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Warning: This story will contain male/male pairing(s).

Summary: Kairi is always bragging about her boyfriend and nagging Sora to get one. To stop her nagging, Sora makes up his boyfriend but trouble ensues when she wants to meet him. Riku is just the stranger that owes Sora a favour.

Pairings: Riku/Sora, Tidus/Kairi



Pretend You Love Me

Chapter One: Pretend There Is A Boyfriend

The sun shone overhead brightly illuminating heat throughout the island. The summer weather was delightful to some but excruciating to others whom prefer not to have a cool air source with them constantly. No clouds were visible today helping the sun to shine its brightest without anything getting in its way. Children laughed while getting soaked by the sprinkler their parents had set up to keep them cool. Ice cream shops were full of eager costumers trying anything to cool down. Couples walked hand in hand not caring about the body heat each other were most likely sharing. Even with the beyond scorching temperature, everyone appeared to be enjoying themselves. Most were just happy that they didn't have to work or concentrate on their studies.

A lone fifteen-year old boy was the only one who appeared to be sulking on the crowded streets he was currently walking in. He looked like the definition of sulking with his pouted lips, pursed eyebrows and both hands in his jean pockets. Most would think that the weather was too overwhelming for him but the truth of the matter was that he hardly noticed. His present thoughts were just on where he was going and who he was meeting. Usually he would have been excited to spend time with his very close friend but lately it has been everything but fun. He released a long sigh causing some of his spiky bangs to move from the front of his face. How long has it been now? Five almost six months perhaps? Soon he would literally start falling down the stairs to purposely have an excuse not to hang out.

It wasn't always this terrible when going to meet his female companion. Kairi had always been his best friend and the girl he could tell anything to. She would always be there for him and vice versa but lately things have been a bit different. No, things have been a lot different. Instead of wanting to hang out with him she's more interested in what her boyfriend wants to do and that doesn't include him in any shape or form whatsoever. Sometimes he wanted to accidentally hurt Tidus just for being an attention hog. He wasn't just angry at Tidus though. Kairi had definitely changed during the course of the last few months. Basically her boyfriend was the only person in the world. She treated him like her saviour and it annoyed himself to the extent where he gained weird twitches whenever he saw it happen in front of him. Of course she would never notice because Tidus was there.

The boy released another sigh he was holding. He never actually told Kairi how he was feeling because he didn't want to ruin her happiness. It was one of those lose-lose situations and he hated it. He looked down at his watch to make sure he wouldn't be late. Just because he was angry didn't mean he didn't want to make Kairi wait at the coffee shop. It was the place they always used to go to Saturday mornings. It felt good just to let loose and relax before the pressures of school would return in a few days. Now he relished these moments with Kairi even more since they rarely occurred. Today was one of those rare days where Tidus had to work at that place (he wasn't really listening when it was told to him nor did he care) and it would just be him and Kairi. He was looking forward to it more now.

The red hand signal indicated for him to stop walking which he did. His thoughts were still revolving around his friend but he made sure to pay attention to the signal. From past experiences he would know that one couldn't actually know when the signal changes. Sometimes it would feel like he was waiting forever while other times felt too fast for his liking. He looked down towards the dirty asphalt below him. He had lost count on how many times he had dropped precious food onto that same ground just because the signal change surprised him. He would forever curse the intersection signals.

Others around him stopped also noting the signal change. He looked up and immediately his eyes grew wide. A boy not much older than him was too indulged into his book and hadn't noticed the change in traffic. He was going right into oncoming traffic. On an impulse and not even truly knowing what he was doing, the brunet ran onto the street with speed he never knew he had. He dived towards the boy causing him and the stranger to fall onto the opposite sidewalk. The loud honks meeting his ears indicated that he had indeed just narrowly missed the traffic. His pulse was beating at an insane pace with excitement and fear. He had never done something so impulsive in his entire life and he had to admit that it felt good.

