Hello there, a quick note from the author. This was written in a sort of free poetry kind of form. The lines are nice and short because Rocky only has time for short thoughts during the fight. If you have a moment, please tell me what you think. This is the first time I've tried this style for a fic. I'd like to know if it's effective or not. Thanks for reading.


The sound of my heart beating,

My body breathing,

Can not drown out

The excruciating pain of his flesh ripping punch.

My whole body quakes with the impact.


It hurts!

Oh man, this pain hurts beyond any pain I've ever felt before.

Down on one knee I find myself.

Just gasping for breath.

It hurts so bad.

But is it really that bad?

My mind starts to work.

This is the last round of my final fight,

The ultimate moment where I pass or fail.

Which will it be? I ask myself.

Do I really want to go down now?


I think of my son,

And my beloved dead wife.

I think of what I told them

About going on when you're hit.

It isn't about how hard you hit, I said.

It's all about this pain,

What I'm feeling now.

How hard you can get hit…

And keep moving forward.


I tell myself this, over and over.

Rocky! Rocky! The crowd's calling my name.

Get up.

You can't go out like this.

Rocky! Rocky! Rocky!

Get up.


My knees quit buckling.

Come on Rock, you can do this…

I take a big breath,

And the hurt starts to melt away.

Rock, Get up!

My body moves.

I'm back on my feet.

And my fists are up.


My eyes meet his eyes

My determined ones to his surprised ones.

I'm up Dixon

Ya gotta do better then that to keep me down.

I ain't goin' out that way.


I can see he's still unsure if I'm up,

All I can say is champ, I'm here

I'm in this

The tiger within me is ready to end this.

Hit me.

Come on and hit me!


Our punches are thrown with a fury

I can't tell whose are whose.

All I know is I'm giving it my all.

Everything that's in the basement is coming up

And the crowd can't get any louder.

Hit! Hit! Hit!

Come on Rock

Hit! Hit harder, come on, this is it!

Hook, hook, jab, hook, uppercut, punch

Hook, hook, hook!


Ding! Ding! Ding!


It's over! I did it!

I threw the last punch.

Yo Kid!

Yo Paulie!

I threw the last punch!


My heart is lighter.

The beast is gone!

I went toe to toe.

I took all the hits.

From beginning to end,

I fought my way through.

The hardship and pain

Was delivered with skill.

I took it.

I beat it.

I pushed myself forward

And I ended it standing.


Yo Adrian,

I ended it standing!


Rocky! Rocky! Rocky!