Summary: He was heir to the throne, and she was his servant. They never thought in a million years that they would hold each other the way they did, but somehow, everything unfolded. (AU Kar/Hitsu)

Alright guys, I've written several Ichi/Ruki fics, and now its time for Karin and Hitsugaya! YAY!! Aww I love them, so I decided they need a good story together.

Unknown Premises

I Pessimistic

Sweat poured down her face, and she quickly wiped the drops away only to have more come. The girl sighed and dug the shovel harder into the ground, releasing her frustration.

"You better hurry up Karin, you were already late today!" A girl shouted. Karin ignored her as she repeatedly dug into the hard dirt.

Several horses with carriages attached could be seen pulling up in the distance. "Hitsugaya-sama is home!" Several girls shrieked. Karin rolled her eyes and tried to block at the squealing voices.

"Ok girls stop what you are doing and follow me!" A large busty woman shouted. "Yes Matsumoto-san!" The girls shouted. They each lined up and walked in a straight line to the front of the palace.

"I don't understand why we all have to properly greet him. I have work to do." Karin whined. Yuzu, her twin sister, patted her shoulder. "Oh come on, you needed a break anyways." Kurosaki Karin never took breaks.

"Rukia-san!" Yuzu called when she saw her sister-in-law approaching. Rukia stood in front of Yuzu and they continued to walk.

"Have you seen Ichigo?" Rukia asked. Both Yuzu and Karin shook their heads. "He's probably walking up with the men." Karin replied.

Every maid, worker, and anyone else possibly living at the palace waited for the carriage to come to a halt. "Remember everyone to bow when he stands in front of us!" Matsumoto hissed to everyone behind her.

The carriage doors opened and three people emerged. The first was the lord of the palace, of the land everyone lived at, Hitsugaya Jiten. Following the lord was his wife, Hitsugaya Satsuma.

All the girls suppressed their gawking as the third emerged, Hitsugaya Toshirou. His snow white hair and steely cool eyes scanned the area for a second before lifting his head up back with his parent's.

The sixteen year old boy looked just like his father. "What a joke." Karin muttered to herself. Everyone bowed as they passed and the lord and lady didn't spare much of a glance to any of them.

Once the three moved along, someone spoke. "Workers and maids, Hitsugaya-sama has informed me that everyone can take the rest of the evening off." Shocks and awes rushed through the large crowd of peasants, but they were hushed.

"Now, please leave before the lord decides to change his mind." Everyone scattered away in excitement. "I wonder why Hitsugaya-sama is doing this!" Yuzu beamed.

Karin just shrugged her shoulders. "He's probably just sweetening us up for something." She muttered. "Rukia, what do you think?" Rukia hadn't heard a word she said as she scanned the area. Rukia and Ichigo had been married for a few weeks now, and it drove Karin insane.

"Oh, sorry, what did you ask?" Karin rolled her eyes and Yuzu giggled. "Never mind, just go find Ichigo." Rukia didn't hear the last part as Ichigo strolled up to the three of them, his eyes only on Rukia's.

"They're so cute and romantic!" Yuzu whispered next to Karin. "Come on, let's leave them alone then." Karin and Yuzu walked away from the two.

"Why does it bother you so much to see Rukia and Ichigo like that?" Yuzu asked. "I don't know, I guess it's just weird knowing that they're married now. It's pretty rare for two workers to get married you know."

"Dad married mom when they were both workers." Yuzu defended.

"Mom's dead." Karin spat out. Yuzu looked away with pain in her face. "You don't have to say it so coldly you know. At least dad's ok now." Oh yah, Kurosaki Isshin was doing pretty good. He worked at a different palace and didn't get to see his children as much, but in all honesty none of his children minded.

"I'm glad Ichi-nii married Rukia. She's always been a sister to us even before they fell in love." Yuzu was too positive for her own good.

"I guess I'm glad too but I still wish they wouldn't act all obsessive with each other. It's not like Ichigo to be that way." Karin said. Yuzu giggled. "They're newly weds so give them a break."