As he tried to stand he winced from a sharp pain on his side. He didn't have the best landing after all. He was surprised when a hand reached out implying the will to help. He gladly took it and quickly brought his sore body to a rise. He realized that it was the stranger which he had just saved that had helped him up. When the heck did the boy stand up? He now had a better glimpse of the stranger and couldn't help but blush a bit by their close proximity. The boy was far from ugly and in his words would actually be drop dead gorgeous. The spiky-haired teen couldn't help but notice the little things like how his shoulder-length silver hair flowed perfectly around his face or how his sea-green eyes made him melt. He couldn't believe it! He was flushed by literally some random guy off the street.

"Are you okay?" Great even the guy's voice was sexy. He felt himself nod slowly but wanted to punch himself for acting like a complete fool. The guy was probably thinking of him as some creepy teen but when he looked closer at the stranger, only concern was evident on his handsome face.

"Good. I can't believe you just did that. That was amazing! You have some guts. I could have been road kill by now if it weren't for you."

He continued to stare at the boy's handsome feature before it clicked the he was actually talking to him.

"Um y-you're w-welcome." Why the heck was he stuttering! It there was one thing that He didn't do, it was stutter. He didn't even stutter when he had to make that speech in front of the entire school. He mentally slapped himself for that. So much for looking brave and heroic in front of the handsome stranger.

"I don't have time now but I would love to make it up to you. By the way my name is Riku." The boy smiled at the brunet displaying his pearly, perfect teeth. Was this guy flawless or something? He did like his name though. Riku…it sounded manly yet elegant. What Riku had said finally dawned on him and he realized that he should reply if he didn't want to make a fool out of himself though he was pretty sure he already did.

"Oh you don't have to." He exclaimed while shifting his head from side to side. He was so proud. He didn't stutter. Take that Riku! Wait…what was going on again.

"But I want to. I technically owe you my life. Just name a favour, any favour and I'll do it for you umm…"

"Sora." Sora stated taking the hint that the boy wanted to know his name too.

"Right. So is there anything I could do for you?" Sora gulped. Was there a bit of a seductive tone in the boy's voice or was it just him? 'Ack get your mind out of the gutter Sora!'

"Not really."

"Okay well maybe you'll need a favour sometime down the road. Can I see your phone?" Sora gazed confusedly at Riku before reaching in his pocket and handing him his phone. He saw Riku program something quickly in there before handing it back to him.

"There. Now you have my cell number. Just call me if there's anything I can ever do for you?" Riku gave Sora another heart-warming smile before crossing the street while waving back. The signal had finally changed to the walking symbol. Sora continued to stare as Riku's form as it disappeared into the large crowd trying to cross before the light changed. When he snapped out of his thoughts he noticed that he was on the wrong side of the street that he needed to be on. He let out an exasperated sigh when he saw that he would have to wait until the light changed again. Looking down at his watch he noted that since he did leave his house early there was still probably enough time to make it to the coffee shop on time. Hopefully there won't be anymore people in need of his heroic nature again today. His sides were still pretty sore but meeting Riku hadn't been totally bad. In fact now the boy owed him a favour. Perhaps he could get some free ice cream off the boy. Somehow his thoughts always came back to food.

He rounded the street corner and saw the coffee shop. He never could remember its name but just recognized it by its peculiar logo. It almost resembled a rodent's head. He took one hand out of his pocket and entered the coffee shop. He began to look around to see if his friend had already arrived. The brunet's question was answered when he saw Kairi waving him over to the table. He trudged towards the table and took a seat opposite his female companion while giving her a smile as a greeting.

"Hey Sora! I already ordered our drinks so they should be coming soon." Kairi stated excitedly to the boy. He was glad that she appeared to be excited too about just them two hanging out together. The last thing he wanted was whiny Kairi because her boyfriend had to work. Oh how he despised whiny Kairi. Sometimes she would just have those days.

"Okay. Am I late?" He asked looking at his watch to see if his speculation was correct.

"No you're right on time. I'm just early."

"Oh. Okay." There was brief silence between the two before a suspicious glint appeared in Kairi's eyes. Oh no. Sora knew that glint too well. Kairi was either plotting something or had to use the restroom. Okay so maybe he didn't know it that well.

"So Sora," Kairi began in an obvious sly tone, "I met this really cute guy that you may be interested in."

