This is a story that I have been toying with for awhile. Some chapters will be graphic. I am just warning you now. I want to thank Vera for encouraging me and this story. Thanks go out to AJ for the amazing graphic and a special thanks to Danielle for helping give the main character a name…This chapter has sexual content..

I walk through the hotel lobby with a purpose. I see how every man stares in my direction but I'm focused on making it upstairs. I am already running late and I need to freshen up before he gets there. I slide my way towards the elevator as I run a hand over my leather skirt. I love the feel of leather on my skin. I hold my overnight bag tightly with one hand and tap my knee high boot impatiently. After what seems like forever, I slide my key into the door and step into the room. I roll my eyes at the horrible décor that surrounds me. It truly is an eye sore. One day I am going to have to request he upgrades his taste in hotels. I throw my jacket on the chair and proceed to get undressed and try to take a quick shower. I glance at the clock and notice I have an hour before he arrives.

Stepping in the shower, I let the water slide down my body and release my tension. I'm excited for tonight. I haven't seen him since that night in Nashville almost three months ago and truth be told I've missed him dearly. Well, I miss certain parts of him. I wrap a towel around me and head towards the bedroom. I start to lotion my legs as I think of what I am going to wear tonight. He's a colorful guy so I decide I need a colorful outfit. I settle on a lime green nightie and smile at the way it looks on my bronzed skin. I put the finishing touches on my make up and pour myself a glass of water. He is a recovering addict and I try to respect that when we are together. I never want to be the reason that he is to fall of the wagon and there is nothing worse than the smell of alcohol on someone's breath and not being able to indulge.

God, I'm talking like he's my man or something. Maybe I should backtrack a minute. My name is Veronica and I'm a ring rat. For those of you that don't know what that is, I am a wrestling groupie. In other words, I sleep with wrestlers. Now before you judge me, let me remind you that I am doing what a lot of people are scared to do: I'm living out my fantasies. Wrestlers are to me what Zac Efron is to teeny boppers and George Clooney is to stay at home moms everywhere. They are some of the sexiest men to ever walk the face of this fucking earth and I have been fortunate enough to sleep with many of them. I have been a wrestling fan my entire life and when I say fan, I mean I can tell you every stat and bio on every wrestler in the past twenty four years. I've been going to wrestling shows since I was a toddler. It was a way for my father and I to bond.

When I was seventeen I realized that a nice smile and a great pair of tits could get you backstage. At least that was how my story went. I was at a Raw show and Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson happened to notice me through the crowd of thousands. The next thing I knew, a bodyguard was asking me if I wanted to go backstage. From there I ended up in a hotel room getting fucked three ways from Sunday and loving every minute of it. That was how it all started. From there, I have slept with numerous wrestlers. I have even become friends with some of them. I can tell you who's short, who's damn good and who needs to stick to masturbating because fucking is not what they do well. I have been licked and sticked by the best of the best and I love every minute of it. Do I think I'm a whore? No, you may think so but I dare anyone to be in the position I am in and not take full advantage of it. The way I look at it, I'm helping the wrestlers. It's lonely being on the road 300 days a year and sometimes they want to be with someone who won't rat them out to the dirt sheets later. I'm that girl. It's been seven years since Dwayne and my rules have changed quite a bit.

When I was with Dwayne, he was the only one. For the better part of six months, I was involved in a hot and heavy affair with the one and only Brahma Bull. I started to fall for him, hard. But before I could even utter out the L-word, he left the company and went back to trying to play the role of father and husband. It was then I vowed that I would sleep with any wrestler that I wanted but under no circumstances would I have my heart in the bed. It's been seven years since Dwayne and I have done good on that promise.

I look up as the door opens and smile at the sight of the man before me. The look on his face tells me that he had a good night and it's about to get fucking incredible. The one thing I adore about this man is that there is not a lot of conversation in our nights. He knows just as well as I do that there is no sense in talking when it's better to be fucking. I love the way his eyes roam over my body approvingly like he's painting a picture in his mind. He's very artistic that way. The only man I have ever met that can fuck me with his eyes and get me off. I feel myself getting aroused and he hasn't even touched me yet. I flinch when his painted nail makes a circle around the base of my neck. God, I'm horny then I thought.

He removes his clothes, never letting his eyes leave mine. He places a firm hold on my waist and pulls me in for a kiss. The intensity of his kiss lets me know I am about to get fucked hard and raw, just the way I like it. He moves from my lips down to my neck and I feel that I could explode right there. I hear a tear as my nightie falls to the ground. If I wasn't so ready to get off, he would be getting a royal cussout. He's rested on the balls of his feet as he admires my recent wax job. I look down and admire the contrast between his pale skin and my tan. I'm so busy making traces of his tattoos with my finger that I almost lose my balance when his hot mouth makes contact with my wetness. He has a firm grip on my ass and I raise one leg to rest on his shoulder. I lean back and grip the closet thing to me as I feel my body start to shake. I try to bite my lip but the moan escapes my throat as he tongue starts to flick faster as two of his fingers make contact with my opening. He starts to notice that I'm not going to be stand much longer and he abruptly stops.

Before I can even register what's happening, I find myself bent over the table and he forces me so quickly that I scream out loud. I keep screaming as his movements are fast and hard. I can't get a good grip on the edge of the table but I could care less right now. The sounds of flesh slapping together is halted by the sound of his hand connecting with my ass. Damn that hurts but in such a good way. I feel my body tensing up as my ass moves quicker to keep up with the pace. He leans forward and licks some of the sweat from my back and it drives me insane. His one hand grabs my waist-length hair and grips the other hand on my waist. His moaning is becoming louder and I know he is on the way to Cumville. I work faster as my insides open up and I try to catch my breath. Seconds later, he moans turn to screams as he collapses on top of me. I lay on top of the table as he is still on top of me.

After five minutes, I feel him start to get off. I proceed to stay on the table as I try to regain strength in my lower body. He caresses my hair as he places a small kiss on my temple. For a man to be such an animal in bed, he's actually a mild-mannered sweet guy. He grabs my hand as he leads towards the bed. I look over as he grabs his sketch pad from his suitcase and sits down at the edge facing me. He quickly gets back up to light a couple candles and then he begins to study me. This is always how it ends, with him drawing a picture of me with my dishelved hair and pouty lips. I hope his girlfriend never sees those. He may have some answers to come up with.

After an hour of laying there he's finally done. I admire his artwork and place a kiss on his lips. I head toward the shower and I put my clothes back on. I go back to the bedroom to see him getting settled for the night. He opens up his arms and I lean in to give him a hug. After another kiss, I grab my bag and head for the door. With one hand on the handle, I turn back to look at him.

"Night Jeff."