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Summary: They knew little about each other now. What magic was it that kept them intertwining? What magic had made their one ride into a long journey?

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Chapter 15: Familiarity – Part 1

Sakura was waiting rather earnestly for a familiar male's face to appear to take her to the hospital. The sun had already risen casting a rough nine o'clock reflection and still no one had arrived. Given that the individual was a few minutes late and Sakura wasn't one to complain of tardiness, it'd still be nice to think otherwise.

Sakura decided she would give five more minutes of her time before she trail towards her own transportation. She occasionally checked her Winnie the Pooh watch as if doing so would hasten the time. Alas, it was a vain attempt to still her trepidation.

Approximately a minute before Sakura's denouement to stalk towards her own car, a raven-colored (similarly to that of the bat-mobile) car screeched to a stop a few feet away. Narrowing her eyes to get a closer look at the driver behind the wheel, Sakura almost leaned over and fell off the curve.

As if reassurance, a dark-spiky-haired male poked his head out, waving like a fool at her shouting, "Sakura!" It was loud enough to disturb her neighbors!

Glaring at the man, Sakura stalked over towards the car. Even after slamming the passenger door and buckling in her seatbelt, the glare stuck and if the recipient of the glare wasn't so unfazed by it, Sakura could've swore that there would be a hole in his head.

"You know, having your face twisted like that, after a while, it might stay that way," the man stated smirking at her.

"Why in the hell did I agree to this again?" Sakura moaned, removing her eye from the man and glancing at the ceiling wondering why the sky above won't come down and swallow her.

"Syaoran and your friend."

The toneless statement was enough to keep the trip to the hospital a silent one. Sakura stole a fleeting gaze at her current companion to see that behind his mirthful face was in fact a stoic face or at least, Sakura hoped with the line of work he's in.

Drifting her mind off to the preceding events yesterday, Sakura wondered if she'd made the right decision. Technically, she didn't have much say in the matter.


"You don't have to do that," Sakura responded. He really didn't have to divert people or himself, for that matter, to watch over her. Despite not knowing how these 'organizations' work in real life, Sakura presume that they weren't much different from the shows she'd seen. From that, the auburn-haired woman deduced that redirecting a few men to stand watch outside her apartment, having Takashi Yamazaki being her chauffer, and even himself watching her once in awhile, it was too much.

"I do," the chocolate-haired male replied, his amber brown eyes bore into hers.

The intensity emanating from his eyes sent a shiver up her spine as she found she couldn't look away. Attempting to stand her ground, determine not to succumb to his piercing orbs, the war raged on. A wince of his eyes intensifying his dominance and his resolution, Sakura knew she had lost.

Sighing as she blinked a few times, Sakura commented, "It's only going to be for a week."

Syaoran took a few moments to deliberate over her comment. "Six weeks."

"What!?" Sakura exclaimed, emerald orbs widening, "That's too much time to waste on me!"

Syaoran, unseen by the auburn-haired woman, gritted his teeth as he responded, "I don't have a choice. There's only a month left until the transfer and during that time, I need you to be safe."

"Then why do you need to watch after me for two more weeks after that?"

"To make sure the Dragons don't try anything in coming after you," Syaoran retorted, unease with his response.

Sakura narrowed her eyes at him. Upon sensing how tense he may be, decided to compromise the time period a bit, "One month. That's it."

Another war raged.

Syaoran, feelingly completely exhausted all of a sudden, meekly nodded.

Returning her mind back to the present, she noticed her cell phone ringing in front of her. Blinking several times at the abrupt object placed in her sight, Sakura followed the fingers holding the phone to the owner, Yamazaki.

"Your phone was ringing for awhile now," Yamazaki answered her unasked question judging by the gaze she was sending towards his way.


Quickly grabbing and flipping the phone open to answer it hoping the caller had patience, "Hello?"

"Sakura, come to the city's hospital right away!" a rather urgent voice demanded.

"Ryuu?" Sakura inquired, slow to the fact that the person didn't bother for acknowledgement.

"Yea, Meiling's in labor!" Ryuu exclaimed before a loud 'Ryuu!' rung in the background, "Room 315."

With that, the dial tone appears and Sakura took a moment to compose herself to what information had been given to her.

"The city's hospital?" Sakura murmured to herself. Then it dawned on her, it's the same one that Yue's in!

