Author's Note: After watching the finale, I was really angry with Zuko and my Zucest shipper in me became discouraged because I thought he was really heartless with Azula. He just stands there.

Disclaimer: Avatar: the Last Airbender is not mine because if it were, then Zuko would have hugged his sister when she was crying, damn it!

She awakes in the morning to followers who love and adore her, and obey her every command happily—proud to serve their Fire Lord. Her dearest father is away often overseeing parts of the world as it's his duty as Phoenix King, but he makes sure that when he visits, he spends plenty of time with her and Zuko and while he is away he sends many gifts to them, often rudimentary weapons of the Old World such as the former Water Tribe Nations.

Her friends are there by her side, because what greater pleasure is there in their lives other than to follow her and be a good friend to her. Ty Lee admires her with a passion, and Mai loves her more than she loves anyone in her life.

Her brother is the older brother she always wanted and many more: doting, caring, protective, and loving. He is her adviser, her companion, and her lover. He is the head of her Imperial Guards, making sure that she was safe and sound; hangs on her every word; and immediately stops anyone who revolts against her. Zuko is the loyal prince who serves his sovereign, sister, and beloved like no other.

"You should rest Azula," Zuko tells her. "You have a meeting in the morning, and Father will be here in the evening."

"I'm not tired Zuzu," Azula combs her long hair.

He comes up and wraps his arms around her. Azula sees the smirk gracing his lips from the mirror, and she knows right away, what he is thinking. "Maybe I can do something about that."

She chuckles, turns to face him, and kisses him. "Not tonight Zuko," she caresses his pouting face. "Father saw last time the mark you left on me."

Zuko grins, "Good," and soon she finds herself on the bed under him. "I love seeing you try to explain yourself to him."

"Well maybe I should leave better bites on you," she retorts, "so I can see what you'll say to Father when he asks."

"Go ahead," he challenges and he places kisses all over her face and neck. "I might just decide to tell him."

"Zuko!" she chides but wraps her arms around him nonetheless, smiling.

"Azula…" he moans.




Azula wakes up screaming. She's always screaming when they wake her up from her slumber or when they shake her out of her reverie. She hates them for ruining things; she hates waking up to a reality so cold and dismal. She abhors realizing that she's in a world, where she's alone—where she has no one, and her mother is constantly haunting her.

"It's time for your session," the nurse tells her.

"Go away," she cries. She longs to return to the world where everything is perfect--a world where her father adores her, where her friends are there for her, and where Zuko actually loves her for her with all his being.

A/N: Resenting her when she saved herself in TSR plus with not comforting when she was breaking down, has made me wonder if Zuko loves Azula at all—even as a sister. I wanted to write a happy ending for this (maybe-last-chapter of the drabble series) but I couldn't so I tried for a semi-happy one. It was just very hard for me to write Zucest, after seeing how Zuko saw his sister--even if she were to die. Anyways consider this complete--but don't be surprised if later on, I add more to it--if something inspires me.

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