A moan,
choking on tears.

She rolls her head back and
blinks fiercley to stop the tears from coming.
But they're coming.

And the sound in her voice
and the shaking in her body
give it all away.

"Don't leave me here,"

A whisper,
so dejected.

"If you are,
then put a fucking gun to my head,
(or your teeth to my neck)
and pull it's blasted trigger,
(or suck me dry)
for to leave me here
would have the same affect!
Can you hear my soul cry?
It's frightens the mighty beasts of the world
with how loud it is,
so why can't you hear it!?"

A screech.
So loud.

"The wind blows cold,
blows through my bones,
I'm stranded here like frozen death.
But still I breathe,
as you're here with me,
so I am not dead yet.
Though surely the pain
will take me all too soon...
or not quick enough."

A sob.
Her body's heaving.

"Why are you doing this to me!?"

A scream,
eyes wide and wild,
face streaked with tears.

"I can't take this,
I can't take this,"

A cry.
So long.

"You can not die from a broken heart,
but I wish that you could
I wish you could..
because I can't live with this!
So tonight it ends."

A cut to pour the blood,
A drink to cloud the senses.
A pill to ease the pain.
And a shot to make it all end