Yup it was definitely that glint, not the restroom one. This was something Sora also despised about this 'new' Kairi. Ever since she had started dating Tidus she felt that Sora should also feel the happiness that her boyfriend had brought her thus leading to many attempts to set him up with pretty much any guy she encounters. Ever since he had told her about his preference for the same gender, she had been setting him up with the guys she couldn't date because she would never ever cheat on Tidus of course. This has led him into some quite interesting and beyond humiliating experiences. He has tried countless times to say that he didn't want her help nicely but she had simply shrugged him off. Soon he won't be as understanding.

"Um Kairi it's really okay, I'm not looking for anyone right now."

"It's okay Sora I know you too well to tell when you're lying. You don't have to pretend in front of me."

"No really Kairi I'm not lonely, sad, miserable, lonesome or whatever you may be thinking in that mind of yours." Sora stated mumbling the last part so that his friend would not hear it and take offence. The waitress came at this point and delivered their drinks. She set down a chocolate mocha in front of Kairi and a cinnamon mocha in front of Sora. They both said their thanks before Kairi took a sip of her drink and resumed their conversation.

"I know Sora but what Tidus makes me feel is so inexplicable. I feel so happy whenever I'm around him and I just want you to feel that way with someone too. Anyways so his name is Andrew and he's totally gorgeous. Not like 'wow he is cute' but more like 'wow he would make some pretty nice offspring'. Oh and guess who I bumped into on my way here this morning. You remember Matt right? Well…" Sora looked out the window as Kairi continued her infamous rambles of guys he should be with. Sigh. He really missed the good old days. He watched as everyone appeared to be having more fun than him at the moment and was suddenly envious. It was getting harder and harder to tune Kairi out if she kept increasing her volume.

"Sora!" Sora snapped out of his thoughts outside to look at his companion. She was glaring at him obviously knowing about his lack of interest of what she was saying. "Why aren't you listening?"

"I am it's just wouldn't you rather talk about something else. I mean what about that history project we have. What topic did you choose to research?" Sora asked hoping to calm down the girl. Whiny Kairi was annoying but angry Kairi was frightening and then there was hungry Kairi but he really didn't like thinking about that.

"It doesn't matter what I'm doing for history. It's due in like two weeks so who cares. I'm trying to help you find a potential boyfriend but you're ignoring me. Don't you want to go on a double date with Tidus and me?"

"Not really." Kairi's facial expression made him cringe in fear immediately regretting those words which came out of his mouth. "I mean I would love to double date but I could find my own date."

"I'm not saying you couldn't I just want to help, Sora."

"Well maybe I don't want your help." Sora knew his tone was louder than it should been but he couldn't help it. Whatever he had been holding in for the past few months was pushing for a release. He was pissed and he'd be damned to let Kairi win this battle. He was finally going to tell her to stop her annoying blind date set ups and public humiliations. He was sick of it!

Kairi raised an auburn eyebrow at Sora in what could only be described as shock. Sora never raised his voice and when he did it usually was because someone really pissed him off. What could she have possibly done besides being a good friend and helping him out a bit?

"Sora, when was the last time you had a date that wasn't because of my help?" Kairi asked after she composed herself from the initial shock. Sora expression instantly grew from anger to confusion. He began to ponder her question and realized that she did have a point. He just wasn't going to admit it.

"It doesn't matter Kairi. I never actually asked for your help so you should have never assumed I wanted it."

"Well sorry for being concerned for my best friend. I promise never to do it again."

"It's not concern when you just think I'm sad when I'm really not. I just want us to talk about other stuff than just my or your romantic life."

Sora watched his friend have an unreadable expression placed on her face. He grew worried thinking that maybe he had offended her when he really was just trying to be honest. Didn't they agree to always be truthful with each other and never keep secrets? Kairi finally responded with a small smile letting Sora's worry quickly disappear.

"Maybe if you just gave Andrew a chance you'll like him. Who knows maybe he could be the one?" Kairi began to chuckle while Sora's anger returned. He suddenly had the urge to rip out all his hair in frustration. Why was she being so difficult?

"What do you not understand? Seriously. I. Don't. Want. A. Boyfriend." Sora exclaimed slowly hoping the message will finally get through.

"But if you just give him a chance-"


"Why not?"