Turning to Yamazaki, Sakura demanded, "We need to get to the hospital right away!"

The man blinked once at her. The second blink came with a stifled grin. The third blink resulted in a full out mocking laughter.

"Why are you laughing and not driving?!" Sakura demanded, eyes widening at the lack of a pair of hands on the wheel.

Reaching over to grab the steering wheel, Sakura hoped that she had prevented a collision. As her body stretches for the wheel, her head finally turned to the window to determine whether or not she was navigating the wheel correctly or not.

Embarrassment ran along the length of her body as she abruptly let go of the wheel and returned to her proper position on the passenger seat. Behind the wheel, the spike-haired male couldn't contain his laughter as his arms wrapped around his waist trying to prevent the laughter pain in his stomach. His head bopped down to the steering wheel, right in the middle resulting in a long… HONK!!!

"Shut up," Sakura muttered derisorily as she slapped his shoulder before unbuckling her belt.

They had already arrived at the hospital before her apparent outburst.

Forgetting the laughing male, Sakura took out of the car at record speed, rapidly running to the hospital. From behind, the laughing male had somewhat regain his equanimity as he sprint after her.


"Room 315, hurry!" Sakura shouted at the young nurse behind the desk.

"Second floor, elevator, turn right," the nurse replied rather calmly. These are some of the things that only experience can teach you. The impatience of a patient, the shouting, the screaming, even anger, they don't teach you how to face these emotions in nursing school.

Without a proper farewell to the nurse, Sakura dashed up the stairs, knowing that it would be faster than the agonizing wait for the damn elevator.

315… 315… 315… Sakura murmured to herself as she briskly walked down the hall barely giving a fleeting glance at the mounted number on the door.

Aha! 315…

Not bothering to knock, Sakura barged in. On the bed laid a weak dark-haired woman, her face pale and fragile. Cautiously stepping into the room, Sakura noticed Ryuu by her friend's side, his hands soothing hers. Her dear friend looked so helpless and weary as if her life had been drained out of her. Something was clearly wrong. The little girl sat on the other side of the bed jumped off before running towards Sakura.

"Auntie 'Kura!" Lynn called out happily as she leeched onto one of Sakura's leg.

"Hey. How's my favorite girl doing?" Sakura said. First things first, she didn't want the girl to notice anything's wrong with her mother and from what Sakura could tell, neither did Ryuu or Meiling.

"I have a baby brother!" the little raven-haired girl replied showing her few teeth through a smile.

"Aren't you excited!?" Sakura asked, plastering on a smile before noticing Yamazaki coming up behind by the doorway.

"I'll show you!" exclaimed an enthusiastic girl trying to wiggle her way out of the embrace her Auntie 'Kura had given her.

"Why don't you show this nice man your new baby brother and Auntie 'Kura will come after, ok?" Sakura said kneeling down to the girl's height.

"Wh-?" the spiky-dark-haired man blinked.

"Please?" Sakura eyed the man.

Yamazaki sighed and just shrugged. Bending down to the girl, he grinned, "Is your baby brother cuter than me?"

"I'll show you!" the little girl exclaimed again, grabbing onto his pinky since her small hand can't grasp his large ones.

"Woah, there." It was all that was heard as the man stumbled out the door pulled by a petite little girl.

Turning towards her friend, Sakura walked up to her. "Are you ok?" Sakura asked sitting in the same place that Lynn had sat.

"Of course!" what should've been strong and enthusiastic turned coarse and weak.

Sakura knew how false her statement is. Reaching over to remove a few strands of black hair from her friend's sweaty forehead, Sakura smiled fondly at the woman.

"Get some rest," Sakura stated.

"Ay, don't worry about me, I'm fine," stated the stubborn woman despite knowing her lie was obvious.

"You should go see how cute Kouji is," Ryuu stated, an obvious hint for Sakura who nodded.


"She seems so… weak," Sakura muttered, her eyes lingering at the closed door.


"What happened?" Sakura asked, finally tearing her head to face her friend's boyfriend. They were currently sitting on the wooden bench outside the door with a cup of coffee in their hands.

"There were a few complications during the birth…" Ryuu began, eyes staring intently at the dark caffeinated liquid inside the paper cup.

Scrunching her brow, Sakura asked, "Like what?"

