A/N: Was suppose to a chaptered story…but don't really know how to follow it up…so it's a pretty one-shot for now. Well…eh, not pretty. Not pretty at all. Might make it a two shot...maybe...just maybe...

Boq ran ahead of them, leading the way through the darkened hallway. He could hear Crope whispering something to their fallen comrade, Avaric screaming for help, and Fiyero trying to hush them all. Those three boys carried Tibbett down the hall as Shenshen and Pfannee tearfully followed his step. Doors to other rooms opened, and immature boys made immature jokes about Tibbett's current state. Naked from the waist down, bloody and muttering awful words, he was a sight to see. True, half of the people involved would have laughed also. The only difference was they knew what happened.

After what seemed like hours, they arrived at Crope and Tibbett's room. He once again ran ahead and cleared the boy's expensive comforter and pillows. It was easy thinking to know that Tibbett would not want them spoiled by blood.

"Put him down on his side." Shenshen whispered.

Fiyero and Avaric lowered him onto the bed. The two blubbering girls huddled together on Crope's bed, holding each other's hands. It was odd how they both were so ready to go to the damn club, but it had slowly become their nightmare. A nightmare to everyone. Crope had flown down to Tibbett's side, pleading to him to be alright.

"Should we call for someone?" Pfannee finally said.

"Who are we going to call?" Avaric snapped. "Who would want to take care of this?"

Fiyero scolded Avaric for the harsh words, but the all were thinking it. Who in their right mind would want to deal with mess? Tibbett's eyes were shut, but his mouth still moving with haste. Fiyero had placed a ratty towel over Tibbett's waist and let it cover his back. Boq wanted to help, but wasn't sure what else he could do. With Avaric yelling and the girl's crying, he was slowly losing his mind.

"Tibbett, can you hear me?" Crope was whispering. "Please say something?"

It seemed that Tibbett wasn't responding to anything anyone said. The very much public rape must have been affecting him more than the pain was. Boq wanted to slap himself for not stopping what was going on, for even going to the club to begin with. Why didn't he listen to Elphaba?

"Miss Pfannee, Miss Shenshen, I think you two should leave." Boq said as he leaned against the dresser, watching Tibbett moaning. "You shouldn't have to see this."

The two looked as if they wanted to object, but Boq held up a finger to them. Everybody was still in a state of confusion and exhaustion.

"We should really go check on Milla." Shenshen helped Pfannee to her feet. "She's probably wondering where we went."

Avaric and Fiyero soon followed. Whether it was shame or pity or guilt, the boys left in a hurry. Boq hoped that Tibbett would get better. From what he had been told amongst the two, this wasn't the first time something like this has happened. Only, it was normally Crope doing the deed and the deed was pleasure.

"Do you still need me here?" Boq asked. "I'll stay if you need me."

"You may leave, Master Boq." Crope said, oddly formal.

"Are you sure? I can stay…"

"I said you may leave, Master Boq!" Crope's voice seemed to shake the room.

Boq quickly left, only coming into a crowd of young men. They all were shouting, wanting to see and know what happened. He had to cut his way through it, which was difficult because of his size.

By the time he got to his room, embarrassment and stupidity flooded over him. He wished he had listened to Elphaba. What he had seen tonight would never leave his memory and that was a fact. He could still hear Tibbett's cries and pleads to help him after the smoke cleared. But was Boq to be blamed? Everyone was drugged with a mystery and a disgusting, sick sex life that he was not ready for. He wasn't sure why, but he started to cry.