"Because…because…" Sora noticed a smug expression placed on the girl's visage and his eyes immediately narrowed. He would not give her the satisfaction of being right. "I already have a boyfriend!" Silence, complete silence was the only thing between the two companions for what seemed like hours. Kairi's face showed her surprise clearly with her wide eyes and eyebrows raised to their full extent. Sora was just as equally surprised. 'Oh. My…What the heck did I just say?' He really hoped that he could go back in time and just smack himself before he let those words out. What was he going to tell Kairi now? That he was lying? No he couldn't possibly give her that fulfilment. But then…what was she going to say?

"What?" When Kairi finally spoke Sora had to admit that he was relieved. At least she could compose a word unlike him. The times he had tried to say something so far had only led to choked sounds coming out. What was he supposed to say to her? He really had no choice now but to just go along with it. Confessing the truth was no longer an option.

"Um…I said I already have someone." 'Please believe it.'

"I thought that's what you said. Why didn't you tell me earlier?" The hurt and disappointment was definitely evident in her voice and it made Sora feel guilty and he didn't even really do anything. Since he was already lying to her, he mind as well continue.

"I didn't want to tell you until I knew that it may get serious as in an actual relationship. If he was just another boring date I didn't think that telling you would be important."

Kairi's lips formed an 'o' and she slowly began to nod her head in understanding. Sora was glad that she wasn't angry anymore but he still felt guilty for lying to her. It was initially her fault though for suffocating him with pointless blind dates after another. His female companion stared at him for a few more moments before a smile appeared on her face. Not just any smile though, it was her creepy smile.

"So, are things getting serious then?"

"As a matter of fact they are." Sora stated smugly. Maybe for once he could make her jealous of his relationship. Since there technically is no relationship he could just make everything up as he went along. If he was going to have a pretend boyfriend then he was going to have a perfect boyfriend.

Kairi's smile grew bigger if possible at Sora's last statement. In one swift motion she jumped out her seat and grabbed Sora's hands all while letting out what could only be described as a squeal.

"Oooh what's he look? Is he totally gorgeous? Is he really romantic? What made you initially fall for him?" Kairi asked in a matter of seconds causing the questions to sound all jumbled together. Sora's brain took a moment to process the questions and before coming up with viable answers.

"Umm well he's really good looking. I mean he really is. His handsome face is admired by all and I always get envious stares whenever we're together!" Ok so he was overdoing it a little but there was no law stating that he couldn't make this guy sound like the greatest human that ever lived. "Of course he's romantic. On our first date he brought me flowers but not just any flowers. He brought me red roses, you know my favourite ones. He even said he knew they were my favourite because on our very first encounter I told him. I didn't even remember telling him so I thought that was really sweet." Sora saw how Kairi's face lit up with excitement after his miniature story. She believed every word that he had said and he had to agree that he was having fun.

"Sora that is so sweet! Does he do things like that all the time?"

"Of course." Sora answered proudly.

"He sounds great. So what's his name?" Kairi asked innocently while waiting patiently for his answer. Sora's mouth went dry and all movements temporarily numb. What was he going to say? Should he make up some name too?

"His name?"

"Yes Sora what's his name already."

Sora glanced around the coffee shop desperately searching for something that may give him a name. He was horrible at just making up names so he didn't even want to try. If his boyfriend was believable so far then he wanted to keep it that way. He looked down and frantically searched his pockets for anything that may have someone's name on it. He knew that Kairi must be giving him confused looks but he'd come up with an excuse later. Right now he needed a name. He pulled out his phone. It reminded him about his occurrence with that boy this morning. 'What was his name again?'

"Riku." The name left his mouth absentminded and he was even surprised he had said it. Kairi's voice reminded him of what he was supposed to be doing.

"Riku, huh? That's a nice name. Are you going to call him or something?"


"You were looking at your phone when you were saying his name."

"Oh that. No I was just thinking of an um…previous conversation we had this morning."

"Aww you two sound like the cutest couple ever. Of course you do have some competition with Tidus and me." Sora gave her an annoyed look which she didn't notice of course as her ramblings concerning her wonderful boyfriend continued. He was just about ready to tune her out again when she asked the dreadful question.