"Kouji's body came out first," Ryuu stated, his own brows furrowing.

Sakura's emerald eyes widened. The head was always supposed to come out first!

"The doctor was afraid that Kouji couldn't make it…"

"But Kouji's okay now right?" Sakura asked, interrupting the male.

Ryuu nodded and Sakura was relieved. His sigh however, hinted to Sakura that not all was well.

"Then what's wrong?"

"Meiling went into a panic attack when she heard that news. She always did have a keen sense of hearing no matter how softly the doctor had said it," with that Ryuu smiled affectionately at the thought of his girlfriend.

Sakura let the moment pass regardless of how anxious she was to hear the news.

"Unfortunately the panic attack drained all her energy, that plus trying to push the baby out; she was unconscious after the birth of Kouji. She barely woke up before you drop by."

Gnawing on her lower lip, Sakura stole a lasting glance at the door. A short silence enveloped the two.

"What did the doctor say?" Sakura finally asked.


Ryuu's reply was interrupted by a joyous raven-haired girl skipping down the hallway with a strained male in toll.

"Come see! Come see!" the girl exclaimed, a wide smile spread across her small face.

"Alright," Sakura gave a meek smile to the small girl before bending down to pick her up. Returning her head to Ryuu, Sakura was determined to hear a professional outlook from the doctor about her friend.

"They have to monitor her for the next week or so, taking blood samples and such before determining what's wrong," Ryuu replied as he played with his daughter's small fingers.

A brief nod of acknowledgement came from Sakura before she swiveled towards the direction the small child was pointing to.

The crying babies, each nester in their own little cradle with blue or pink decorations respectively for their gender. Eyes shifting from one baby to the next, they just all look so adorable! The crying, however, was not. Five nurses were running around trying to calm down the crying and from what Sakura noticed, they weren't doing a very good job.

Following the petite finger of the child, Sakura adjusted her eyesight. The baby boy was located to the far left, three rows from the front view of Sakura. The auburn-haired woman smiled at how alike the baby boy was to his parents. His dainty nose trying to amend to the oxygen-filled air and his rosy lips wiggling here and there made Sakura's heart swell. If Kouji's eyes were opened, she would've guessed that it was a rich ruby with a tint of deep chocolate or vice versa.


Walking briskly down the hallway on another floor, two pairs of feet were heard clattering against the tiled floor. Before long, two pairs of feet became six pairs of feet. The emerald-eyed woman halted her tracks in confusion as she took note of Nakuru and Yukito rushing in and out of the room. They looked rather frantic.

Creasing her brows in perplexity, Sakura briskly approach Nakuru.

"What's happening?"

The sound of Sakura's voice acted as a barrier stopping the woman from immersing herself in more panic.

"Yue's missing," Nakuru replied, her brow creasing further as each word left her mouth.

Emerald orbs broadened immensely.

A frantic search took place and approximately eight minutes later when they were sure that they've searched everywhere, the lot assembled in his room.


Someone was whistling.

Sakura glanced around the room and received the same puzzling face as her own. None of them were whistling.

The room grew silent, a silent agreement set across the room as they strained their ears. The rhythm and sound of the whistling sounded like… Mary Had A Little Lamb??? Footsteps approached the dead silent room as the tune became louder.

Silver hair flecked through the doorway. A pair of eyes creasing in perplexity as the childish tune abruptly stopped from the sight of a tension-filled atmosphere.

"What's going on?" Yue asked feeling slightly uneasy.

In a flash or two, he felt his neck squeezed tightly that it knocked the breath out of him. The pressure from the impact almost knocked him off his feet if the wall hadn't broken his fall. The pain in his chest began aching again and Yue let out a groan of pain.

A small gasp was heard from the pouncing woman before all contact was broken.

"I'm so sorry!" Nakuru apologized, bowing deeply.

Yue, unable to reprimand her, received a scolding tone himself.

"Where were you!?" the voice was a combination of his younger sister and an emerald-eyed woman.

"I was in the bathroom?" Yue hesitantly replied and with that all hell broke loose from his younger sister and the crazy woman with Sakura in the sideline smiling.


The daisies positioned next to the lilies circling the bright red tulips placed in the middle, all bunched together by a plastic bag. Slender fingers nimble here and there trying to rearrange the flowers slightly around in order to make it more beautiful. A soft gentle smile spread across the fair complexion of the violet-haired woman.

