After the latest progress meeting about the case and seeing Captain Sweeney I walked down to the range to clear my head. Rubbing the back of my neck, I walked in then paused when I saw who else was there. After collecting some protective gear, I walked out and watched Kelly empty the clip of her weapon into the paper target at the end of the range.

When she was done, I walked out and stepping behind her as she safetied her weapon and laid it down on the low table. "Good shooting," I said, after she drew the target close and she looked around at me.

"I'm a little out of practice," she said, as we looked back at the target the cut out chest and head target.

"Doesn't look like it to me,"

Glancing back at her target she sighed. "Ok I needed to blow off some steam to," she said.

Smiling I shook my head. "Kelly I read the report I would have suspended him if it was me," I said, leaning against the wall in her range slot.

After a few seconds, she looked at me. "But how ill it look for the deciding committee that I suspended him?" she said.

At that, my smile dropped a bit. "Kelly I talked to Captain Sweeney. Considering the circumstances, he's taken over the evaluation personally.

He's also decided that the evaluation will not have a field eval and only be based on your records, your physical prowess, and your marksmanship…," I said, and she looked at me.

"Ok markswomanship," I said, and she chuckled.

"But seriously Kelly I seriously doubt you have little to worry about I looked over both your records. Yours is spotless both then and now and is full of accommodations. Brentine on the other hand has nearly a dozen complaints on his from both civilians and suspects.

Half the cops I talked to said, that he would not have gotten as far as he did without his family connections. The guy is a hot shot and unpredictable Kelly. What happened with Crocket only makes it more obvious," I said, and she looked at me.

"Doesn't help much?" I asked.

Looking away, she shook her head. "no it does its just those family connections… but I guess that's why The Captain wanted to take care of this personally," she said, and I nodded.

For a couple seconds she and I stood in silence. "I see you and Alec favor the Walther P99," I said, nodding toward her sidearm.

Looking at it and after a moment of silence, she nodded muttering, "For me and Alec it was between this the Glock, or the Sig we liked how this felt in our hands. And how safe it is at home was what sold us for us. But I see you and the others with the exception of Trevette prefer a Smith & Wesson .45 CQB Performance Center," she said, looking back at me.

"May I?" she asked.

Nodding I slipped my sidearm from its holster and handed it to her. After she checked the safety, she checked the sights. Then after cocking the weapon turned and laid it on the low table next to her's where she then proceeded to set a target and taking up the gun again fired.

After drawing the target back, she checked her scores. "This is a good gun, though I think I'll stick with mine," she said.

Nodding she took down the target. "But either way you're almost as good a shot as Alec, but I guess any member of Delta would," I said, and she paused in setting a new target.

Slowly she turned to look at me. "I was under the impression that officially women weren't allowed in Special Forces let alone combat," I commented.

She held my gaze for a second before letting out a light chuckle and turned to pick up her gun. "Officially they're not I was part of… what they called a trial program… unofficially I was trained as the team's negotiator," she said, ejecting the magazine.

"And even more unofficially?"

She looked at me a new magazine held just below the grip. "I did a lot of negotiations with my gun, but either way you know who to call to bring in the Thanksgiving Turkey," she said, before slamming the mag in before turning and firing and I let out a bark of laughter.


With a hand on my belly, I drove to the HOPE Center to pick up Ryan and Angela humming to the tune on the radio. My mind however was elsewhere. I couldn't help but think about Walker and how distant he's been lately.

Remembering how he acted in the meeting as he delivered his updates on the case to me for the committee of FBI and Rangers. How several times I had to call him back to present. As I continued to ponder this, I kept trying to remember another time when he had been like that.

As I pulled up alongside the sidewalk in front of the building, I was still deep in thought. Then paused at the sight of the car parked in front of mine.

Opening the door to the Center I called out, "ANGELA! RYAN!" as I slipped my coat off.

Almost at once, a two-legged blur ran towards me from the kid's area calling, "MOMMY!" and wrapped her arms as best she could around me.

Smiling I held her back. "Hi honey, now where is Grandpa Fred?" I asked.

"Right here."

Looking up I saw Fred standing behind Ryan a hand on his shoulder. "Fred what are you doing here we weren't expecting you until next week," I said, walking over to hug him a smile on my face.

"Well a couple days ago I was looking over my sick days and decided to come early. Plus Jimmy called me partially to ask me how long Erica's morning sickness will last," he said.

Shaking my head I muttered, "Walker asked, the same thing of Sydney when I was pregnant with Angela. She called him, Gage, and Jimmy a whimp for it," and Fred nodded.

"Understandable I was like that when Erica's mother was…," Fred started then paused the smile on his face drooping a little.

My eyes dropping a little. "I'm sorry I…," I started but he raised his hand.

"It's ok it's just hard to think that she wasn't there for her wedding and won't be here to see her first grandchild come into the world," he said.

Looking back at me, he frowned at the look on my face. "Hey kids why don't you go get your things ok," he said, crouching down looking from Ryan to Angela who darted back into the children's room.

"What's wrong?" he asked, standing.

Sighing I muttered, "Its Walker he's been acting weird these last few months. Very distant… and going off on rides on his own for hours," and he frowned.

"From what Jimmy told me this is a heck of a case," he said.

Nodding I shrugged. "Yeah that could be it… it's just we've always shared everything," I said, as Angela and Ryan came back in.

As we walked out of The HOPE Center he muttered, "I just hope my daughter still have that glow about her that I've seen in every pregnant women," and I beamed at him.


My mind preoccupied on our next move I followed into his truck as it pulled into his driveway to pick up Ryan. When we parked next his house Angela came running from the house.

"DADDY! DADDY!" she called out then flew into his arms as I climbed out.

After twirling her around he held her in his arms. "What has got you in such a good mood?" he asked her.

"I think that would be me Washo."

Looking back at the porch, I saw the hawk nosed Cherokee from the Race and Rodeo from the reservation walk down the steps. "Billy!" Walker called and putting Angela down the two met and embraced like brothers.

"What are you doing here Grey Wolf?" Walker demanded as they held each other's upper arms.

"Spirits told me you needed me brother so here I am," he said, then noticed me.

"I don't think we had were really introduced last we met," he said, walking over and offered his hand.

"Chief Billy Grey Wolf of the Cherokee," he said.

Smiling I took his hand. "Alec Mountain Lion, Cheyenne," I said.

Nodding he narrowed his eyes in thought, "You're Chief Silver Falcon's grandson?" he asked, and I nodded.

"Yeah I am, it's nice to see you again," I said.


After a short ride, Billy and me sat on our horses next to a bend in the river were a lone grave stood. "So this is where you've been going?" Billy asked, and I looked at him.

"Yeah I like to come here to think… and sometime to see Lucas," I said, and he nodded.

"Yes I remember when you brought Little Visitor to the Reservation… so full of life. I miss him, and I know you thought of him as your own," he said, and I nodded before looking up into the sky spotting a lone eagle.

After a few moments of silence I asked, "Billy do think the people we love every truly leave us? Or do they find some way to remain here?" and I felt his strong deep eyes on me.

He took his time in answering but when he did he said, in his deep voice, "Washo I believe weather in white man's heaven or in the spirit world the ones we love never truly leave us," and after a moment, I nodded as we watched the eagle soar.