Shadows of the Past

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Looking up at the once great theatre he let out an exhausted sigh. There was no doubt that the man was difficult to find, nay, he was impossible to find. True, he had tracked him this far, to the burnt out shell of the Opera Populaire. But now that he was at the building there was nothing left. No clues to be found in the ashes of the building, the trail had run cold.

"Where are you, Erik?" he groaned, "how far have you travelled since this?"

Of course, the darkness didn't answer him, and for all the man knew there was nothing left of Erik save the ashes of the theatre. With a sigh he turned away from the theatre and started his trek back through the streets of Paris. There was no point in digging through the rubble now. After all, he knew that what he was searching for would be long gone.

He would find him though, he had promised himself that much. He would have to use all the investigative skills he had learned in his life. Still, he doubted they would be much help in the case of Erik. The man was, after all, a phantom.

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