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Accident and Emergency

Aro's eyes blazed in angry amusement.

"Clever Edward." He stared at me in a way that made me think he admired what I had done. If I couldn't read his mind I might've thought there was a chance of him letting us go. "You're more devious than I gave you credit for. Faster too."

Bella lay crumpled on the ground in agony. I could feel short bursts of her pain in my mind but I could tell that the connection was flickering. Soon she would be immune again, but she would also be broken. I had taken her soul away.

But I couldn't let the guilt get to me. If I hadn't done it, Aro would have. Then I would've regretted not doing what I had for the rest of eternity. I wasn't even sure Aro had the strength to resist her blood the way I could.

"Too bad you're going to go to waste."

My eyes flashed up to his face, away from Bella who was writhing on the ground.

"Edward!" Bella's shriek rang through the volturi camp ground. I could hear her whimpering, "Please, please,please."

"Edward!" It was Alice's voice this time and behind her was my family in the arms of the Volturi guard. I looked back at my family and then at Bella, both on the opposite sides of the field. I felt sick to my stomach as Aro read my expression and leaned over Bella as if she were his.

Go to her.

Come on Edward, don't even look this way. Think about Bella.

I knew we shouldn't have put up with her! Now she's going to get us killed.

The thoughts of my family rolled through my head. How could I possibly choose? Aro's face looked questioningly down at Bella, his eyes alarmed by something. That was when I realized that I couldn't hear her heart anymore.

"Impossible." Both Aro and I voiced at the same time.


The burning had quieted and my heart became silent. I was surprise how quickly the end had come. Usually agonizing torture- at least from what I've heard- seems like years. My eyes opened to the wide, incredulous eyes of Aro Volturi and I stood to stare at his vast army. Edward stood in the middle and on the other side the rest of the cullens were held captive by the guard.

"What's going on?"

Edward's eyes were all over me as if he were staring at a ghost. I figured out what he was doing when he looked at my throat. He was trying to see my pulse. The rush of my blood through my veins. But there wasn't one. My body was cold. And I was thirsty.

"H-how?" Aro grabbed my wrist, he was looking for a pulse to.

Edward's face read panic as Aro's turned into a sickening smile.

"Definitely a keeper." Aro turned to his guard. "Destroy the rest unless Alice or Edward decide to join you, then you can set them free."

Edward was pulled into the throng of the Volturi guard and the crowed became loud with chatter.

"Welcome to the Volturi guard Bella, we expect great things from you."

Suddenly the field went silent and all of the vampires looked off into the trees. The faint sound of thousands of feet trodding in the forest was heard.

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