A/N: I'm using part of my own poem in this one in fact it will probably be more that one poem.

In the darkness we can hear ourselves,

A whisper calling out in the full quiet…

Some things aren't meant to be heard, just as some things aren't meant to be seen. I know that my mind is meant to be private, but an exception to that seems almost unavoidable at times. When he looks deep into my eyes, I feel like he's lying to me; just saying that he can't hear my thoughts to make me feel better. The knowing gaze unnerves me.

"Bella, are you sure?" Edward whispered into my hair.

"Yes, I'm positive Edward. It's just a headache!"

"Bella, It just… it just doesn't seem normal."

Ever since my fall I had been bombarded breath taking migraines that made me slightly irritable and Edward didn't like it. Every day he insisted that I should let Carlisle take a look at it.

"I'm fine, Carlisle would tell you the same thing!"

"I don't like it." He said quietly.

"You don't have to." I replied defiantly.

He gave me a look that suggested that I might be forgetting something.

"Just because you are 1,000 times stronger than me, maybe even 1,000,000 times stronger, doesn't mean I don't have the will power to make my own decisions."

His eyebrows rose at that one, but I didn't care; he knew I was right. My nature made me as stubborn as a mule and no amount of dazzling could change that… okay maybe a little. His beautiful eyes had a strange power over me, almost like a truth serum and at some times they acted as hypnotic tools, making me bend to his will. Why did he have to be so gorgeous?

"I want you to see Carlisle."

"I want a million doll… no, I want to be a vampire." The million dollars thing didn't work anymore due to Alice's uncanny ability to predict the stock market. "Match that!"

"Bella, you're really worrying me." He said softly… So beautiful! "This attitude isn't like you."

"Ed-" The phone in the kitchen rang lightly in the background. "Hold on."

I picked up the receiver slowly, taking a deep breath; I really didn't want to snap at whoever was on the phone.


"Is this Bella Swan?" A woman's voice came over the line.

"Ummm… yes?" strange question, it might be me… huh… ha. "Who's this?"

Edward came up behind me and put his hands around my waist and his face in my hair. He was so distracting! How I was getting through high school was a mystery.

"Hi sweetheart, my name is Mandy and I was your nurse at the hospital." She waited for a response and when I said nothing she just kept going. "I heard that you were doing better, but the doctor happens to think that you need a check up, just to be sure. I wanted to schedule that; when do you think you can come in?"

"Oh, I'm sorry, but I think you've got the wrong Bella." And I hung up.

I turned to give Edward the stare of death, but it turned out he was giving it to me first. He looked so angry it frightened me, but I found some kind of inner reservoir of strength and believe it or not, anger.

"I told you I could make this decision on my own! I'm fine Edward! Perfectly fine!"

"You're acting like a child." He said as calm as could be, his facial features smoothing out into an aloof mask.

"A child! A CHILD?" I was so infuriated, the stupid headache made it even harder to think of a comeback.

I made my way to the stairs, mad at myself and at Edward's audacity. I could make this decision on my own; couldn't I?

"Bella, where are you going."

"My room." I stopped at the top of the stairs to whip around and say something really nasty, but I didn't get the chance.

"Bella!" Edward's voice was so quiet next to the roaring in my ears.