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"Its a pleasure to see you again.."

That voice...It sounded vaguely like...it couldn't be his, could it? The blonde was just imagining it. Really. Uchiha Sasuke could not be alive. It was physically impossible!

"Who are you?" Naruto asked, his voice cracking. The nuisance of it all was that...he couldn't believe it. His life's motto was 'Believe it and you can do it' but now...There was no action in it. There was only his mind.

This couldn't all be in his head, or else he'd go and get an MRI. He'd go get mental health. I really need a psychiatrist. His mind was wandering from the issue at hand. Er, that presented itself.

Delft eyes became strained as they stared at the sillihoute. You have got to be kidding me. That hair that resembles some bird. Dark. Oh my Kami. That could not be him. It just couldn't.

The raven haired male was frozen. Silent, watching the sanity leave the blonde's face and the utter fear and chaos that remained was priceless. He almost found himself restraining a chuckle. How the Uchiha found humor in the Uzumaki's fear, he would never know. In fact, he didn't know why he wanted to avenge his death, or how he had done it anyway. Sasuke let the thought slip before drawing out a single knife and turning toward Naruto.

Seeing the sheen of the knife, Naruto felt as though if his eyes widened anymore, that they would pop right out of his head. What was with the knife? Panic filled his throat, supressing the scream that had began to develop in his throat. His breathe was more strained.

"Um...Sasuke, why do you have a knife?" Playing dumb always helped in dire situations such as this. Not in the movies, but rumor has it.

"Don't play dumb." the Uchiha spoke, his voice had no manic chime in it, but instead the smooth calm voice of his. He knew what he was doing. The Uchiha swiftly moved over to Naruto, the latter beginning to choke on air as his heart pounded and seemed to sink into his stomach to hide.

The cold metal of the knife met his neck, the pain didn't start right away, but when it did, he wished it away. Wishing never helped anyone, let alone him. Cold air filled his neck as the cut grew bigger and the pain made him weaker. The manic smile on the Uchiha's face grew as the Uzumaki's body fought to remain conscious. It was losing. His screams still supressed by fear as it grew darker...

Air filled his lungs as he sat up in bed with great speed. Cold sweat covered every inch of his skin and the clock read 3 am. What happened? The events of the previous night flashed through his head. His hands grabbed his neck, finding nothing. He wasn't buying it.

Standing up, Naruto felt rather lightheaded as he walked over to the mirror that was located in the bathroom. No signs of any cuts. Nothing. Was he just imagining it? Or had he become comatose? Just to be sure, he turned on the radio.

Hello Konoha! Today is March 16 and it is one fine moment here. It looks like it will be a sunny day!!

March 16 was the day he got the shovel. March 16..OHMYKAMI. I'M ALIVE! Although it was 3 in the morning, a burst of adrenaline filled him. Smiling, he danced around the room. That was, until he saw the dead cat on the balcony..

"I need a shovel."

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