Well of course I have to disown every one but Max and Flora so on wit the story hahahaa.


Alright it was a busy day in Reno Nevada everyone bustling around you couldn't distinguish any one from any one else. Execpt for one man his name was Max he was in a good mood today. He asked his girlfriend of five years to meet him at the first restaurant they went on a date to. He was kinda nervous as he held the ring in his hand she was the one he was sure of it.

For five years she's been faithful even when his religion didn't allow for him to have sex before marriage she still stayed with him she was the one. Hmm I think I would like some pie when I get home. No got to stay focused.

He was going heading towards the over pass when he saw another man standing up there he was looking backwards and had two gauntlets on one gold and one black." Huh that's odd for some one to wear" then he saw the jewel he was flicking up and down in each hand. "Hmm strange". He walks up the over pass and looks down and sees his girlfriend waving at him he waves back and turns to run down towards her when he spots that weird man again but this time he was holding an egg. He just barley caught him throw it over the edge and watch it splat on the wind shield of a car which crashed into another which swerved off the road and hit a bunch of pedestrians. Including he realized his GIRLFRIEND "NO!!!".

He runs down to were his girlfriend lay's dying in pain. "no flora don't die on me please don't I need you" he's starting to cry " why did you ask me to come out to dinner" she said in a raspy voice " I wa –wa- was going to ask if you would marry me" he said chocking on his agony. " That's nice she said" she twitched a little she rasped out right before she died " I accept" and she went limp.

Max now stands up and looks pissed he has red aura coming off of himself. He is also so pissed he dosen't realize the skeletal hand retracting from his girl friends and was to be wife's body. All he can think about is it was that one guys fault.

He looks up to see the guy starring down just smilling in his direction. Max loses control and turns into a werewolf, yes max is a werewolf. The man sees him and loses his smile and runs max jumps and lands on the over pass and chases after him.

This guy is fast he is running just a little out of reach. Max reaches for the thing he thought he'd never have to use his knife. He pulls out a black and red knife that's glowing he jumps and the guy looks back in time just to see the blade enter his face the man screams and max dosen't care he just pulls it out and slits his throat. Then he steps on his head and crushes his skull. " its not enough" he starts to rip the body apart good thing there in a lonely alley. What Max dosen't notice is the skeletal figure behind him whatching this.

Max stops tearing him apart and just kneels on the ground and cry's. what he dosent notice is that the gauntlets the guy was wearing start to glow and move. The skeletal figure shakes his head and walks up to the werewolf crying on the ground like a infant "so who are you" "and why are you crying" says Zane. "Whats it to you" "Well since were going to be working together I should get to know you I guess" "What are you talking about" he stops crying and stands up confused "who are you" " I guess I get to introduce my self first Hi im death" "What" "Im the incarnation of Death and you are now the incarnation of chaos" he points to the two gauntlets on his hands. He looks back to see the gauntlets that were attached to the dead body now where gone " Im the what" " are you hard of hearing you werewolf are the new INCARNATION OF CHAOS"