Now and Forever
by Roaming Tigress

I will not fail again, Darkwing!
This is now and forever!

Mass destruction is my forte!
Victory will be mine!

I thought you would know better brother,
Than to once again try to meddle with my plans
My minions and I will be ready
To play the game once more

This is now and forever,
I will not fail again,
I am the King of Chaos
Prince of Darkness
Ruler of The Negaverse!

It is now and forever!

I want to see car wrecks and gunplay,
We want to play the game of cat and mouse once more,
But this time I'll win!
No one will stop me!

This is now and forever!

Surrender or DIE!
Either way, It'll be fine!
St. Carnard will be mine!

This is now and forever!

I've played the game long enough!
I will not fail this time!


Disclaimer: Negaduck is (c) Disney and was borrowed without permission. No profit was made.