Desperate Measures

Chapter Five

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"Miley! Where have you been? I must have called you a million times! Answer the damn phone!" Lilly's voice screamed into my ear as I checked my voicemails. I'm feeling pretty guilty, but I just didn't know how to tell Lilly about what had been going on, so I had basically been avoiding her.

I decideded I should let her know what was going on, so I called finally called her back.

"Miley!" Lilly shouted.

"Heyy Lilly,"

"Where the heck have you been?! You always have your cell phone." Lilly was using her stern voice. It made me smile.

"I know, I'm sorry. If you meet me at the beach I'll explain it to you." I told her. I was in my closet picking out something to wear. It was 11:30.

"Okay, I'll see you there at 12. The normal meeting spot." Lilly said quickly, then hung up.

I grabbed my bathing suit and put it on, then threw on a pair of jean shorts and a t-shirt, slipped on my flip-flops, then went downstairs.

"Morning sleepy-head," Dad greeted me. He looked like he had just gotten back from his morning run.

"Morning, I'm going to meet Lilly at the beach." I told him.

"You want me to drop you off?" Dad offered.

"Nope, that's fine. See you later!" I called, skipping out the door. I declined Dad's ride and was leaving early so I could go on a quick run to the beach. I feel like I haven't run in forever.

When I reached the beach, I collapsed in the sand to take a quick break. Then I looked around to see if Lilly was here yet; she wasn't. I sat for a couple minutes, thinking about hanging out with Jake again tomorrow. Well, I wasn't sure if we'd hang out again, I hoped we would, but I know I'd see him at the meeting. Just then Lilly plopped down next to me.

"Hey," I said.

"Hellloo." Lilly smiled. "So what's up?"

"I, um, I just wanted to tell you why I might be a little a-wall lately." I started. This was making me nervous.

"Yeah…?" Lilly said, waiting for me to actually explain it.

I let out a nervous giggle. I always got giggly when I was nervous! Damn nerves. "Well…I um, I haven't been eating, uh, healthily… so um, so I have meetings every other day, to like, help me be healthy." I explained. I admit that was a little vague, but I don't know exactly how to explain. I was never good at being blunt.

"What do you mean, you haven't been eating right?" Lilly questioned.

Oh god. "Like, I've been throwing up after I eat…" I explained quietly, looking around the beach.

Lilly gasped. "Oh Miley!" She leaned over and hugged me tightly. "What were you thinking?"

I shook my head, not that she could see it. "I really don't know."

"I'm so sorry for leaving such a mean voice mail, you take whatever time you need." Lilly apologized.

"Lilly, it's fine. It's really not that big of a deal." I hate when people pity.

Lilly just nodded her head. "Oliver's been wondering where you've been too."

"You can tell him… if you want." I told her softly. I defiantly needed to lighten up this mood.

"Soo, you and Oliver, eh?"

Lilly smiled, liking the sound of that. "Yep, me and Oliver. So how's your love life been going?" Lilly asked.

I giggled. "Well... at the meetings for, you know, I kind of met someone."

Lilly smiled and gasped. "Who?!"

"Jake..." I blushed. I felt like a little girl.

"Jake? As in Jake Ryan? As in the Jake Ryan that was an ass but then sent the cute note?!" Lilly squealed.

"Yep, that'd be him. The one and only, Jake Ryan." Miley laughed.

"Not only is it weird that you guys have met again, but it's weird that you met in such a, I don't know, weird place to meet!" Lilly said excitedly. "It's fate! You guys are destined to be together!" Oh gosh, was Olive turning Lilly sappy?

"No, I don't think so Lilly." I told her.

Her happiness deflated like air from a balloon. "What?" She asked with a sad face. "Don't you like him."

"I... yeah I do like him, but I just, I don't know. I think if we were 'destined' to be together we would have used the other chances we had, you know?" I tried to explain to her.

"No, I don't know. I'm not listening to your unbelieving self! You unbeliever!" Lilly grunted, then covered her ears. Typical Lilly, I laughed. I grabbed her hands off her ears.

"Come on, I'm so hot. Let's go in the water." I said, dragging her with me.

We hung out at the beach, then her house for the rest of the day. Lilly told me all the details of her and Oliver and I listened happily. Then I went home to get ready for the day ahead of me.

"Shit," I mumbled the next morning while looking for my keys. Where are they?! I was already late for the meeting and this was just making it worse.

I threw aside my robe on the floor. "Aha!" I grabbed them for where the robe had been on top of them, then ran down stairs.

"I'm late, bye Daddy!" I called, almost to the door.

"Wait, you haven't eaten!" He stopped me. Ugh.

"No time for food! Bye!" He just shrugged. That's a first. He's usually shoving food on me.

I walked in late, everyone was already seated. Once again, I took the only open seat... right next to Ronnie.

Ronnie looked at me and stopped talking mid-sentence. "How nice of you to join us, Miley." She said, then smiled. "Where was I again?" She said, mostly to herself.

Everyone laughed. "Silly me, I'll just move on to the next thing on our agenda. As you all should know, I went to a convention yesterday, and we learned a lot of new activities and I have one I want to try out. It's a confidence booster. I want everyone to get with a partner and tell them the good and positive things about them, okay?" Ronnie clasped her hand together, signaling everyone to go.

Jake walked up to me first. "Partner?" He asked with a shy smile.

"Sure." I said quietly. It was weird being in a place like this together. It was like we were both out of our realm.

"Alright, you may begin." Ronnie said, as if we were taking some timed high-school test. I laughed inwardly.

"Okay, I'll start." Jake said, then fidgeted nervously. It was cute to see him like this, although I probably looked the same way. "You have a beautiful smile." I blushed. Stop it Miley, this is just an activity, it's not personal. I told myself. He has to say this stuff.

"Alright, um, you have a great laugh." I told him, smiling slightly. Jake laughed the laugh I loved.

He lightly picked up my hand in one of his. "You have cute hands," He said, smiling, then he gently dropped it. "And you have a great personality." He added sweetly.

"Yeah, yours is um... it's good..." I joked, making a face.

He laughed. "Hey! I happen to have an amazing personality!" He exclaimed. I looked up at his brightly smiling face.

"You do," I said quietly. Opps, did i say that out loud? Jake's face got serious and he looked like he was about to say something, but then Ronnie called attention to the group.

"I think that went well, what do you guys think?" Ronnie asked. Everyone mumbled some 'yeahs' or 'goods'. No one was to enthusiastic.

"Well I hope everyone is feeling better about themselves because high self esteem is an important part of living a healthy life! And I'm going to end it on that uplifting note. See you all later!" Ronnie smiled and waved good-bye as we all started to pile out.

Jake was waiting for me as I came up to the doors leading outside.

"Heyy," He said.

"Hey." I answered.

Everyone else left the building as we stood of to the side of the building. "So," Jake said once everyone was gone. "How have you been doing, with you know, everything?" He asked, seeming nervous.

"Eh, pretty good, you?" I asked him.

"Same," He answered.

"Well, that's good, I gotta go, see you later."

"Yeah, see you later." He said awkwardly then started walking towards his car. Once I got back to my car, I looked over to where he was parked and he had just reached his car too. And he was looking at me too. God, so awkward. I quickly turned away and got in my car. Things seemed fine when we were doing the activity, what went wrong?

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