Her one-inch heel click-clacking against the marble floor emitted the only sound in the corridor. Her strides had a purpose and that was the door near the end of the hallway.

"Nakuru!" came a shout behind the woman, probably not a great distance away.

The violet-haired woman whipped her head around swishing her small curls with her. She stopped in her track towards her destination when she recognized the one who had shouted her name down the rather empty hallway. A grand smile was placed on her lips as she waited for the person to catch up.

"Sa-ku-ra," the woman acknowledged playfully enunciating each syllable.

"Na-ku-ru," the auburn-haired girl replied, an obstinate smile stayed on her lips.

"You're here early. I thought it was that man's turn today?" Nakuru eyed the other woman suspiciously, her voice suggesting an evocative tone.

"You're earlier than me," Sakura noted side-stepping the second part.

"I have work in an hour," the lavender-eyed woman simply replied.

"You brought flowers," Sakura stated eyeing the luscious stems of flowers in the other woman's arms.

"It freshens the room, the ones in the vase are wilted," rebutted Nakuru.

Sakura mentally noted her loss against the war of words against Nakuru. She'd tried almost everything to get the other woman to admit that there was more than just visiting a co-worker you'd barely known for a month and daily pouncing on the poor man as if he was a stuff animal. No luck for Sakura. She didn't comprehend the reason why yet, but she assumed that she would get the answer to that after Nakuru slips up and indirectly confirm her suspicions.

Sakura sighed and motioned towards the room a few yards away. "Shall we?"

The two women headed for the finely decorated maple door.

It's been a little over a week since Yue had been emitted into the hospital and thankfully his recovery is doing moderately well. Despite the man quick recovery, the doctor saw how deep the wound was decided to keep the man for a few more weeks. Reluctantly and a lot of persuasion from Sakura and a threat by the violet-haired woman (with his sister's shrieks to boot), Yue had agreed.

The maple door creaked open allowing passage for the two women to walk through. The early morning sun brightly shone through the window sending speckles of light to be reflected from silver hair. The expected silence of the serene room was disturbed by the noise emitted from the television.

"Yue, you're awake," Sakura called out to the man, one hand flicking through the channels to find a decent show to pass the time.

"I hope you guys aren't missing me too much," Yue said, a grin danced across his lips.

"We finally got our work done," Sakura responded, sitting at the end of the hospital bed.

"Of course, I'm where the fun is," Yue replied, his grin turned into a cocky smirk.

"Hi cutie," Nakuru greeted, a carefree smile made itself known on her face. She decided that it was the best time to speak up.

"Sakura, why did you have to bring this crazy woman with you?" Yue complained as an annoyed groan made its way up his throat.

"Yue, Nakuru is not crazy, just a little bit insane, but definitely not crazy," Sakura replied nodding her head wisely.

"Sak! How mean of you!" Nakuru exclaimed as she mocked a feign gasp.

Rolling her emerald eyes at the woman, Sakura couldn't help but shake her head as well. "How are you feeling?"

"Fantastic, I still don't understand why the doctor won't let me leave yet," Yue muttered as his arms crossed in front of him indicating his irritation.

A few feet away, surprisingly (to those who know her) minding her own business, Nakuru was removing the dead lavender that she'd brought a day or two ago. Slender flingers trailing the lifeless stem, there was a moment of hesitation before the bouquet of dead flowers was plucked from their vase and into the trash can. Taking the vase and dumping out the dirty water, Nakuru was still able to hear phrases being exchange a foot away.

"They just want to make sure, it's probably just one more week," Sakura reassured.

Delicately removing the plastic case that bounded the daisies, lilies, and tulips, Nakuru positioned them neatly into the vase now with clean water. Taking a few seconds to rearrange them to her liking, Nakuru cock her head left and right trying to picture the best position for each stem. Finally satisfied, the violet-haired woman carried the vase to the small oak table by the bedside.

"It's beautiful, Nakuru," Sakura praised, turning her head towards Yue hinting for him to say something as well. Yue just turned towards the violet-haired woman ready with a witty response, but something about her today just made him swallow his rude comment.

"Thanks, Sak.," Nakuru replied, her eyes twinkled forlornly at the flowers instead of the other two.

