Disclaimer: I do not own Doctor Who, sadly. This is all for my own amusement.

Christmas Invasion?

A cloaked vessel hovered over Great Britain, slowly descending over London. At 10:45 am, on Christmas Day, 2007, it decloaked and revealed itself to any lowly humanoid with twenty miles. A thunderous voice spoke via a loudspeaker of sorts from the ship.

"We are mercenaries from the Koractian Empire. You will quake in fear of our imminent invasion. Bow to us, lowly humans!"

On the streets of London below, there was no response. No running, no screaming. Dead silence. The captain of the vessel, Garoth, gazed at the view-screen intently, before looking wildly around the bridge. "What?! This is not going according to plan! Which of you idiots am I going to have to kill first?!"

"Not what you were expecting?" Garoth's attention was pulled back to the view-screen by the appearance of a man in a blue pin-striped suit standing in front of a blue box, with his hands in his pockets.

"Who are you, puny creature?!" Garoth growled. "Where is the fear and mayhem I was promised?!"

The man on the screen seemed rather pleased with himself. "I'm the Doctor, and I think you've underestimated these 'puny creatures' just a bit." He produced a newspaper from one of him pockets. "Seems you should've checked the news before coming all this way." He held up the paper so that Garoth and all his crew could read the headline. 'LONDONERS SPEND CHRISTMAS IN FRANCE DUE TO PROBABLE IMPENDING ALIEN ATTACK'.