"Since when did you become an expert on marriage?" Karin mumbled. Yuzu only laughed more.

"So what do you want to do then?" Karin looked out back at the field. "I think I'm going to work a little longer. I was late after all so I don't want to be behind tomorrow." Yuzu gave her a frown.

"I can help if you want." Yuzu suggested. Karin shook her head. "Nah, you go on without me. It will only take a few hours."

Yuzu gave Karin a weak smile and trotted away towards some other people. Karin sighed and made her way back to the fields.

With a shovel attached to her hand, she began to dig further into the ground. "At least it's starting to get dark." She mumbled. Karin really didn't even understand why she was digging a large hole in the first place.

"This palace is so weird." She whispered. Karin and her siblings had worked at the palace for the last five years, and wouldn't be able to leave until their contract ended.

"Only two more years and then I can get a better job." She whispered to herself. If anyone in the town they lived in wanted to a good job, then doing labor work was required before anything else.

Several girls walked by and gave Karin a strange look before giggling to one another. "Why are you working?" One asked. Karin ignored them. "Hello? Answer my question!"

"Go away!" Karin shouted. She hated girls like them. Girls that acted all high and mighty. Girls that day dreamed constantly about Hitsugaya Toshirou in hopes that he would look their way.

"They're all such idiots." She muttered under her breath. Karin wouldn't deny that Hitsugaya Toshirou wasn't good looking, but she liked to live in the real world, where things could actually happen.

Any worker, even one with uncommon beauty, wouldn't be able to so as touch the younger Hitsugaya. He became engaged at the age of five, and therefore, off limits.

Karin didn't know why the girls built up false hopes inside. "Oh well, they're only hurting themselves."

Just as the thoughts of Hitsugaya Toshirou started to float away, he glided by.

And then he stopped, and looked towards Karin with a cold look. Karin looked away, confused as to why Toshirou-sama was staring at her.

A split second later, a cool voice spoke to her. "What are you doing?" Hitsugaya asked. Karin looked up into his face with her hand clenched onto her shovel.

"I was late this morning, so I was catching up with my work." Karin replied as kindly as possible. His ice blue eyes flickered from the shovel back to Karin's face.

"Then you shouldn't have been late this morning. You were told to take the night off, now go. If you couldn't finish the work today, then you'll just have to come early tomorrow morning." Karin couldn't breath out a word as the boy walked away.

Her hand clenched onto the shovel with anger and she really considered chucking it at his head. "How dare he?" She spat out and threw the shovel to the ground.

Karin had heard the rumors that Hitsugaya was harsh, but never that mean. "He really is the devil's son." She mumbled in her head. She decided not to tell anyone of her little encounter with the rude boy and went straight to her and Yuzu's room.

"Karin are you ok?" Yuzu asked. Karin just shook her head. She still didn't feel like talking. Ichigo and Rukia joined them several minutes later.

"What's wrong with you?" Ichigo asked. Karin rolled her eyes. "Nothing, just leave me alone." She spat out. Karin didn't understand why this bothered her so much.

The four of them played a card game, which Karin wasn't too into. "Come on! Even when we're playing a stupid game you two stare at each other!" Karin nearly shouted. Rukia and Ichigo looked sort of embarrassed.

"Karin, shut up!" Yuzu cried. And she did shut up. To hear her sweet sister say such words meant Yuzu was serious.

"Yah Karin, just mind your own business." Ichigo muttered. And thus a sibling rivalry began, with Rukia sitting staring at her stack of cards.

"We don't stare at each other!"

"Yes you do! Get a room for crying out loud!"

"Karin! They were not!"

"You think you know all of this stuff about marriage but you don't!" Karin finally finished. The comment hadn't really been apart of their argument, and Yuzu looked upset.

"Look, I'm tired. I'm going to bed." With that said, Karin stomped away to her small room she shared with Yuzu. "Hopefully I'll be asleep by the time she gets in." She thought to herself.

In all truths, Karin didn't know why she acted the way she did. She never cried and acted tough all the time, which she knew was something caused from her mother's death.

