I grumble as I rest underneath the car, brushing glitter off of myself.


I hadn't known it was there until Tumblebrutus pointed it out with a snicker in the middle of Mistoffelees' song. I couldn't do anything to the brat; I was the one telling the damn story! It was bad enough I'd been skipping with Mistoffelees during the song. Hey, it looked funny, it got giggles. But I don't know why I sacrificed my image for that. That's not what I'm here for.

Then when Mistoffelees got Old Deuteronomy back, everyone wanted to nag me. Okay, yeah, I was happy. I love my dad. But just because I love him and was glad to see him, does not mean I'm going to give him a big heartfelt hug in front of everyone! Nuh uh! Not me!

Then Mistoffelees went poof. Okay, I didn't know that was part of the act. I took extra time out of my schedule, passed up a make out session with the Bombalurina, to find that stupid little tom. I'll wring his neck when I see him. He can't hide from me forever, oh no. . .

Wait, what was I whining about?

Oh, yeah, the glitter. Anyway, Misto got some of his glitter on me. I mean come on! Can't he. . . I don't know, magically keep it to himself? He can be fruity if he wants to be but I'm happy the way I am thank you.

Why isn't it coming off?!

I'm getting frustrated over here. I mean, honestly, glitter shouldn't be this hard to remove. I'll have to talk to Misto about his magic release. This is ridiculous on so many levels.

"Hey Tugger!"

I roll over onto my stomach and glare at the little tom so hard I half expect him to burst into flames. He deserves it! Mistoffelees looks startled and his ears flick in confusion.

"Er. . . what'd I do?"

I gesture to the glitter on my lower torso and upper legs, and Mistoffees' blush starts. I nod and continue my angry glare.

"You're never getting top again!