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Mournful Marigold Chapter One

The temperature dropped quite a bit in the bitter night, the warmth of the trio's breath caused a unruly mist to fog in front of their mouths. Trudging along the muddy path, two of the mere humans felt the feeling of being deliberately lost in the darkness. The lightless scene in the immediate area was startling, the trio's gaze shifted about, before recalling to keep their eyes in front of them.

Wearing an orange shirt, the blonde didnt blend that well in the stillness, though his black shorts did. At one point, his shoes were an ivory color, though now he would think that were mud covered and simply filthy. His blonde hair stuck straight up in messy spikes, full of hair gel. A discontented glance at his companions, he then continued the treck, still a bit anxious. The Uzumaki regretted, mentally, borrowing the shovel from the grave's keeper. He truly did. And why did he live in the middle of the graveyard? To Naruto's left was a coral pink haired female, shivering as a bitter gust of wind blew past them. Wearing a denim mini skirt was never an excellent idea, when you are returning a shovel to the graveyard. Her white shirt was streaked with mud, from tripping earlier. Mud caped bare her feet, her flip-flops lost among the muddy path somewhere strewn underneath its squishy exterior. Although the grave's keeper had specifically said to remain on the paths and that rulebreakers would be punished. The words of the grave's keeper, however, did not startle or even frighten the raven haired teen as he walked aside the path, over graves and flowers that were in the way as he walked. The black hoodie he was wearing was sticky with the pastey muck, his shorts being of identical coloring was ruffled and wrinkled from it being removed from the dryer several hours before and thrown askew into the closet of his bedroom. His onyx eyes glanced at the ground as soft sprinkles of rain began to fall from the darkened sky as the moon and stars were hidden behind the darkly colored sky, the absence of light discolored the world's hemisphere.

"Please tell me you brought the shovel, Naruto." Sakura seethed, grimacing as the mud oozed between her toes, with agitation growing to a maximum in every step.

"Of course I brought it." Naruto said, fearing what would have happened if he had not brought the rusty metal shovel, with the splintering wooden handle.

"Good. If you hadn't, I would have buried you with your grandmother and her casket!" Sakura said, her tone was of one to not reckon with. Sakura was not in a good mood. At all.

Naruto, under normal circumstances would correct the speaker by saying 'Uh...my grandma isn't buried here.' Though, he figured that he ought to not say anything, especially since she was serious.

"Hey Sasuke. Remember what the grave's keeper said! I'd laugh if you died here because you didn't listen." Naruto said, grinning idioticly. It wouldn't really be humourous at all, though he could joke about it though.

Scowling Sasuke spat his reply in an annoyed tone "Its only some crazy guy and his idiotic rules. What could happen? A body pull me under and take my place? Heh. I doubt it." Clicking his tongue, the Uchiha continued walking.

"But what if the grave's keeper was right?" Sakura asked, worry and panic filled her voice.

"Don't worry yourself of this idiotic tale. Its fool's play." Sasuke muttered in reply.

The trio continued for a short distance in silence, though the sound of their heavy breathing seemingly echoed throughout the graveyard. As the supposedly endless path split into two directions, Sakura and Naruto decided that the right was correct, though Sasuke disagreed deeply.

Splitting their seperate ways, Naruto and Sakura trudged through cascading mud piles, past tomb stones of people that obviously are dead.

Shivering, Sakura sighed. "Suppose we did go the wrong way?"

"We'll find it eventually!" Naruto said, his chipper tone made Sakura suspicious of Naruto's alertness.

On the path to the left, Sasuke absentmindedly continued beside the muddy path. 'Pfft. This is stupid.' he thought, continuing to walk for hours. Obviously, he was going to be late for school the next day. Tardiness was unexcusable, though his education wasn't his first priority. Continuing for what seemed like hours, but in reality was only five minutes, he heard the creak of wood. Was it the home of the grave's keeper?

Though he was straying further from the path, Sasuke continued to sprint through the grave yard before stopping, hoping to hear the creak of wood again. The silence signaled the Uchiha teenager that, he had strayed to far away and was more than likely lost, though he wouldn't admit it. Who would? Being denial wasn't the best thought process to be in this situation, though he wasn't the analytical type. He wasn't as observant that he probably should be, though he didn't care at this point. Sasuke, particularly wanted to be at his home in his bed asleep. Though he wasn't, he would love the world if it were true.

A sudden movement broke the silence, moving right by his foot. With his first reaction, Sasuke jumped, vainly hoping that he was imagining things again, like an over-active imagination.

Landing on his feet, like a cat, Sasuke glanced at the ground, though it was mucky, it didn't look like anything was there. Glancing about, he noticed a tombstone. It was...blank. How...obscure. A blank tombstone.

A dirty trick. Why else would there be a blank tombstone. He continued to look at it, chuckling a bit.

It was slow, though Sasuke continued to look at it, as words began to slowly appear on the tombstone.

With the first to words revealed, his onyx eyes widened.

Sasuke Uchiha

With that, he began to back up, something grabbed his foot. A mud covered hand to be exact.

Sakura and Naruto continued along the muddy path, Naruto tripping and landing in the mud. Standing back up, Naruto spat out some mud before freezing with Sakura as a loud scream echoed throughout the graveyard. Then silence...

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