"That happened over ten years ago." She whispered to herself. Karin needed to move on. Ichigo and Yuzu had, and they were happy.

So why couldn't she be?

Why did she have to be the negative one? Why did she ask such things out loud? Were Ichigo and Rukia even staring at each other?

She knew part of her explosion had been because of that stupid Toushirou, which she hadn't said anything about to them, but still, when would she ever really cool off?

Realizing that being alone in her room in the dark only caused her to feel angrier, she finally stood from her futon.

Walking along the palace hallways was something Karin didn't get to do often any more, and as she stared at some of the paintings, she missed it even more.

Everyone knew Karin as a tomboy, and she knew it too, but she did have a girly side, even if it was only a fraction of her entire personality.

Staring at paintings was something she loved to do. Each one meant something completely different from the other, and she had to give props for the Hitsugayas's artistic tastes.

Now, being fond of the arts wasn't something particularly girly, but for her, it was. There were a lot of things about Karin that know one understood.

First of all, she loved flowers. One of the reasons the paintings in the hallways caught her eyes was because of all the colorful flowers in the pictures.

Second, Karin gave good, deep, advice. The only person on the planet to know this was Rukia. Rukia went through a lot when she moved to the palace. Several of the guards had molested her and threatened her, and for some reason, Karin, a twelve year old girl at the time, had given her advice and helped her. She really was glad that Ichigo married her, because they deserved each other.

Thirdly, and this one might be the biggest secret of all, was that she loved pink. Nothing could explain why, and that's why it scared her. Karin sort of realized that a lot of the girls liked pink because most rich and wealthy women wore it, but Karin being the girl she was, just liked it to like it.

Her thoughts came to an abrupt stop when she reached the end of the hallway and heard a voice she wouldn't instantly recognize.

"I've already told you Toshirou, this is what has to happen."

"Right father, I understand."

As much as Karin wanted to, she didn't move from her spot.

"Hinamori is a lovely girl. She'll be a great wife for you."

There was silence, and Karin could only guess that they both left, or Toshirou-sama really didn't want to marry the girl.

"Why did you change the date then?"

"Because my son, I think you are ready."

"So I have two months then, instead of two years?"

"Exactly. Now, I have a meeting to go to so I will talk to you later."

Footsteps were heard coming Karin's way and she ducked behind one of the large statues. Hitsugaya Jiten strutted down the hallway, and Karin stared.

He really did look like a leader.

She slowly moved from her spot, but quickly hid again when Hitsugaya Toshirou came walking down the hallway much slower than his father.

Karin was surprised at how sad he looked. Another thing about Karin was she was good at reading people. There really wasn't much of a difference in his face, but from seeing the same cold expression over the years of working at the Hitsugaya palace, Karin could see the distinction.

He stopped in his tracks and turned to a painting, Karin's favorite.

The painting showed a beautiful girl sitting in on the ground, staring outside window. She didn't know why she loved it so much, but Karin always found herself staring at it every chance she got.

Maybe it was because she wanted to know what the girl stared at as she looked out the window. The girl could have been staring at nothing, but that was why Karin liked it.

She could imagine the girl staring at different things. Karin jolted a bit when Hitsugaya Toshirou punched the wall next to it, causing a slight dent.

For just a split second, she wanted to ask him why he was upset, but then she realized just who he was.

"He deserves it." She muttered in her head. Karin couldn't read minds, but she had the feeling he was upset about his marriage. He was selfish and rude, so why shouldn't he get what's coming to him.

"Maybe whoever he marries will teach him a lesson." She muttered again. Karin felt that tugging guilty feeling that she hated, and tried to ignore it.

Hitsugaya Toshirou didn't leave that spot for a long time, and when he finally did, Karin made it to her room.

Yuzu was already asleep.

When morning came, and Karin remembered how she had to get up earlier to finish her work, she wanted to strangle the stupid white haired boy.

Yuzu didn't say much to her, which meant she was still aggravated about the previous night, but Karin didn't care too much.

Even though it drove her nuts, what she had heard being said, and how she had seen the prince act, gave her a strange feeling.

She didn't know why, and it made her nervous.


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