing who it is) It sure is. (Then she notices that it's Nate, and looks back down at her own plate) Umm.

NATE: Bagels and coffee… can't beat that. (Ken nods, and Nate directs his next sentence to Ken) Good day to finish up some articles I'm working on. (Ken nods again with his mouth full).

Camera focuses on Rory's face as she tries hard to look at her plate. She contemplates on taking this opportunity to create some sort of dialog with the man she finds intimidating.

RORY: (Decides to take a chance) Speaking of which, I read some of your… (trails off as she notices that Nate isn't even next to her anymore).

She looks behind her, and sees him walking down the hallway. Then she looks at Ken, who had just witnessed Rory's semi-embarrassing moment. He tries not to make it worse for her… so he smiles and walks away.

Camera fades as Rory rolls her eyes and sighs at her incredibly unlucky timing.


Lorelai is at the check-in desk as we've seen her numerous times before. She is giving instructions to her new day manager — but is interrupted by her cell phone.

LORELAI: (Looks at the caller ID, and excuses herself) Oh, I have to take this. (She walks around the desk and towards the porch) Yellow.

LUKE: G'morning.

Scene cuts between Luke's apartment and the Dragonfly porch.

LUKE: You left for work very early this morning.

LORELAI: Yeah, I wanted to get some stuff done before I met with mom. I'm sorry I missed you though.

LUKE: (As he leans against the kitchen counter) Me too.

LORELAI: (As she leans against the porch railing) So what's going on?

LUKE: Actually, I was calling to ask you what was going on with you.

LORELAI: With me?

LUKE: Yeah.

LORELAI: Nothing's going on with me.

LUKE: Are you sure?

LORELAI: (Fakes a chuckle) Yes, I'm sure.

LUKE: Okay.

LORELAI: (Changes the topic) Hey, what time is it?

LUKE: It's (as he looks at his wall clock) 9:45.

LORELAI: (Makes a face) I'm supposed to be at mom's at 10 o'clock. Can I call you when I get back to the inn?

LUKE: Oh, sure.

LORELAI: (Smiles sweetly as she tries to reassure) Babe, nothing is going on with me that wouldn't be fixed by a good foot massage when I get home.

LUKE: (Smiles) Okay. Talk to you later.


Lorelai hangs up, and then rushes into the inn.

Scene cuts to half an hour later.


Fade in as the maid answers the front door.

LORELAI: (As she enters, she smiles and inquires) Is Mrs. Gilmore very angry at me for being late?

MAID: (Sweetly smiles) Mrs. Gilmore is in the dining room.

LORELAI: (As she hands the maid her coat) Thank you.

Lorelai makes her way to the dining room, and stands next to a seated Emily.

LORELAI: Okay, I'm here. Give me the lecture about being late.

EMILY: (As she looks up from her planner) Do you think I'm really that dumb, Lorelai? I know very well that you insist on showing up late so I will give you a lecture about it, and then to deprive me of anymore objections.

LORELAI: (Tilts her head, as she gasps for being accused of instigation) No! (She sees the two stacks of enveloped invitations) Are these it? (She picks one up as she sits down next to Emily)

EMILY: Yes, they arrived about an hour ago.

LORELAI: (Sees the intricate yet elegant detail, and is surprised at how much she likes it) Mom, this is gorgeous.

EMILY: (Surprised at her daughter's words) You like them?

LORELAI: (Nods) Oh yeah. Very nice Emily Gilmore. Bravo.

EMILY: (Proudly) Thank you. (After a moment) Before we start going over catering, I wanted to talk about Sookie.

LORELAI: What about Sookie?

EMILY: I hope you congratulated her on our behalf? (Lorelai opens her mouth to respond) In any case, I sent her a gift basket…

LORELAI: Oh, that's nice.

EMILY: Well then…

LORELAI: (A suddenly expression falls on her face) I'm sure she'll call you once she receives it.

EMILY: (After a moment she gets focused) We have a lot to cover… and we've already lost a chunk of our time. So… (as she points to her planner)… I have three caterers I'd like us to see today… Lucinda Kessler, that I've used at various functions, she's spectacular — but I wanted to give you variety before you made your choice (Lorelai's mind trails off even though she's staring at Emily's planner), so I have a Cheryl Pinot — who was highly recommended by the Farthingtons. And we also have a Chef Russo, who apparently did Tom and Katie's wedding — whoever they are — (notices that Lorelai isn't listening) I've heard good things about Russo… he may be slightly over your budget (pauses for a moment as she looks at Lorelai — then continues again to see if she's paying attention)… Like I said, he may be over your budget, but it doesn't matter now that you're father and I have taken on the task of paying for the whole wedding… in turn for you and Luke attending not only Friday Night dinner every week for the rest of our lives but also every Sunday nights... (Pauses again, then calls out her name) Lorelai. (Lorelai doesn't respond — and her eyes express that her mind is million miles away) Lorelai!

