Title: Decision

Summary: Shortly after the successful coup, Azula and Zuko have their reunion.

Author's Notes: This contains incest so if you don't like it, please leave right now. This also has Zuko bordering the dominate side, instead of Azula--though not too much (I think).

I've had this for a while now and posted it in fhaven, but I thought it was finally time to post it here as well.

"I knew you would make the right decision," Azula whispered in his ear. She pushed him down on the bed, moving her hands all over his body. She moved on top of him, and leaned down, savoring his scent. Zuko looked at her and remembered the words she told him about regaining everything he had lost. He wondered, could that all be true? When they returned home, would their father welcome him with open arms? Would he really be given hero's welcome? His conscience still haunted him though, he had betrayed his uncle. Uncle Iroh had been with him ever since he left the Fire Nation; they were a team and yet he betrayed him.

Azula saw the look in his eyes and automatically knew what was going on. "What's wrong?" she asked needlessly. "Are you having second thoughts?"

Zuko met her eyes.

Azula leaned down and breathed down his neck, "He betrayed you. He betrayed our nation and our father--his very own brother." She kissed him, fighting for entrance to his mouth. He obliged and fought back her tongue with his. The kiss grew intense and hot, soon the princess started to rip off the prince's clothings. "It's been so long Zuko," she said hotly, feasting upon his flesh. He groaned in agreement and went for her neck. His hands roamed over her body, the Earth Kingdom outfit seemed to suit her better than their native country's thick clothing. This one showed her figure and how much she had developed during the years he was absent from her presence.

He deftly flipped the young woman, so now that he was on top of her. It had been so many years since he's had her, there was no way he'd let her dominate their first time. He wanted her, he needed her, and he would have her. The prince wondered what really made him choose this path? Was it really because he wanted his honor back? Was it really because he wanted his father's love? Was it really because he wanted to be redeemed; and to be the man he was born and destined to become? Did he really do it for the throne? Or was it something else?

Zuko started to disrobe her.

His hands were sloppy and rough, as if his mind were somewhere else. There was nothing tender about what he did, he took whatever he could from her. Azula had never seen him so unbridled. Her brother vented out his frustrations and anger toward himself, during their sinful union. The prince wondered if he chose Azula because of this, to be with her--to have her again? Then he knew, it was the reason but in doing so, how much would he pay for it in the end?

My first Zucest, so how was it?

PS: After seeing the Azula and Zuko moment in The Awakening, I wrote another fic. And is it just me, or are there no Zucest fics coming out? I mean the premiere pretty much handed us a moment and yet no fics. Why?

9/23/07: I've decided that this will be my Zucest drabble/short oneshot collection.