A short silence drifted through the room, claiming all the victims to its awkwardness.


The momentary silence shattered by a male's voice as the door opened to reveal a dark spiky-haired male with his usual grinning in place. All of the room's occupants swivel their attention towards the doorway.

"Yamazaki," Sakura greeted as she stood up, ready to approach him.

"We better get going," he commented, motioning with his head towards the exit of the door.

Sakura understood and nodded. Turning to face Nakuru, she asked, "Do you want to hitch a ride with us?"

"I was counting on it, I rode the bus here this morning," Nakuru replied cheekily, her usual mischievous grin plastered on her face.

"You're unbelievable!" Sakura exclaimed in laughter.

Minutes later, the three of them bid their goodbye to Yue promising their future visits. Said man was rather skeptical of the crazy woman, he hadn't received his daily pounce yet!

"Don't you worry, I'll come by after work," Nakuru replied with a large grin, as if reading his mind before trailing the other two.

As they near the exit, Sakura suddenly remembered something.

"Ah, I forgot to visit Meiling, she's going to kill me!" Sakura cried out, panic shooting through her veins.

The other two raised their eyebrows.

"Aren't you overreacting just a bit?" Yamazaki commented looking at her incredulously.

"You don't know her like I do," Sakura replied wanting to bite her nails until there was nothing left.

"Call her. Tell her you'll visit this afternoon," Yamazaki suggested, flashing a passing nurse a flirty smile. The petite nurse in her white assistant outfit turned a pretty pink before giggling at her other female companion.

"Yamazaki! Don't you have a girlfriend?" Sakura exclaimed, slapping the dark-haired male on the arm when she noticed this shameless transaction taking place.

"Actually, I have a wife and a kid," Yamazaki replied, smiling brilliantly at the two women.

Sakura opened her mouth to attempt to respond, but then unable to process any words, closed them. Who knew? She thought, glancing at the male. Yes, he's been hanging around her lately, but there wasn't any questions delving into their personal matters.

He looked too young to already be settling down, but what the heck, teenage pregnancies and all that these days, Sakura thought to herself, but she assumed that Yamazaki seems like a level headed character.

Maybe he just looks younger than his age, a voice proposed.

Yea, that could be it, Sakura thought to herself, inwardly nodding at her conclusion despite the fact that she was mentally talking to herself.

"And you're still flirting with the nurse?" Nakuru said seeing as she wasn't affected by the comment as the auburn-haired woman.

"Technically, I'm not flirting with them. I just smiled at them," Yamazaki replied sheepishly and shrugged.

"Wait 'til your wife hear about this," Nakuru responded, shaking her head in disapproval.

"Gives me the shivers just thinking about it," Yamazaki stated purposely trembling as confirmation.

"Come on, we better be going. Yamazaki, wasn't it you that said we'll be late?" Sakura noted, finally out of her trance.

"Nope, never said that," Yamazaki replied, grinning at her.

"Ugh, you're hopeless, come on," Sakura said as she pushed the dark spiky-haired male towards the black car in the distance.

Entering the black car with Nakuru insisting that she sits in the front after Sakura stated very clearly that the violet-haired woman will not drive. Yamazaki, uncertain of the reason why the violet-haired woman driving would be bad had turned to Sakura for an answer. Seeing the emerald orbs lit up in fright, he figured that he was better off not knowing.

With Yamazaki driving and Nakuru plopped on the passenger seat next to him, Sakura had no choice but to sit in the back, not that she minded. Reaching into her small bag for her cell phone, her fingers maneuver across the phone's number pad to dial the correct number.


Ring. Ring. Ring.

The sounds of a ringing cell phone ricochet throughout the empty office room alerting its owner or anyone around that someone was calling.

Calloused hands flipped the phone open nonchalantly, considering phone was a necessity for a businessman.

"Hello." a simple greeting and that was all it was.

"Syaoran?" the voice on the other end questioned unnecessarily since it was said man's personal cell phone after all.

"Ying Hua," Syaoran greeted politely as his eyes traveled across the piece of paper in front of him.

"Are you busy right now?" the soft voice asked.

"Mm," was the indifferent reply as he scribbled something down onto the paper.

"I was wondering if we could go see a movie in the theater or something. I was too busy with my record the past few days and I miss these normal things," the woman on the other end quickly stated.

