Dance with me
By Hk Keiji

If only, stars by your side, If only, in our hands you see

"I almost reached it Iruka..."

Naruto was panting heavily, hands shaking slightly as he held the bars on either side.

He could feel the numb aching pain in his legs sending shots of eletric through his muscles. He would've stopped by now, the burning sensation was enough warning to say he was going too far.

"There!" He gasped, the counter finally clicking it's last number.

Iruka braced forward to catch the collapsing blond, all traces of worry wiped by a smile.

"Well done, Naruto," the man said, helping ease the boy into the wheel chair.

Naruto could only grin as he breathed heavily, soft blond hair stuck to the damp skin on his face and cheeks. He didn't even have the energy to brush the tickly hair away.

Closing his eyes to recover, he felt the sweat cooling on his shirt.

Already he could feel the wheel chair moving.

He opened his eyes again, barely able to make out what was around him since all the blood was still pounding in his head, and none seemed to register to his eyes.

"Here," he said to Iruka, frowning as he tried to make out where he was.

"Music room?" Iruka asked. "Would you like to play the piano again?"

Naruto could only briefly nod.

He wanted to meet Sasuke again.

When he felt his knee's bump against the wood of the piano, he reached out and rested his hands against the smooth white keys and turned to smile at Iruka.

"Thanks," he murmured.

He could see Iruka stand silently for a moment, then realized the man was smiling down at him. He felt a hand touch his hair and ruffle it softly.

Naruto listened to the door click. The man was gone.

For a moment, all he could do was breathe in the cool air calmly.

He pressed his fingers down on the keyboard idly, listening to the disconnected notes come out. Finding his place on the keys, he took a brief moment to recollect himself, then began to play.

At first, they were small and slow notes. Hesitant, but fluid as he began to build up a collection of melodies.

Eyes closed and almost smiling, the notes began to gather up in a faster tempo, building and building until he could feel the entire tune blend into a whirl of sound like water turning into glass, and falling down into a splash.

Then he heard the door click.

Half ripped from his unconcious playing, he jerked back from the Piano and the melody was killed.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to..." the person who had entered the room breathed in. "It's me."

Naruto thought he felt his insides twinge.

It was Sasuke.

He turned to vaguely where he heard the boy was and couldn't help grinning.

"I was..." he began shyly, biting his lip. "I was hoping I'd see you again,"

He almost heard the sound of Sasuke smiling. "Me too."

Suddenly feeling all too quiet, he simply listened to Sasuke's foot steps softly pad across the wooden floor and the sound of paper being settled on top of the Piano deck.

He tried to look with his pale blue eyes, blurrily making out the image of pale hands contrasting sharply with the ebony wood of the piano in front of him.

"What you were playing before..." Sasuke slowly said. "... it was beautiful."

Naruto's blue eyes flickered blankly for a moment, then a pink crossed his cheeks.


Sasuke could feel his own cheeks blush, one hand clenching tightly onto the pen he was holding as he looked at the beautiful boy sitting in front of him.

The blue eyes seemed distant and unfocused, but he knew the boy was trying to see him.

He breathed in slowly.

Yesterday, he felt more flustered and concious when he was moving around the blond boy.

Now, all he could do was look at Naruto and revel at how the setting sun seemed to hit his blond hair at the perfect angle, and how the soft features were forming a smile.

"Want me to play the piano?"

Startled out of his slight trance, he smiled at Naruto.

"No," he said, watching the blond boy's features fall slightly. "I want you to dance with me."

Suddenly the blue eyes widened, a look of surprise, confusion, shock, embarrassment, all of them crossed his face before he managed to form a reply.

"I...But..." Naruto seemed to swallow thickly, blue eyes suddenly looking flat.

"Trust me," Sasuke quickly said, noticing the uneasiness. "Just wait a moment,"

He reached into his bag and pulled out a cd, crossing the room quickly to the cd player. He inserted the disc and set the machine up, before returning to Naruto again.

He smiled when he saw the blond's face trying to figure out what he was doing.

"Take my hand,"

"Wait," Naruto hurriedly said, pushing back into his wheel chair.

"Come on, my hand," Sasuke reached down and touched the boy's hand.

Naruto withdrew them quickly from the touch, eyes opened and looking worried. Then slowly, the fingers began to wrap around Sasuke's, full of uncertainty.

Smiling at the unsure and nervous blond, Sasuke took the other hand and gripped them softly.

Then he pulled the boy up, and out of the wheel chair.

A small cry between an intake of breath and a gasp, the blond fell none too softly into his arms with an oomph.

Sasuke bent slightly to allow Naruto's weight to lean against him, pulling the hands around his neck until he felt the blond grasp onto his shoulders tightly.

Naruto could feel his heart thudding away.

When he felt himself being pulled out of his wheel chair he was overcome with shock.

Then he found himself tumbling into a warm body, a stronger body which held him up reassuringly. He couldn't help but turn a deep crimson red and grab on tightly to the shoulders for support.

Kami, he thought to himself.

He could feel the slight, but definitely muscles ripple under his fingers.

And how Sasuke's hair smelled wonderful.

For a moment he thanked god that Sasuke could not see the red shade creeping up his cheeks as his face was leaning against one side of his shoulder, warm with embarrassment.

