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What you wanted

Sarah stared at the crowd, searching for her family...and found nothing. Then she lifted her face, heavy with makeup, to stare at the balcony. the crowd cheered, but she only had eyes for that balcony, where she felt someone staring.

Her heavy dark hair was pinned up, and she was made up like a doll...the better to see her. But she wished, how she wished, that she could see who watched her...could it be her father? or Toby? Her anger and hurt eased a little. Very probably, she reasoned, that was the case. Her face softened then, and she favored the inhabitants with a smile.

The crowd had not softened, but she held her breath, expecting something, anything, hoping as well. It all felt like something from Phantom of the Opera, she mused, adding whimsy to her small hope. But then a white gloved hand appeared on the edge of that balcony, and she stopped breathing altogether.

Another hand appeared, extending a rose. This again reminded her of the Phantom...which shook her enough to make her remember that she had just played Christine tonight. She watched in fascination as the white glove let the rose fly, ribbons fluttering like a butterfly. Then she watched with the same wonder as her nearly white hand drifted up to catch it deftly, a symmetry of actions.

Shivering, she brought the petals just under her nose, then blinked as er eyes caught the slim white note.

as the cast took their final bow, she remained standing, the words dizzying her head.

oh , but I am here for you, sarah-mine

as your world falls down.