A quick glance at the clock implanted on the other side of the room indicated the time, which had gone by faster than Syaoran thought. He only has two more sheets to read over and sign before he can head off to enjoy his afternoon. He ran his afternoon plans through his head briefly.

"I'm sorry, I'm busy today," Syaoran replied. Technically, it wasn't a lie, it was just only half-truth. He knew his mother would be displeased and so added, "Maybe tomorrow."

"Oh, alright," there was a faint sign of disappointment in the woman's voice. Disappointment and something, something that Syaoran should have took note of.

Momentarily later, after hearing the soft 'bye' from the woman on the other end, he quickly shut his phone. His attention returned to the paper that held the information for the transfer of the chip to their most valuable ally.

Quite some time passed by, his concentration finally broke when he was done evaluating the plan. Giving a fleeting look at the clock again, he decided that now would be a good time to leave as to pick up a certain auburn-haired woman that had somehow hid her presence in the back of his mind.


"Oh, Yue," the sing-song voice calling send a shiver up his spine.

Said man frantically searched for a place to hide despite his attempts being futile. There is something terribly wrong with this woman! His mind shouted as he saw the door opening widely to expose an overly excited woman.

Less than five seconds later, the violet-haired woman had positioned herself near the male and hugged the death out of him.

Sakura, who was behind Nakuru, made herself known with her small giggles at the horrific face of her dear friend. The quiet chocolate-haired male wasn't acknowledged unless the occupants in the room would turn their attention to the doorway.

"Sorry Yue," Sakura apologized and gave a helpless shrug at the plea in his eyes, "You should get used to it by now."

"Urm… excuse me?" a soft, slightly high-pitched voice coming from behind Syaoran said, making the presence of the person known.

"Oh, I apologize," Sakura gave a slight nod and gently pushed Syaoran and herself to one side, allowing the petite woman entrance.

The rather young girl seemingly blushed at the intimate contact between the patient and a gorgeous woman. Lowering her eyes, she set the medicine onto the table. She bowed, excusing herself for interrupting and left hastily.

Sakura almost laughed. Poor girl, she must be an intern or something, her mind thought and a silly grin stayed on her face.

"Well, Nak. Want a lift home?" Sakura asked seeing how Yue's face was finally alive with a supply of blood from the bloodstream that had been crushed by a certain violet-haired woman.

"Nah, I'll stay here a bit longer," Nakuru replied smiling at Sakura.

Sakura found her smile sort of uneasy… no, not uneasy, just unusual from her typical one. Deciding that it was just nothing, she nodded.

"Sakura! You can't leave her with me!" Yue exclaimed, almost chocking on the water that washed down the medication.

"Sorry, Yue," Sakura gave an apologetic smile, "Don't worry. Nakuru isn't as bad you she seems."

Syaoran made way for the auburn-haired woman to go first, after all, ladies first. Seeing his sense of gentlemanly, Sakura lightly shook her head at how old fashioned everything still is. She gave a small, content, carefree smile at the man who in return, gave a smile of his own. With that, two different shades of brown-haired head drifted out the room. This exchange wasn't unknown to one of the occupants.

Yue walked over towards his window as the lavender-eyed woman washed the drinking glass. The sun was already setting, the colors were brilliantly plastered all over the vast skyline, but Yue's attention wasn't on the beautiful sky above, instead, it was on the two individuals below.

"He's it," a quiet voice from behind spoke.

It nearly scared the silver-haired man since it was quite an unexpected sound to come from the loud, obnoxious woman he was so use to.

"What are you talking about?"

"Can't you tell that he's her happiness?" Nakuru replied with a gleeful glint in her eyes as they gaze below at the two retreating forms.


"I know you like her," Nakuru said in response to his silent.


The silence was a mere sign indicating confirmation that the statement was correct. The silence always gives way to the truth.

"Sakura may bring out people's persona, but…" Nakuru eyes smiled fondly prior to a solemn look, "She's not your happiness."

Yue violently swivel his head over, staring at the woman to his left with quickening heartbeat. What did she mean?

Before he could question the woman, his head began to swirl and the ache from the gun shot began to burn, scorching his sensitive skin. Nakuru heard a few groans before turning her head to the other occupant of the room. Panicking for a moment as she led the trembling man to the bed, she quickly rushed out to find the doctor.


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