LORELAI: (Startled) What?

EMILY: You heard nothing of what I said?

LORELAI: (Thinks) What did you say?

EMILY: (Sternly) About the catering.

LORELAI: Oh yeah, (tilts her head and looks at Emily's planner) Who are my choices?

EMILY: (Raises her eyes, then closes the book. She looks directly at her daughter) Okay… that's it. Tell me what's going on.

LORELAI: (Not at all convincingly) Nothing's going on with me.

EMILY: Is it Luke?

LORELAI: Is what L…? (Cuts) Nothing's going on with me.

EMILY: I don't believe you.

LORELAI: (Failing at every attempt to be convincing) Nothing is up, mom…

EMILY: (As if she's interrogating) Is it Luke? Are you having second thoughts about the wedding?

LORELAI: (Shakes her head at the ridiculousness of it) What? No!

EMILY: (Pushes the planner a bit to the side) We're not going anywhere until you tell me what's going on Lorelai.

LORELAI: (Gets defensive) Fine. (Quickly turns to vulnerability and her eyes tear up, and she continues softly) Fine.

EMILY: (Surprised at Lorelai's earnest expression) Lorelai?

LORELAI: (Wanting desperately to confide in someone — even if it's Emily, she holds back her tears) I think I may be pregnant.

EMILY: (Even more surprised) What?

LORELAI: (Shakes her head) But I don't know for sure. (She looks down at her hands, then smiles through her 'almost' tears) But I want to be so bad. I didn't know I did until I suspected that I could be. But I'm afraid (Emily is stunned at her gradual increase of emotions)… I'm afraid that I will find out that I'm not. And I feel horrible because I've been so jealous of Sookie the past couple of days… I'm a horrible friend. And… and … I know I should just find out if it's true… if I am. (Pause, then she whispers) but I'm afraid. (She speaks up again) I know it makes no sense… but I'm afraid. (She takes a moment to compose herself. She looks up at a stunned Emily — but looks away embarrassed at what she had just revealed. Then she concludes) I'm just so tired. (Takes another moment, and looks at Emily wondering why she hadn't made a sound) So? Go ahead… I know you want to… (Emily abruptly gets up off the seat. Lorelai looks up) What are you doing?

EMILY: (Sternly she walks over to the wall table and grabs her purse). Come.

LORELAI: (Confused) Mom? Where are we going?

EMILY: We're going to the nearest store. That's where we're going. (Emily exits the dining room)

LORELAI: (Slowly gets up from her seat) What?

Scene cuts to over half an hour later.


Scene fades in on Emily pacing in the bedroom. We clearly see at least 20 boxes of pregnancy tests on the bed. Some of which are open. Emily continues to clasp her hands and pace.

Scene cuts to the bathroom.

STAGE DIRECTION: (imagine the slow lala's playing in the background)
Scene fades in as Lorelai slowly walks up to the counter (where at least 5 different tests are lying). She cautiously picks one of them up and stares at the reading. She then carefully places it back on the counter; she blinks a few times, and slowly diverts her eyes to the mirror in front of her. Tentatively, she stares at herself.

Scene cuts to the bedroom.

Emily is still pacing. She stops herself, and sighs. Then she sees all the boxes on the bed. Restless, she begins to organize the boxes into their original bag. But she is interrupted by Lorelai's entrance. Emily stands up straight and looks at her daughter.

EMILY: (Swallows a bit before she speaks) Well?

LORELAI: (Cautiously) Déjà vu. Only 23 and a half years later.

EMILY: (With a tentative expression, she takes a small breath) I see. (She doesn't know what to say).

LORELAI: Go ahead mom… I know you want to give me the speech. (She stands there in front of her mother, waiting for her to go off on her)


EMILY: (Composes herself, and sighs) I guess the wedding dress will need to be altered. (She goes back to organizing the boxes into a bag).

LORELAI: (Confused at Emily's non responsiveness) That's it?

EMILY: I'm not planning on using up my final objection, Lorelai, if that's what you're hoping. (She returns to the boxes).

This makes Lorelai smile. Camera closes in on her face.



VOICEOVER: Mother and daughter will share a secret…

LORELAI: (To Emily) Promise me you won't tell anyone.

EMILY: (Surprised) Not even your father?

LORELAI: No one. Not until I share the news with Luke.


VOICEOVER: …that's waiting to be revealed.

EMILY: (At what seems to be the kitchen at Friday night dinner) You haven't told him yet?!

LORELAI: Not yet.

EMILY: Well, tell him! I can't keep this a secret anymore!


VOICEOVER: But by whom?

LUKE: (In the diner) What's going on?

VOICEOVER: More surprises to come…

RORY: (Answering the phone) Hello?

LOGAN: (On the other end) Hello Rory.

VOICEOVER: …as the Gilmore Girls continues next week.


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