He shivered lightly as he felt Sasuke's hands move down his arms, down his sides... and settled on his waist.

"You doing alright?" The raven asked, meeting him eye to eye.

Naruto tried to force the blush down, hoping he wouldn't notice, then nodded.

As he slowly pulled away, just one inch away from Sasuke's body, he could suddenly fully see his face.

Sasuke's face. Up close.

His eyes froze as the image sank in quite clearly and permanantly into his memory.

Silky black hair. Ink dark eyes. Lips which were half smiling.

Those eyes frowned slightly and glanced his face up and down as if trying to figure out if something was wrong.

Naruto looked away hurriedly feeling vaguely stupid and shy.

"Let me just turn the music on..."

Sasuke's voice sounded alot deeper, closer and warmer.

He felt the silky black hair brush his cheek as Sasuke looked down to reach for the remote in his pocket. Then he began to feel his heart thudding even louder.

Kami, he prayed. He hoped Sasuke couldn't feel his rushing heartbeat with their bodies so close together.

His conciousness of Sasuke was disturbed with the beginning of a song.

Classical piano was pouring softly from the music player.

Suddenly he wasn't so worried about the presence of Sasuke anymore, hands tightening onto the shoulders almost frantically.

"Sasuke, I can't..." He forced out.

The raven only ignored him and began to nudge his feet with his own.

"Step on me," he said.

Blue eyes snapped to stare at black.

"You heard me, step on my shoes," Sasuke repeated in an almost drawl like but sensuous voice.

Fighting back the urge to just stumble backwards into his wheel chair, he complied. Lifting his legs just enough, he stepped onto Sasuke's feet.

He bit his lip as he saw his tacky white sneakers against Sasuke's dark blue.

Blushing, he couldn't help but feel like a foolish kid.

Then Sasuke began to move.

Forcing back the temptation to make noise, he gripped helplessly onto Sasuke's shoulders.

Sasuke seemed to smirk down at him before he felt arms push his up. His arms flumped around Sasuke's neck. Far too close to the raven than he preferred, because now he could smell and feel everything.

"Relax," Sasuke's voice said soothingly.

Naruto opened his mouth to protest but tried to loosen his legs, feeling Sasuke move them around.

It felt strange.

"I'm going to teach you how to dance the waltz," Sasuke began.

Naruto felt his heart skip a beat, awkwardly nodding.

"First, we start with our feet close together..." pause. "I'll be the man for now,"

He felt himself snort, and then laugh. The nervous feeling momentarily disapparated as Sasuke laughed with him

"Left foot back, to the right... right foot to the left... and forward..."

Lost in the musical thrumming of the gentle piano music, and the sound of Sasuke's deep but soft voice, he could feel himself begin to loosen up his grip.

Smiling, eyes closed, he could almost feel himself moving in time with Sasuke's body.

After a few minutes of dancing around the room, the music ended.

Breathing a little more than before, his eyes flickered open to meet Sasuke's. They were smiling too, warmly. Knowingly.

"Let's get you back to the chair..."

Sasuke felt strange.

Not a bad kind of strange... something unknown.

Dancing with Naruto felt... it felt like something completely to dancing than he remembered it to be. No. Wait.

It reminded him of the first time he danced. The way his heart hummed, and his blood flowed. The way his limbs moved almost involuntarily to fill up that emotional devoid in space.

He looked at Naruto's face, wondering if he felt the same.

The blond hair fell softly over the faint blue eyes, a radiance of satisfied happiness coming off his face.

He was almost reluctant when he finished treading over to the wheelchair to let the boy go.

"Careful," his voice said without him knowing.

Slowly the blond slipped from his grasp. The arms which were warmly comforting around his necks fell loose from their grip. An awkward emptiness filled it's place.

"Thanks," Naruto said, exhaling a breath with a smile in his direction. "Thanks... Sasuke," he added.

Sasuke felt his lips smiling back. He noticed how he never had to force himself around Naruto.

Sighing somewhat happily he turned his attention to the piano papers and began to reshuffle them into his folder, making a few stop by notes on the papers.

"I'm glad I danced with you today..." he began, pen still writing. "You inspired me."

No noise from the blond boy.

Sasuke finished writing and looked down at the short notes.

--find more classical cd's

--try to feel that same impulsive feeling to dance

--Dance more with Naruto

Glancing down at the blond, he felt a warm feeling wash over him.

"You know..." he began hesitantly. "'s weird. When we danced... it felt like..." Like you understood me.

He stopped halfway through the sentence and studied the blond's expression for a response.

The blond had his eyes closed.

"Naruto?" Sasuke asked with a beginning hint of worry. He frowned.

Suddenly his eyes widened as the body language of the blond boy sunk in slowly. He dropped the pen and ran around the piano to Naruto's side, grabbing a pale, numb wrist.

Naruto didn't move.

"Naruto... can you hear me? Naruto wake up...!"

It wasn't long before he called the hospital emergency line from.

The doctors came.

Naruto was taken away.

Sasuke stood in the empty music room, sheets of piano paper scattered across the floor.

And the empty wheel chair by his side.

xx keiji

this chapter was written in a differant style, but thanks for reading anyway.