Rukia's eye popped opened and she felt a sudden thirst for milk. But then again, the Kuchiki Manor was always scary at night. Her sleepy eyes quickly traveled to Kaien, who was sleeping next to her. "Baby," she said quietly to her soon-to-be husband. Kaien groaned as he was ungracefully shaken awake. "What is it, Rukia?" he asked groggily. "I want milk, can you get me some? Please?" Kaien sighed and slowly got up. Rukia smiled happily, "thanks, babe!"

Five minutes later, when Kaien still wasn't there with her milk, she started to get a little impatient. Rukia decided to slowly get up and cover her half naked body with a red, silk bathrobe.


"Give the future Kuchiki clan wealth, power, continual place as kings and queens of Japan. And we shall give our daughter to you," came an old man's voice.

"Where's the son?" asked another voice, which didn't sound human at all.

"He…uhh… ran away with another girl," said a nervous old woman's voice.

Kaien placed the glass of milk on a random hall table as he crept closer to the door. His eyes widened as he saw Yukio Kuchiki, Rukia's father, and Yumi Kuchiki, Rukia's mother…Associating with a…what looked like a devil. "Very well…" said the devils with an evil grin, "tomorrow, bring the girl with…ack…" Whatever made the devil stop must have been very scary because the devil started shaking. A lot.

"Well, well, well…King Yukio and Queen Yumi associating with a devil, huh?" came a sly voice. Kaien turned around to see a boy of about 18 with lousy orange hair and brown eyes. He was grinning lopsidedly.

The boy was wearing a black coat and in his hand was a black sword. He stared pass Kaien and was eyeing at the group in the room. The king started stuttering, "Wh-who are you? You are not supposed to be here! Where are the guards?" "Killed them." he said simply answered without any guilt in his face, "and as for my name…I don't think you have to know but I'll tell you anyways…" The grin on his face grew bigger. "Kurosaki, Ichigo."

Right when he said that, he somehow disappeared and appeared right in front (that's called Shunpo, by the way) of the devil and quickly stabbed a sword in the devil's stomach. As Ichigo pulled the sword out, he sighed. "All the devils I've been killing lately are so weak…what's old man Yakuza even thinking?" he huffed.

Yumi gasped. "Ya-Yakuza of Ackey?" Ichigo's brown eyes met the queen's and Yumi almost fainted. "Yup, I'm Ichigo. The most prized assassin of Ackey." His eyes seemed mysterious…Yukio caught this, "What are you doing? Trying to seduce the queen of Japan?!" Ichigo tore his eyes off the queen's, "Nah…I do like playing around though –he chuckled- But then ugly rich fat brats who associate with devils just aren't my type. Oh yeah!" He started grinning like a crazy man. "I'm supposed to kill the whole Kuchiki Clan!" "STOP!" shouted Kaien as he ran to protect the king and queen.

In a flash, life for the king and queen was over. Kaien was too late. Ichigo looked at Kaien boredly. Without expression.


Rukia hurried over to where she heard someone yell "stop!" "What's happening?" she thought nervously. Right when she arrived at the scene, what she found tore her whole world apart. Kaien was dead, stabbed at his heart. Her mom and dad were both dead. Rukia looked around frantically, telling herself that this was just a nasty joke. "Kaien?" She laughed nervously, "this isn't funny. I'm going to kill you if you don't come out now. Mom? Dad?" When no one replied, Rukia felt burning tears begin to fall. "Come out NOW! Guys! WHERE ARE YOU!?" she screeched out of anger. No one replied, so Rukia ran over to Kaien's body. It was cold and Rukia could hear his heart beat getting slower. "Kaien!" she cried as she listened desperately to his heartbeat. Rukia looked over at her lover. His eyes were closed but his mouth was lip-saying "I love…" He was dead. Rukia repeated this to her mom and dad. No response from anyone of them. She ran outside the room and to her surprise, all the servants were dead.

"How could I have missed this?" she said to herself, crying and choking. She ran outside the manor and saw all guards were dead. "Oh my…" she said faintly. Finally, she gave in to her tears and fell to her knees.

After a while, she felt someone kneeling in front of her. "You've been crying for quite a while now. Can you stop now?" the voice said roughly. Rukia gasped and looked up, feeling hope in her heart at the sight of someone living. She wiped her tears away. "Sorry I…" Her eyes trailed to his cape. It was stained with blood. His sword's tip was stained with blood. "I was told to kill all of the Kuchiki clan. You don't happen to be Rukia, do you? You gave me lotsa trouble trying to find you."

"You gave me lotsa trouble trying to find you," said Ichigo with an amused voice. Even though he was getting fed up with seeing black hair and not her face, he thought he was doing a good job of masking it. "Are you the one…Are you the one who killed my whole family?" he heard the girl say softly with a shaking voice. Ichigo sighed out of irritation and he rudely pulled her face up to his. He felt his heart skip a beat and his mouth dropped at her face. It was filled with sadness and anger. Her purple crystal eyes were stained with tears and her lips were so…Wait! Pause. Yakuza didn't say anything about how hot Rukia was. And he was expected to kill her?! Dude! She's so freakin hot--Suddenly, Ichigo felt her elbowing his ribs. Immediately, he let her go and hissed in pain.

"You BASTARD! How dare you kill my family!" she aimed for another kick but Ichigo was surprisingly…really, really strong. He caught her kick and shot her a death glare. Rukia felt her body melt with fear as her eyes came in contact with his death glare. For one thing, she supposed he was the hottest thing on earth and for two, his death glare was…really scary. "Think you could scare me?" Rukia said, shaking and stuttering. "Yes…" said Ichigo frustratingly. "Well, you can't! Stupid dumbass!"

"Assholes!" Ichigo countered.





Rukia gasped.

"Yeah you heard me!"

"Take that back!" Rukia half-shouted. "You stupid…"

"How can I shut her up…" mused Ichigo as he stared intently at her, watching her grow red under his gaze. "…stupid—mmm!"

Ichigo kissed her. Finally, the shorty was quiet. To his surprise, she returned his kiss.

Rukia didn't know what was going on but…damn…this guy could kiss, alright. She kissed back and felt his lips open a little then closing it back. Rukia felt him grin a little, then THUMP!

Rukia fell into Ichigo's hand as Ichigo shot death glares at her…her and her stupid pretty face and perfect body. And he just found out she was good at kissing, too. Just great. He managed to shut her up so he could knock her down. And then…she wouldn't talk! Yay! But then he really wanted to kiss her again…her soft lips…Ichigo shook his head.

He could kill her and just get this over with. But today, something seemed different. For the first time in his whole life (since four years old), he hesitated in hurting or killing someone. He never hesitated. He jumped at death's hand and ran out. He killed devils and dangerous people. He did all that without hesitation. But there he was, debating whether to kill Rukia Kuchikii, the first person since he became a fully pledged Ackey gang member to elbow him. Aurhg! His head was going to explode!

Boom. His brain gone dead and he did something stupid. Ichigo Kurosaki, who messed with devils and killed bad guys, carried "innocent" Rukia all the way to his glass house.


Yay...Oh yeah, I don't know what Ackey means. Maybe it means devil...I dunno. Anyways, I think Ackey and Death sounds awesome. Hahaa xD My friend Morgan wrote this with me. Hope you guys like it Second chapter's coming right up.