"So, when are we four going to double date?" The question was so innocent yet left Sora wanting a hole in the ground to just magically appear and lead him into some parallel dimension he had read once in some book. Too bad reality was not on his side today.

"What are you talking about?" He figured that in order to produce the most liable excuse he must first act dumb and to give him some time.

"You know, I always meet your dates so I think we should double date. It will be so much fun and I can meet Riku."

"Yeah I don't know. Riku is a very busy guy. That's how he could afford all the romantic gestures he gives me." Sora gave himself a mental pat. It wasn't the best excuse but it would do.

"Oh come on he has to have some leisure time or else you would never see him either." Sora felt like taking back his pat now. He couldn't get anything past Kairi. Sometimes he cursed her determination.

"I suppose but-"

"Then it's settled! Tell Riku that I would love to meet him. How about tomorrow afternoon? That's when Tidus gets off work and maybe Riku will be available too."

"I don't-"

Kairi quickly covered Sora's mouth before he could finish his sentence. "I won't take no for an answer, Sora." The glint was back in her eyes and Sora wasn't in the mood to see angry Kairi again today. He just nodded his agreement since his lips were still not in use. Kairi released her hand from Sora's mouth and finished the last sips from her beverage. She looked down at her watch and frowned.

"Listen Sora I have to go. I promised my mother I would help her clean the garage today. I'll call you later and confirm with you where to meet and when, okay. I really want to hear more about Riku too!" With that said Kairi was waving back at Sora as she exited the coffee shop. When she had left he immediately put his head in his hands. What had he gotten himself into? He really needed to think more before he actually spoke. There was only one solution out of this mess and he really didn't want it to come to this but he now knew that he had no choice whatsoever.

He couldn't deny that he was nervous. After all who wouldn't be? He wasn't usually the shy type but he wasn't the very outgoing kind either. That was more Kairi. He slowly inhaled and exhaled trying to calm his nerves. It worked for a few seconds before he remembered why he was nervous to begin with.

His adamant pacing was not helping much either. How long had he been going back in forth in his room now? An hour? Maybe two? He really didn't want to know. He shouldn't be feeling this way anyways. The guy owed him a favour. If anything, he should be far from nervous. With a bit of newfound confidence he picked up his cell phone from his desk and flipped it open. He gulped and released an exasperated sigh which he had been holding for quite a while. He searched through the list of phone numbers already programmed into the mobile phone and scrolled down towards the desired name.

'Here goes nothing.'

Sora pressed the button to call and the phone began to dial the chosen number. He just hoped that he didn't make a fool of himself like this morning and would actually be able to form sentences properly. He listened to the ringing and waited until the other would answer. A few seconds passed before a familiar masculine voice rang into his ears.


"Hi Riku, it's Sora"

"Hey Sora! What's up?"

"Nothing much." A brief pause ensued between the two boys for a moment as Sora thought how to bring up such a conversation. Should he just be blunt about it or bring it up a bit more casually? Finally the silence was broken by Riku with the question Sora had been trying to avoid yet bring up nonchalantly.

"So did you think of the favour yet?"

"Actually I did." Sora really didn't want to discuss something so bizarre on the phone so he decided that his best choice would be to just talk to the boy in person. "But I would actually like to talk to you in person about it. Are you free anytime soon?" He asked hopefully. Kairi wanted to meet him tomorrow so he really didn't have much time to work with.

"I guess so. I'm free now if you are?"

"Really?! Okay then how about we meet someplace?"

"Sure. Do you know that coffee shop with the mouse logo?"

It's a mouse logo? Well he just answered one of Sora's greatest mysteries. Now that he thought about it more it did look like a mouse's head. Weird.

"Yeah I know it."

"Great. How about we meet there in about half an hour?"


"See you then." Riku hung up before Sora could say his farewell. He closed his phone and placed it inside his pocket. Looks like he was going back to the place where this entire mess all started. Sometimes he would think that life truly loved to mock him. Hopefully life won't screw with trying to explain things to Riku. If he was lucky, Riku would understand or else Sora would be in even more trouble. The brunet let out a long sigh before collapsing onto his bed. He was now more nervous than ever. He somehow got the feeling that today was just going to be one of those interesting days.

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